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iReader Smart X e-book review: rediscover the fun of reading and writing

Recently, Zhangyue company launched its high-end series of e-paper readers, iReader Smart X super smart books, which once again changed our understanding of e-books and paperless office. This iReader Smart X not only has a great improvement in hardware, but also has made great progress in the optimization of stylus, the seamless connection of office scenes, and the intimate setting of daily reading.

iReader Smart X e-book design

The first time you see iReader Smart X, you probably think it”s a tablet. To be sure, the 10.3-inch flexible e-ink screen on the front looks amazing. The resolution of this screen is 1872 × 1404, the body BWH is only 251.2 × 177.6 × 7.1mm, and the weight is about 370g. If you are used to using a mobile phone or tablet, then when you pick up the iReader Smart X, “light” is definitely your first feeling.

The front of the fuselage is very simple, and the four edges are not very narrow, but considering the requirements of holding when writing and reading, there is nothing wrong with this design. On the front, there is only one physical home button below, which has a general sense of pressing and needs to be triggered with some effort. This home button can not only wake up the host quickly, but also can be used as a return button, which is very good interactively.

IReader Smart X places the power / wake-up button in the upper right corner, with the Type-C connector and the MIC hole at the bottom. In order to meet the needs of entertainment and office, you can connect data lines, use Bluetooth headsets, keyboards and other devices. The built-in loudspeaker is enough for daily use, and it is enough to listen to an audiobook.

The back of the fuselage is frosted, and even people with sweaty hands like me are not afraid. Coupled with its own light weight, the sense of grip is still good. However, due to the large size of the fuselage, one-handed hold for a long time, may be a little sore hands, do not accidentally hit the face.

This time iReader Smart X comes with a Wacon electromagnet, which can be said to be the essence of iReader Smart X. The white design of the cylinder, the pen cap that can be pressed above, and the right weight as a whole make it feel like a real pen every time you pick it up.

This Wacom stylus is powered wirelessly from the screen, so you don’t need to recharge it. The advantage of this is that it is cheaper to use and ensures its own lightness. In addition, this pen also supports pressure recognition, with a variety of pen types and thickness in the system, it can well simulate various types of handwriting.

iReader Smart X e-book using experience

After turning on the computer, you will see the familiar palm reading interface, bookshelf, book city, listening to books and so on. The library is rich in content, from novels to cartoons, from magazines to learning. The prices of books vary, and if you are a book lover who likes to dabble in a wide range of books, then annual fee members can learn about it.

In order to give users a more comfortable reading experience, iReader Smart X has added a 20-level adjustable, cold and warm two-color temperature reading lamp, which can be adjusted quickly by tapping the status bar above. Softer light, coupled with 20 levels of free adjustment, can be said to meet your reading needs in a variety of situations.

Due to the characteristics of the electronic ink itself, as well as the ultra-high resolution, iReader Smart X in the display effect is very clear and delicate. It undoubtedly has an advantage over the pixels on the screen. Not only the effect is closer to the real paper. But also protect the eyes, reading for a long time will not affect eyesight. Seeing this, I believe many parents want to buy one for their children.

As a versatile reader, iReader Smart X supports almost all human text formats as well as picture and audio formats on the market, such as TXT/EPUB/PDF/UMD/MOBI/EBK;JPG/JPEG/PNG and MP3/FLAC/WAV/AAC. It can be said that, as a portable library, iReader Smart X has great advantages in reading and entertainment.

The purchase and transmission of books is also very convenient, if you only need to download automatically in the mall. You can also transfer books, files or notes through a web page or a QR code. You can even bind your mailbox and send your writing and corrected documents through your mailbox with one click. So iReader Smart X can also be used as a productivity tool.

iReader Smart X e-book: stylus pen

Next, let’s talk about this pen. As a knockout product of the smartphone industry, stylus is full of new vitality in the e-book market. Handwriting, as a traditional way of recording for thousands of years, is the simplest and purest existence. The iReader Smart X screen is made of frosted material, which is not easy to stain fingerprints and ensures smooth sliding of the pen tip at the same time.

Open iReader Smart X, and you will find that no matter where you are, there is a small sign on the left border. Click on a shortcut menu that allows you to quickly open notes, books and dictionaries. This shortcut superimposed on the global operation undoubtedly provides great convenience for users’ daily records and query information.

In order to meet the different needs of our daily writing, iReader Smart X provides a variety of paper templates and handwriting options. Such as to-do items, meter boxes, Cornell handwriting and so on. In terms of handwriting, there are 5 kinds of pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, writing brushes and markers. You can adjust the thickness, type and color of the handwriting at any time, or erase it.

It feels good to use, and the writing delay is within an acceptable range. The only drawback may be that writing and erasure need to be set separately, requiring a few more clicks each time. If you could add a design similar to touching and erasing with a pen cap, it would make iReader Smart X’s writing experience more like a real notebook.

Handwriting is more elegant, but we occasionally need to send or share it as an electronic document. IReader Smart X supports the function of handwriting to text, and the usual meeting minutes and mood diaries can be directly converted into documents to facilitate sharing. However, it should be noted that too much scribbling or too many pens may affect the accuracy of recognition.

When reading books or documents, you can also make sketches or comments on your favorite paragraphs, which is very suitable for doing exercises or reading notes. And its advantage is that even if you later adjust the font or font size, handwriting or underline will not be messed up, here is a like.

IReader Smart X, a flagship e-book, clearly wants to do more. This time, a new mirror dynamic projection technology is added, which can project the picture to the projector or the large screen. And the stylus can be used for real-time correction and adjustment, which is very friendly to the experience of multi-person working together. Finally, let’s talk about the hardware configuration, Smart X with quad-core high-speed processor, 2G running memory and 32GB storage. In terms of battery life, a large 4300mAh battery can be used for weeks, so don’t be afraid to forget to bring a charger when you go out.


iReader Smart X as an e-book product, can be said to be a good combination of reading and office together. Through the cooperation of ink screen and stylus, the office experience of the pre-electronic era is restored. Its advantages are obvious, such as lightweight, handwriting support and large storage capacity. However, it also has some small shortcomings, such as handwriting continuity needs to be improved, interactive logic needs to be improved and so on. IReader Smart X is a well-defined product, that is, “Writing and Reading”. If your main goal is to watch videos, play games, and occasionally look at documents, then go out and turn left and iPad to find out.

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