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IAM air purifier review: ensure breathing quality at home


IAM Air Purifier

This air purifier actually does not require a particularly complex operation, and it is very easy to turn on its intelligent function. Of course, even if we do not connect it to the network, we can easily understand indoor air-related information through its display screen. Of course, at present, people already have a good understanding of what indoor air purification should do, and the first task is to filter out several kinds of pollution. In addition to the PM2.5 that many people know, it also includes volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and ethylene glycol, which are very harmful to health, which is obviously very helpful to the respiratory health of daily life, and the purification effect of this purifier is also very good, and there is no noise at work, so it is very comfortable to use it.

People who have used the air purifier will pay close attention to the CADR value. This data is very important for the air purifier. It largely determines the purification efficiency of the air purifier. For many people, because the living space is limited, if handled properly, they generally do not need the air purifier to work continuously, so they can save a lot of electricity bills, which is a very valuable point for many people. Because the ready-to-use effect can be achieved, on the one hand, you can save a lot of electricity bills, on the other hand, you can get the air quality you want. The CADR of IAM intelligent air purifier is 401m3 / h, and with such high efficiency, it can achieve 99% formaldehyde removal rate, which is especially useful for friends who pursue air quality.

Because many people are more concerned about the air quality of the living environment, the purification performance of the IAM air purifier is indeed very satisfactory, because the purification efficiency of this air purifier is very high, under this premise, the purification area is as high as 53 to 92 square meters. I think this space interval should be the living area of many people”s homes. And combined with the CADR value of this air purifier for particles up to 801 cubic meters per hour, it is conceivable that its purification performance and efficiency are of great help to daily life. Even under such a high purification efficiency, it can still achieve a PM2.5 removal rate of up to 99.98%, which should be a result that many people will be very satisfied with. Of course, in actual use, because of the different environment, the performance of this IAM air purifier is actually better.

Of course, as an intelligent air purifier, a very important point of course is the linkage with other smart home devices, because this air purifier can be connected to the network, so compared with ordinary air purifiers, there are more possibilities, making the operation of air purification in daily life easier. For example, if you link this IAM air purifier with a variety of smart sensors around the intelligent gateway, you can achieve a lot of automated operations at home, which is the more comfortable experience you can get when you use the intelligent air purifier. For example, if this air purifier is linked with the wireless switch or human body sensor at the door, or the door and window sensor, then it is obvious that we can turn on this air sensor in various ways as soon as we enter the door after we get home. there is no need to go to the air purifier to turn on the device manually.

In addition, as an intelligent air purifier, the IAM air purifier can also be associated with the tool of the Beijing Fish Smart Speaker. After all, it is also an intelligent device that belongs to the Beijing Fish ecology. So usually we can still operate this air purifier by voice. And there are many functions that can be operated. For example, we can operate this air purifier in voice switching mode, and if it is connected to a tool such as a wireless switch, you can also try to complete the operation of a one-button switch. Therefore, compared with many ordinary air purifiers, this IAM air purifier is indeed very powerful, not only in terms of air purification, but also in life through its own characteristics as a smart home product to achieve a lot of intelligent use experience, this experience is actually everyone can make their own choice and design. This is a very useful feature.

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