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IQOO Neo review: take a step back and still be strong

Chinese users have always had a “mystery pursuit” of mobile phone hardware parameters, and hard parameters are also an important reference index for many people to measure the performance-to-price ratio of a mobile phone. Among these people, there are also some game enthusiasts, mobile phone geeks, and some tuhao users who are “not short of money”. The army of “performance parties” made up of these people has a spending power that cannot be underestimated, as well as a more picky eye. At this time, the emergence of iQOO, the target customer group is very clear.

Three months later, we ushered in a new phone, the, iQOO Neo, which is owned by iQOO. Compared with iQOO, Neo still continues the concept of “born strong”, while ensuring excellent hardware configuration, youthful and stylish appearance, and smooth system, the price of Snapdragon 845 goes down again. IQOO Neo is not the “low-end version” of iQOO, it is a supplement to the iQOO mobile phone product line, with more competitive prices, can better expand territory and popularity for iQOO. So how does this phone perform? let”s take a look at it.

Appearance: tough and soft young face

As we mentioned earlier, the three letters Neo represent younger, fashionable values and aesthetics, and these elements are also reflected in the design of the iQOO Neo fuselage. The comprehensive screen of water droplets on the front is not only the mainstream aesthetic in recent years, but also the most mature design. The 6.38-inch screen is just the right size to hold in hand. The proportion of 19.5 Rank 9 is very friendly to one-handed operation, and many girls with small hands can also master it with one hand.


In addition to the highly technological droplet camera, iQOO Neo, it also skillfully hides components such as handset sensors and photosensitive sensors, making the screen share up to 90%. Such a good result is also inseparable from the polishing of the details. The blessing of the narrow frame and the rounded corners around the screen all contribute to the proportion of the high screen. Not only that, the arc is also pervasive in all aspects of the fuselage, as well as the back and sides.


Compared with the large curved surface design of the iQOO phone, the, iQOO Neo is obviously more “tough”. Double-sided glass + metal frame sandwich design, a good guarantee of the feel and strength of the fuselage. Before and after 2.5D curved glass we are already very familiar with, with a round metal frame, tightly sewn combination, basically can not feel the difference when holding. The volume key and power key are integrated on the right side of the fuselage, while the Jovi shortcut key on the left is designed in red, which is the finishing touch of the whole machine. Three shots are used on the back of the


IQOO Neo, which are arranged along with the flash in the upper left corner of the fuselage. In addition to the “iQOO” in the lower left corner, there is nothing else on the back of the fuselage, and the concise design language interprets the concept that “simplicity is beauty”. This time the iQOO Neo has two colors: carbon fiber black and electro-light purple. We got the carbon fiber black version, and the carbon fiber texture on the back is very attractive. According to vivo officials, it is inspired by top racing cars, and the pattern on the glass is the perfect combination of speed and technology.


The, iQOO Neo at the bottom of the fuselage still retains the 3.5mm headphone port, as well as the USB Type-C port. Generally speaking, iQOO Neo not only continues the iQOO design language, but also adds a lot of distinctive features and young elements. Whether it is the smart full screen of water droplets or the carbon fiber texture of the atmosphere on the back, it has brought the phone to today’s mainstream level. Even if you are a very good-looking person, the editor thinks that this iQOO Neo can definitely satisfy you.

Hardware: “take a step back” is still tough

“Born tough” is the slogan and goal of iQOO phones, and judging from the results after the launch, it is indeed worthy of the name. And this iQOO Neo is equipped with the previous generation of flagship processor Snapdragon 845, there is no doubt about its performance. Compared with Snapdragon 855845, it can achieve a perfect balance in terms of cost, power consumption and optimization, especially in terms of price, but there is no compromise in terms of performance.

From the running score of an Rabbit, the iQOO Neo  carrying Snapdragon 845 got a total score of 298468, including 92951 for CPU, 129875 for GPU and 62094 for UX. As a 10nm process chip, Snapdragon 845CPU has a maximum frequency of 2.8 GHz, a performance improvement of up to 30%, and a significant 30% increase in graphics performance and a 30% reduction in power consumption. Adreno 630 GPU graphics performance is significantly improved by 30%. On the whole, it is still at the level of today’s flagship. Those who are worried about the new performance can rest assured.

In order to further improve the fluency of the system and games, iQOO Neo is equipped with vivo’s latest compiler optimization technology-Monster compiler enhancement technology. This technology can comprehensively optimize the underlying foundation of the system, precompile the application in advance, greatly improve the underlying compilation efficiency, and greatly improve the mobile phone performance and APP response speed. In the process of use, I always feel that each small operation has some “subtle” speed improvement, and the overall fluency is self-evident.

For game enthusiasts, 8+128GB ‘s powerful memory and UFS2.1 high-speed flash memory can perfect Handle a variety of large-scale games. To this end, we use the mainstream game frame rate testing software Gamebench to test, in “QQ Speed”, we can see that iQOO Neo can stabilize the frame rate at about 61, the picture is smooth and clear without any stutter, and the hand is also very good.

In addition, iQOO Neo is equipped with super liquid cooling technology, internal liquid-cooled heat pipe, high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy and multi-layer graphite, using the principle of liquid high temperature evaporation and low temperature liquefaction heat release. Even if you play large games for a long time, there will be no overheating of the fuselage, and the feel is still cool.

With the strong performance, the battery life is actually the most important pain point for you. IQOO Neo has placed a large 4500mAh battery in the body of the 8.13mm, coupled with the intelligent power-saving optimization of Jovi and the vivo 22.5 Wullnbsp; flash charging technology, which can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes. Whether you go out or commute, you don’t have to worry that your phone will stall.

With strong hardware and battery life, iQOO Neo uses screen fingerprinting technology for security. Vivo, as a leader in screen fingerprint technology, has maintained a fairly high standard and experience this time. IQOO Neo uses super-light sensitive AMOLED screen, which has higher light transmittance. Combined with the new generation of DSP hardware acceleration algorithm, it can greatly optimize the image definition and improve the recognition rate. Even in low temperature dry fingers and complex light conditions, it can still be accurately identified. Under the actual experience, no matter it is the information screen or the bright screen, can achieve the “second solution”!

Game: depth optimization, your king artifact

As a high-end model with excellent configuration, iQOO Neo has also made in-depth optimization for the majority of gamers, which is Multi-Turbo technology. It is composed of: Center Turbo “C” bit turbine acceleration, Net Turbo network turbine acceleration, Cooling Turbo cooling turbine acceleration, AI Turbo artificial intelligence vortex acceleration and Game Turbo game turbine acceleration. To put it simply, it is an omni-directional in-depth optimization to protect your path of the Great God.

In addition, iQOO Neo also has functions such as 4D game shock 2.0, game space, game box and so on. Can bring you simulated shooting feedback, shielding call notification, backstage hanging up and other multiple functions, is your home travel, the king must eat chicken! Like the iQOO mobile phone, the new Neo still continues vivo’s in-depth mining of the habits and needs of mobile game players. The practical function is the function that users need.

Photo: familiar taste, easy and tough

When it comes to taking pictures, it has always been vivo’s strong point. The iQOO Neo rear uses a dual-core 12 million-pixel main camera, a IMX363 sensor, a 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2 million-pixel depth-of-field camera. An oversized field of view of 120 °can capture a more shocking view for you. There is no proof. Let’s take a look at it together.

The ultra-wide angle

Turn on ultra-wide angle

As another trend led by vivo, ultra-wide angle is still incisively and vividly shown in iQOO Neo. When facing a wide scene, open the ultra-wide-angle mode, 120 °super-large field of view, can include more scenery for you. In addition, the blessing of AI algorithm can also offset the edge distortion to the maximum extent and achieve a more natural effect.

Not only that, when facing the backlight scene, vivo also has a very strong backlight HDR algorithm. By suppressing the strong light part and raising the low light part, the overall light and dark relationship of the photo is coordinated, especially in the backlight portrait landscape, the “face black” situation will not occur.

Portrait mode

In addition, when you are shooting characters, if the background is too complex, you can turn on the “portrait mode”. It simulates the virtual effect of the large aperture background of the SLR through the powerful AI recognition function. The virtual background can highlight the characters to be filmed, making the picture more artistic. I’m sure a lot of girls will like it!

The performance of, iQOO Neo indoors is still impressive. Whether it is sculpture under complex light, or a variety of lovely knickknacks, or imported drinks neatly arranged in the supermarket, the color is bright and natural, and the imaging effect is very good.

It can be said that, iQOO Neo still continues the strong strength of the vivo family in taking pictures. The golden combination of ultra-backlight and ultra-wide angle ensures a simple production experience. If you want to be a master photographer in moments, then the editor thinks that iQOO Neo can definitely meet your needs!

Conclusion: take a step back, or flagship style

As the second model under iQOO, iQOO Neo chose the strategy of “taking a step back” to bring an excellent and balanced high-end model experience with a more extreme performance-to-price ratio. If we say that the previous iQOO is just a niche sub-line brand for geeks. Now the introduction of the second model has further improved the product line of iQOO. Perhaps in the near future, iQOO can become a truly independent brand with a more complete product line. Every step in the future is worth looking forward to.

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