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IQOO Pro 5G version measured: what should “5G performance flagship” be?

As a leader in domestic mobile phones, the 5G layout of vivo started as early as 2016, and in 2018, vivo took the lead in the research and development of 5G mobile phone prototypes. Today, the iQOO Pro 5G version of the strong attack, in the 5G spring tide, vivo has begun to set sail.

For ordinary people, what 5G is and what it can do is nothing more than faster, but how fast it is, few people know, after all, 5G business is still in the experimental stage. In order to give you a more intuitive view of how fast the 5G speed is, today, the editor is holding the iQOO Pro 5G version to take you to experience what is fast.

 How fast is 5g?

Theoretically, the theoretical transmission speed of 5G peak can reach 1GB every 8 seconds, which is more than 10 times faster than that of 4G network. In vernacular, you can download Honor of Kings in 1 minute, more than 10 episodes of American TV series in 30 seconds, a 720p movie in 10 seconds, and a commonly used APP in 1 second. In addition to being fast, 5G has better transmission stability, and it will not cause too long transmission time or transmission instability because of the complex scene of the working environment, which will greatly improve the work efficiency.

5G although fast, but also need a good mobile phone to match, against the sun, the author took the iQOO Pro 5G version to the China Unicom Building in the Financial Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. There are not many places where 5G can be experienced in Beijing, and this place is now discovered by many new users, so sometimes the performance of the 5G network is not satisfactory, fortunately, there are not many people on the day of the author”s test.

Come on, don’t say much, let’s talk about the last speed test for real knives and guns. From the speed measurement software, the download speed is 943Mbps, and the peak upload speed can reach 130Mbps. This kind of download speed is equivalent to 10 times that of the current 4G network. Do you feel that 5G opens the door to a new world if you are content with the status quo?

It is worth mentioning that the iQOO Pro 5G version not only supports China Unicom’s 5G signal, but also supports all three major operators.

Before, many friends have asked such a question, why different mobile phones have different download speeds in the same 5G network environment? In fact, this is closely related to the hard power of the mobile phone itself. The iQOO Pro 5G version adopts the best antenna design scheme and is equipped with a number of newly developed antenna technologies of vivo, which can greatly improve the 5G signal coverage, comprehensively solve and optimize the problem of mutual interference caused by the increase of antennas, and effectively reduce the attenuation effect of the holding posture on the signal.

Have you ever had such an awkward scene in which you watch video with traffic and stop awkwardly at the most critical time when you start to “circle” in the middle of the screen, or when you want to fast-forward? With the advent of 5G, these problems will be solved. The author watched a video casually with iQOO Pro 5G version, which was simply too smooth to be unwanted.

After starting the playback, drag and drop the progress bar at will, and then you can continue to play 4K video smoothly with a buffer of 1 to 2 seconds. If you set the definition to 1080p, sometimes you don’t have to wait to complete the buffer, which is a pretty good experience.

 What else can 5G do?

In the public impression, 5G may only have the tag of fast download speed for the time being, but it is not. For example, nowadays programs and live broadcasts are becoming more and more real-time, which requires the support of high bandwidth, low delay and service quality assurance. The maturity of 5G technology provides a broader space for applications in the media industry.

For example, the production of television stations often appear the coordination of multiple scenes, and it is usually necessary to set up a special network to send the whole program back. Now, 5G can greatly enrich the means of transmission and solve the coordination between various types of work.

As a leader in the 5G industry, the layout of vivo is even larger, and the entrance to the 5G scene will be gradually extended to more devices such as AR glasses, smartwatches, smart headphones and so on. Through the coordinated development of multi-devices, multi-applications and multi-scenes, it can bring users a more complete, private and shocking interactive experience.


Although the 5G business is still in the experimental stage, full coverage may take some time. But layout in advance means one step ahead of others, better able to grasp the wind direction of the industry, and seize the opportunity. While others are still “building ships”, vivo has set sail under the 5G wave. This iQOO Pro 5G version is more like a key, opening the door to 5G, while behind the door is vivo’s vision of ecological layout, technological development, and social progress.

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