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iOS 13 public beta version hnads-on review: Humanized design makes Apple more approachable

 IOS 13 has become more approachable

The initial system iteration of IOS brings a strong perception to users, but when the iOS system transitions from pseudo-physical wind to flat wind, users are no longer sensitive to the differences between systems. In addition to the system itself has become more perfect, recent generations of iOS systems have become more similar in design style. When iPhone switched from home to full screen gestures, Apple updated the interaction logic of its iOS system again, which is still in use today.

From the original iOS system to the current public beta version of iOS 13, Apple has made major or small changes to the system as users get used to the design style and interactive logic of iOS. These changes have also made the iOS system easier to use and easier to use. After upgrading iOS 13, the author found that there are five functions that are very suitable for Chinese users, namely, map App intersection view function, QR code recognition function, multi-language easy switching function, handwritten keyboard height adjustment function and address book relationship label function.

Intersection view

Among the five major functions, the author would like to focus on the new intersection view and QR code recognition functions of Map App, because they will directly change my usage habits. As a “hypocritical user” who can use the system”s own software without third-party applications, the author chose Baidu or Amap when driving before. The reason why you don’t need iPhone to bring your own map is simply that you can’t find your way.

It is believed that many friends will encounter such a situation when driving in the old city or in a strange city, which is due to urban road design or other reasons, resulting in very complicated road conditions. The author once encountered such a situation in Shanghai, when a road came to an end, it was divided into four paths, and then the navigation voice prompted you to go to the second intersection on the left. If there is no intersection view function, I will definitely look confused when I come here for the first time.

Map of Shanghai

When the map has a view of the intersection, your phone can clearly tell you which intersection to enter through the view while driving. For you who are not familiar with the land, this is a very practical function. In addition to the old urban area, this function can also play an important role on the highway or ring road. Because there are always multiple exits at the exit, and the distance between the exit and the exit is very short, when you don’t know which intersection to enter, you can get a clear idea of the route through the intersection view, and you won’t go the wrong way because of the wrong exit.

Map of Shanghai

If the intersection view function makes travel more friendly, the QR code recognition function is more universal. In iOS 11, Apple added a QR code scanning function to the camera App, but many users are more accustomed to scanning codes using WeChat or Alipay. After upgrading to iOS 13, the special mode of QR code can be accessed from the “control center”. After opening the control center and clicking the code scanning function, you can scan the QR code anytime and anywhere, simplifying the code scanning steps and making the code scanning faster.

Special mode of QR code

In addition to the above two major functions, the easy switching of multiple languages, the adjustable height of the handwritten keyboard and the new relational tag function in the address book added in this public beta version of iOS 13 will make it more convenient for people with practical needs to use iPhone.

These are also the reasons for me to update the iOS 13 public Beta version

If you ask me why I want to update to the public beta version of iOS 13, there is a good chance that I will get used to it. Since the era of iPhone 4s, I have formed the habit of updating the internal beta system in the first place. Over the years, this has become a small tacit understanding between me and Apple. Of course, every time I update the system, it is not only a habit, but also because it has a function point that attracts me.

IOS 13 public beta version

In iOS 13, dark mode became the driving force behind my update. When I get used to the light white system interface, switching to dark / dark mode will bring a whole new visual impact. That’s why I changed the display interface of bilibili, Zhihu and other applications to night mode. Apple was in macOS Mojave last year and brought us dark mode, so it’s not surprising to have this feature in iOS 13. After turning on the “dark mode”, the system interface is mainly black, and the desktop, system menu, keyboard and so on are all displayed in black background in dark mode, and the important information is highlighted through the contrast between black and white.

Dark mode

If dark mode makes the iOS system look better, then updates to other features make the iOS system easier to use. On iOS 13, Apple redesigned the photo editing function, adding a number of adjustment functions and redesigning the adjustment menu at the same time. Before updating iOS 13, “Snapseed” and spicy retouching are my first choices, so now I can also fix photos through the photo editing function of the system.

Little sister selfie

At the same time, iOS 13 has redesigned the photo tab to intelligently hide similar photos and reduce cluttered content selfies through machine learning technology. Selfie, the addition of high-profile monochromatic light to Apple’s front selfie to change the criticized straight man aesthetic, so that the selfie has become very advanced.

As one of the tuyere of the future, artificial intelligence is also reflected in iOS 13. Apple has built the shortcut instruction App into its iOS 13 system, and mainstream App such as WeChat, Alipay, Meituan, Dianping, DiDi, Ctrip and Gudong all support Sirikit. You can also combine shortcut commands in various App with those you create to make the interaction more colloquial. Performance improvement of

IOS 13

Starting with iOS 12, Apple has become more friendly to older models. According to data provided by Apple, iOS 13 is faster than iOS 12, and the face ID can be unlocked up to 30% faster. App can start up to twice as fast as before, and requires less space to download.

Bottom line

In the Jobs era, Apple was like a haughty peacock, providing users with only the features I thought they needed. In the Cook era, this arrogant peacock also flew into the homes of ordinary people, becoming able to listen to users and make changes accordingly. And all these changes have also made the company more human, such as the public beta version of iOS 13, from which we can see Apple’s sincerity and change.

As September approaches, the official version of iOS 13 will be tested by more people. At that time, whether you like it or not, I strongly suggest you give it a try, after all. The examiner can give a fair score only after marking the papers. The user-friendly design of the

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