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iPad mini review: lightweight and powerful

IPad mini.

Shortly after the product went on sale, I bought this new generation of iPad mini. Because this time Apple has equipped the iPad mini with the industry-leading A12 bionic chip and a 7.9-inch compact body, the iPad has become a real “little steel cannon”. And after careful study, I also found that the fifth generation iPad mini is also the cheapest product with A12 bionic chip, so for people like me who pursue extreme performance but run out of money, the, iPad mini is undoubtedly the most worthwhile hardware to buy this year.

After I actually used it for a while, I also found many new highlights of iPad mini, and even in some scenarios I would take the initiative to pick up iPad mini and do something. This design has been successfully integrated into my life and has become an indispensable companion.

A “game console” with leading performance

Why do so many users say that the new iPad mini is “really delicious”? I think this is inseparable from the A12 bionic chip built into iPad mini. Since its birth, iPad has been defined as a “content consumer product”. With the development of science and technology and the development of the times, our entertainment life has become richer, so many iPad users have taken watching video and playing games as the standard usage scene of iPad. Now with the A12 bionic chip, powerful performance can also lay a solid foundation for a better experience.

IPad mini.

My last iPad was the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, released by Apple in 2016, and I spent most of my time watching videos and playing games. Thanks to the design of the big screen, watching videos on iPad Pro is really comfortable, but when playing games, I often think that the 9.7in iPad Pro is not easy to accept in terms of weight. Although I can”t stop the visual impact of the big screen, I definitely need a rest after holding it with both hands for a long time, which really affects my game experience.

When I used iPad mini, these problems never occurred again. First of all, the 7.9in size of the iPad mini does not affect my operation at all, and even the two wide black edges give me a better grip when holding the horizontal screen. When playing the FPS mobile game, the wide black edge greatly reduces the probability of mistouch, I would say that it is the best “game console” no one will refute it.

Use iPad mini to play games.

Most importantly, iPad mini currently sells only 2921 yuan, and if it coincides with the promotion of some e-commerce platforms, the price can be even lower! What kind of concept is this? If you were going to buy a iPhone XR, with the same A12 bionic chip, now you can buy two iPad mini for the same amount of money. One in the company, one at home, you can enjoy the new experience of high-performance tablets anytime, anywhere, gang up with colleagues and classmates, and no longer have to worry about being scolded for the lack of equipment performance.

It is worth mentioning that the, iPad mini is also better at cooling than other smartphones, thanks to a larger screen and an all-metal backplane. Even if you play until the fuselage is hot, just go to the toilet behind the screen and drink a glass of water for a rest, and the whole backplane of the fuselage will return to normal temperature, which will not affect the normal operation of the game at all.

IPad mini uses metal backplane.

By the way, Apple also introduced game-related Apple Arcade services at this spring launch. When this service is launched in the future, iPad mini will certainly be the best carrier for these excellent games. IOS ecology, coupled with the powerful performance of the A12 bionic chip, coupled with an unbelievably low price, is enough to make the iPad mini the best gaming device.

The lightest iPad

There are many reasons to choose iPad mini, in addition to the powerful A12 bionic chip, the lightweight and compact size is also one of the reasons that drive me to buy it. It must be admitted that the, iPad mini should be the most portable iPad product at the moment. Girls can easily put it in their handbags, and boys can put it in larger pockets.

IPad mini.

Before commuting to and from work or taking a night break, I tend to use these fragmented time to read some news and information, but if we use a mobile phone to read, the small size of the screen will force us to get close to the screen, which will more or less affect our eyesight, so I will try my best to avoid using mobile phones in my spare time.

With iPad mini, things began to change. First of all, because the size of the iPad mini is much larger than the mobile phone, which allows us to keep a certain distance from it in the process of using it. The iPad mini with a 7.9-inch screen doesn’t affect us when holding it with one hand, and 300g weighs even less than a bottle of mineral water, so it’s okay to read with a iPad mini for a long time.

There is no doubt that the experience of reading with iPad mini is better than that of mobile phones. First of all, the size of the iPad mini is similar to that of a book and looks more intimate. Thanks to the larger screen display area, iPad mini can also easily carry more content, especially when we often read a lot of text, iPad mini brings the experience is absolutely unmatched by other mobile phones. And the big screen can not only improve the reading experience, but also reduce the number of times we swipe iPad and avoid feeling sore hands after reading for a long time.

Use iPad mini to read comics.

If you have the same habit of reading comics as I do, then iPad mini will be more suitable for you. First of all, iPad mini is still equipped with standard retina display, high-definition picture quality has been able to bring more than the effect of paper books. With the blessing of the original color display technology, the screen white balance can also be accurately adjusted, no matter how the environment, iPad mini can present the best visual effect to us. In addition, thanks to iOS’s powerful software ecology, iPad mini can download a large number of comic App, which also allows us to easily read different comic works.

Use iPad mini to take pictures.

In daily use, iPad mini’s 8 million-pixel camera is also the best helper for us to record our lives. When taking pictures, it is an oversized viewfinder that can frame the beautiful scenery, browsing photos on a 7.9-inch screen, and the visual impact is completely different from that of a mobile phone.

Are Apple Pencil and 4G versions worth buying?

When we open Apple’s website to browse the details of iPad mini, we are sure to see the words “Apple Pencil is now available”. Unfortunately, I use iPad mini mostly on mobile, so I didn’t buy the Apple Pencil. However, I believe that for those who like painting and painting to capture inspiration, such a iPad mini that can be used at any time must be the best choice for you.

As for cellular network, I think it is a function that most people can’t go back to after using it. Many people use iPad mini, to connect with each other at any time in a mobile environment. While using mobile hotspots for iPad mini is also a solution, for now, the cellular experience is obviously better. After all, turning on hot spots is also a challenge to the phone’s battery life, and if the phone runs out of power because of using iPad, the loss really outweighs the gain. And the current traffic card price has been very affordable, the major operators have even launched a number of primary and secondary card packages, which is obviously more friendly for iPad mini users.

IPad mini.

Some people may ask, since cellular networks are so awesome, why do you buy a WiFi version of iPad mini?? In fact, my answer is very simple, that is, when I placed the order, the cellular version of iPad mini was not yet available. If God gives me another chance to choose it, I will definitely choose the honeycomb version to give myself the best experience.

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