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IFLYTEK translator 3.0: make dialogue with the world a reality

Specializing in the technical industry, in view of the above problems, a number of domestic electronics manufacturers have developed and launched corresponding products-translators. Subsequently, the “translator” also caused a lot of speculation, such as “whether real-time translation can be achieved”, “whether the translation accuracy is guaranteed” and so on. In order to answer the above questions, the editor will be tested by the iFLYTEK translator 3.0. let”s see how it works.

IFLYTEK translator has always been a leader in the industry, and its iFLYTEK translator 2.0 accounts for the vast majority of market share because of its technological advantages. What will happen to today’s iFLYTEK translator 3.0? IFLYTEK translator 3.0 is a new generation of artificial intelligence translation product of iFLYTEK, which integrates a number of advanced artificial intelligence technologies, such as neural network machine translation, speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis, image recognition, offline translation and four-wheat microphone array, etc., once again refreshing the highest standard of AI translation, can achieve clear, understandable, accurate translation, beautiful pronunciation and other translation effects.

In terms of appearance, see how iFLYTEK translator 3.0 is different.

The overall style of iFLYTEK translator 3.0 is business-oriented, with three colors: ink black, ruby red and star blue. The size of the fuselage is about the same as that of ordinary mobile phones, the proportional layout is coordinated, and the back panel adopts integrated design, smooth corners and comfortable grip.

There is a Nano SIM card slot on the left side of the fuselage. In order to ensure a good communication effect, the aluminum alloy nano-injection molding process is adopted in the frame of the fuselage, and the three-stage injection molding part of the middle frame can be seen vaguely. IFLYTEK translator 3.01 has a total of 6 physical keys, the front red and blue dot button is the dialogue button, red for Chinese input, blue for the corresponding foreign language input, the middle main page button. On the side is the switch electromechanical source key and the volume adjustment button.

The device has dual speakers, located at the bottom of the front and above the back of the translator, with a 4MIC array, evenly distributed at the top of the upper and lower four. IFLYTEK translator 3.0 is equipped with 2500mAh strong battery and the bottom charging interface is Type-C. There is a camera on the top of the back of the fuselage, which can support photo translation and high-definition imaging.

From the point of view of the fuselage design, iFLYTEK translator 3.0 is very meticulous in the layout details. at the same time, the material of the fuselage is very comfortable to touch, moderate weight and full texture. It is very suitable for multinational business people, international academic experts, industry elites and other people to attend important international occasions.

Core Technology of iFLYTEK translator 3. 0.

Before you start the trial, you need to understand the basic properties of iFLYTEK translator 3. 0. According to officials, the translator is equipped with four core technologies, namely, speech recognition, machine translation, long-distance sound pickup and high-definition noise reduction. Next, I will explore around these four aspects.

Speech recognition and Machine Translation.

In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence, speech recognition technology has been widely used. The most common scenario is the process of asking questions to voice assistants such as Siri. After we correctly express our wishes, the intelligent voice assistant will transcribe the voice into text according to its own logic. However, through the use of speech recognition, we find that there will be errors in general speech recognition due to special circumstances, such as unable to accurately identify dialects, speaking too fast and so on.

This time, iFLYTEK translator 3. 0 is sublimated in view of the above special circumstances, especially in speech recognition. In order to make both sides of the interlocutor get the correct interpretation, the translator must first “understand” before it can be “translated correctly”. In this regard, iFLYTEK launched end-to-end speech recognition technology and end-to-end neural machine translation technology on iFLYTEK translator 3.0, which can improve both speech recognition and machine translation and achieve higher translation accuracy. At the same time, this technology can also support a variety of foreign language translation with accents.

Long-distance sound pick-up and high-definition noise reduction.

According to common sense, in the process of sound transmission, because the space is not airtight, the sound will spread freely on a large scale, coupled with the influence of ambient sound, it will make the speech input inaccurate, which will lead to recognition error. So is there any way to reduce these disturbances? The answer is yes. I don’t know if you have ever paid attention to “the problem of radio in the shooting of movies and TV dramas”, in which “radio” is the best way to eliminate interference.

In the technical configuration of iFLYTEK translator 3.0, it also includes long-distance sound pickup and high-definition noise reduction. “pickup” is the process of collecting sound. The 4MIC array of this translator, combined with the long-distance sound pick-up algorithm and iFLYTEK self-developed noise reduction algorithm, can achieve the best radio recognition results in long-distance and noisy environments.

Core functions of iFLYTEK translator 3.0.

Multilingual translation.

IFLYTEK translator 3. 0 supports multilingual translation and can cover most languages in the world. This is the effect of the so-called “dialogue with the whole world”. At the same time, the Chinese-English online translation level of the equipment has reached the specialized eight level, and the accuracy rate is basically maintained at 98%. In dialogue mode, iFLYTEK translator 3.0 can input and recognize up to 60s of speech, and because of the device’s built-in eight-core processor, the translation speed is superior, so there is no need to wait and flash translation immediately.

Indeed, after the first use, the iFLYTEK translator gave me the feeling of “fast”, basically release the button will give the translation result. And the accuracy of the translation result is also very considerable. With my many years of language inventory, I have entered the commonly used languages of English, Thai, Korean and Japan respectively, especially when my pronunciation is not right. IFLYTEK translator 3.0 also gives an accurate interpretation.

Offline translation.

The network is the primary issue to be considered by the national bank, not to mention the quality of the foreign signal, in some special areas of the country, there is often poor signal, no signal or even unable to access the network. Generally speaking, most devices need to be connected to the Internet in order to work properly. Therefore, iFLYTEK specially carried out technical upgrading to solve this problem, so that iFLYTEK translator 3.0 has both online and offline translation functions, which can bring great convenience to users.

It is understood that the device is equipped with the latest generation of offline kernel, including a new generation of offline speech recognition engine and offline translation engine. The offline speech recognition training model has been expanded to 5 times, and the recognition rate of Chinese and English has exceeded 95%. The capacity of the translation model has been increased by 105%, and the scope of the thesaurus has been doubled. This also ensures the recognizable range to a great extent and can be translated offline. So far, iFLYTEK translator 3.0 can provide offline translation between Chinese and English, Chinese and Japanese, Chinese and Korean, Chinese and Russian, Chinese and French, as well as Chinese and Western translation.

In fact, the offline translation function was triggered by me accidentally. After using it, I found that the translation process was carried out when the network was cut off. I really didn’t expect that the offline function could be so rich. Subsequently, I also carried out a number of offline translation tests through the device, and the results were good, ensuring that there was no problem with normal communication.

Dialect translation.

As the first translation equipment of dialect translation function in the industry, iFLYTEK translator can translate Cantonese, Northeast dialect, Sichuan dialect, Henan dialect and Shandong dialect directly into English. In addition, the translation between Tibetan, Uygur, Cantonese and Putonghua can be supported.

In order to test the practicability of this function, the editor tried to translate it in Northeast and Sichuan dialects, and the accuracy was basically the same. Since I didn’t know much about the dialects that can be translated at present, I also tried it through Tianjin dialect, and there was no difference.

Photo translation.

It is reported that iFLYTEK has conducted a large number of optimization training for complex and diversified scene image and text recognition in photo translation, from which a breakthrough has been made. IFLYTEK translator 3.0 specially adopts iFLYTEK’s advanced OCR technology to achieve a higher character recognition rate. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with professional adjustment camera, high-definition retinal screen and flash, which can ensure clear shooting of text and accurate translation.

According to the previous photo recognition experience, the final results are all at sixes and sevens, and I even thought this kind of function was quite creepy at one time. But the photo translation function of iFLYTEK translator 3.0 seems to be good. In the first step, I tried to use it to shoot the name of my favorite Thai drama, and the recognition result was basically correct. Then, I shot the English clip again and compared it with it, and the result was obviously much better. Judging from the results of current use, the photo translation function of iFLYTEK translator 3.0 may have a higher recognition rate for mainstream languages.

Industry AI translation.

As the name implies, this function is mainly aimed at the translation of industry technical terms, which is also the first and separate function enjoyed by iFLYTEK. At present, this function can cover the professional terms of finance, computer, medical treatment, sports, foreign trade, energy, law, electric power and other industries, and can provide help for industry experts to work overseas. Select “Industry translator” in the settings to switch to the industry AI translation mode. This function may not be useful to me, but we can also use it to increase our knowledge.

IFLYTEK translator 3.0 is full of surprises.

Surf the Internet globally.

IFLYTEK translator 3.0 can use SIM phone card, global Internet traffic card, WIFI, mobile phone hotspot, BT4.2 and other ways to connect to the network. It can also act as a mobile hotspot for mobile phone connection when using SIM card data connection. In addition, users can purchase cards directly through the built-in traffic card store of the device, which currently supports the purchase and use of traffic in 120 countries around the world.

Oral English learning.

IFLYTEK translator 3.0 can provide users with multi-scene voice examples to assist users in oral practice and score according to their pronunciation. In this way, our pronunciation problems can be corrected in time, and our oral ability can be improved. I have to say, this function is very conscientious. Especially for “foreign literature lovers” like me, they suffer from learning the language all the year round, but they can’t find the right way to learn it. With the function of oral English learning, we can listen and practice diligently in our daily life and slowly improve our oral English.

Synchronization of translation results.

This function can save the transcribed text information in the mobile phone device for easy reference and use in the future. Users can click personal Center in the settings to bind the device.

SOS emergency contact.

When you are away from home, ensuring safety is the most important thing. In order to prevent emergency, iFLYTEK translator 3.0 adds overseas SOS call for help function, in the network state, press the power button three times to send a call for help to the emergency contact, which can be realized at home and abroad. In addition, the equipment will also provide users with local alarm, first aid, fire and consulate contact information to provide users with the fastest way of assistance and minimize the risk factor.


Finally, I would like to talk about my personal experience. From my point of view, what touches me most about the translator is whether it can provide a good experience for drama pursuit. In the process of globalization of the world, cultures of various countries begin to enter our line of sight, in the face of novel things, we always have inexhaustible energy. In terms of overseas dramas, most of the time they are translated by domestic spontaneous subtitle groups, which will lead to problems such as not being updated in time or abandoning translation, which makes us and other drama-chasing parties deeply depressed. This time, in order to test the translation efficiency and accuracy of iFLYTEK translator 3. 0, I specially played an episode of Thai TV dramas. It can be said that the translation effect is good. I can rest assured that I can use iFLYTEK translator 3. 0 to “gnaw raw meat”. (raw meat: unfinished drama).

Taken together, the iFLYTEK translator 3.0 performance is very comprehensive, even the details are handled very well. With its leading technology, the practicability of the equipment is brought into full play. Maybe, through iFLYTEK translator 3.0, we can really talk to the world.

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