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Huawei Sound X review: the Devialet bass help me found a bosom friend

Join the world of songs

With the increasing frequency of listening to music, I also began to have different requirements for the quality of the playing media. I began to pursue a richer sound quality experience, only in this way can I fully integrate into the world of songs and find a way to express my emotions.

I kept looking and trying until I met it-Huawei Sound X. I am right to think that this is a lot like the routine that often occurs in regular review, because this is indeed a review. However, it is a “voice” from the heart.

Huawei Sound X outer packing drawing

It is said that Huawei Sound X has a super “background”

According to the routine of review, we should first introduce the products that are review. Before we officially begin, let me ask you a little question. Have you ever heard of Tivale and HUAWEI Sound? Let me give you a chance to popularize science.

Careful friends may find the word “DEVIALET” marked on the fuselage of Huawei Sound X, and some friends will ask, what is DEVIALET? You can not underestimate it, DEVIALET is Divale, is the global TOP3 professional audio brand, can be called HiFi world”s “Omega”. The reason why Devialet is able to occupy a high position in the hearts of high-end HiFi players around the world is that the brand has been using brand-new technology to create high-fidelity sound quality. There is no background noise, the maximum power is not distorted, and the shocking sound quality is small for Devialet. Famous figures such as French President Macron and Lafayette Carl Lagerfeld are all fans of the brand.

Overall appearance of Huawei Sound X

HUAWEI Sound is the audio solution that Huawei strives to build. The scheme is designed to break the conventional acoustic structure design. It can adaptively optimize sound quality and build the best sound field in the house, allowing users to enjoy high-quality music with no difference in space. The HUAWEI Sound X is developed and designed on the basis of Huawei Sound, which fully affirms the sound quality of Huawei Sound X. Well, you’ve been “wow” all the time just talking about the background of Huawei Sound X.

Huawei Sound X is the first high-end HiFi-level smart speaker created by Huawei and Devialet. Perhaps, with Devialet’s attainments in audio technology, Huawei Sound X may become the “smart speaker emperor” in the field of AI speakers.

The advantages of Huawei Sound X that you need to know

Huawei Sound X can do more than just make a small cut in your capital chain, it will also provide a new choice for the smart speaker market with the perfect combination of “sound quality and intelligent experience”. Huawei Sound X can be assured of sound quality. In addition, it is equipped with Huawei HiLink Smart Ecology.

Details of Huawei Sound X

Huawei’s exquisite craftsmanship, coupled with Devialet’s heavenly selection technology, will give Huawei Sound X a shocking low bass, a warm and clear midrange and a bright and transparent treble. In short, Huawei Sound X can give you what you want to enjoy the best sound quality.

In addition to its perfect lossless sound quality, Huawei Sound X is also equipped with popular smart cool techs, such as AI spatial intelligence perception, one-touch sound transmission, smart home control, smart skills and full content coverage.

What exactly is the sound quality you have been pursuing?

As long as it has something to do with “listening”, we will think of the word sound quality. After talking about sound quality over and over again, what does it mean? Actually, I don’t know. Sound quality is abstract and should be defined according to individual feelings, and everyone has different standards of measurement. In terms of general intelligent speakers, manufacturers will limit the volume of speakers to a certain extent in order to pursue exquisite appearance and portability. Under normal circumstances, size is a symbol of sound quality. As the name implies, big and heavy equals good sound quality. I started to experience, indeed, visual volume is not small, weight, it is not light, but can move.

Bottom detail of Huawei Sound X

As far as I know, because of the unique SAM subwoofer enhancement algorithm and Push-Push symmetrical design, Huawei Sound X’s two 3.5in subwoofers can achieve a sensational subwoofer. Coupled with its 60W transmission power, Huawei Sound X can fill the room with the sound of music. Speaking of which, I would like to mention that the first day I got Huawei Sound X, I brought it home to play “Boom Boom Pow” and started a carnival night. Huawei Sound X also told me that good sound quality can not only be heard, but also seen. After all, the amplitude of its loudspeaker is 20mm, and the average level of the industry is less than 10mm.

Huawei Sound X

For smart speakers, loudspeakers are very important. In this regard, Huawei Sound X uses a highly magnetic NdFeB rare earth loudspeaker, the magnetic flux of NdFeB will be stronger, which can make the loudspeaker produce greater force on the sound film, thus making the sound produced by the speaker more tense. On the other hand, this material also enhances the transient response of the loudspeaker and produces a clearer and more textured sound. Despite the detailed attributes that can be seen on the surface of Huawei Sound X, its “inside” is even more unusual. Huawei Sound X is equipped with Devialet’s unique SAM technology to ensure the original sound effect. While the SAM technology creates a high-fidelity low-frequency curve that is no different from the original sound, it can also bring a deeper and more real low-frequency sound quality experience for the audience. SAM technology can also provide unit stroke protection, such as when the volume is too loud, it will automatically protect the loudspeaker to prevent unit damage. And when the voice coil is overheated, the technology can also accurately control the current to prevent the voice coil from burning out.

Top view of Huawei Sound X

Huawei Sound X’s two subwoofers feature a Push-Push symmetrical acoustic design that cancels out backwave interference, creating a noise-free music experience. In addition, the maximum sound pressure of Huawei Sound X can reach 93dB, and the average sound pressure of mainstream products at the same price can only reach 87dB.

The sound quality chapter is coming to an end. Finally, I quietly tell you that Huawei Sound X is a product that has passed three levels of certification, such as Hi-Res ‘s highest sound quality standard certification, Germany’s South Germany certification, AIIA intelligent level 7 certification and HiFi high fidelity sound quality certification.

Low-key appearance under gorgeous connotation.

Huawei Sound X looks slimmer than its predecessor in appearance, with the touch control area of the speaker at the top. This speaker has a built-in 60W double subwoofer (two 3.5-inch subwoofers) and six 1.5-inch full-frequency speakers to create 360 °surround sound. Huawei Sound X is equipped with quad-core 1.5GHz processor, built-in 512MB storage and 8GB storage, uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and supports Huawei device sound transmission function at one touch.

Huawei Sound X Top Design drawing

The whole body of Huawei Sound X is black, and the upper part adopts coating finishing technology, which is very transparent, and its special insulation structure can ensure the good transmission and reception of signals in the box, thus ensuring the sound quality. The lower part adopts an integrated seamless coating design, which not only realizes the free transmission of sound, but also plays the role of dustproof and splashing prevention.

Huawei Sound X box is equipped with 12 RGB tricolor lights at the top of the box, using a professional mixed light design, which can bring users a more detailed and rich visual experience.

The brilliant cool techs

Huawei Sound X has the smart cool techs that I mentioned earlier. Now let’s talk about it in detail. First of all, it is Huawei’s “voice transmission at one touch” function, which I think is no stranger to all of you. To sum up, when the phone is successfully connected to the speaker, the music played in the phone can be put into the impression at the slightest touch. The application of this feature on Huawei Sound X is so smart that there is no need for users to worry about it.

Bottom detail of Huawei Sound X

More importantly, Huawei Sound X enjoys the right to use both Huawei Music and KuGou Music. Isn’t it very fascinating! There is also a warm tip, through the speaker mobile phone App registered KuGou member users, the song playback format will automatically give priority to Hi-Res,DSD, etc., so that you can easily adapt to high-quality music.

The connection process between Huawei Sound X and mobile devices

In order to test the authenticity of Huawei Sound X “Smart cool techs”, I specially tested it. Among them, Huawei Sound X machine can not control the area to feel whether there is an occlusion at all times. When you put your hand on top of it, its touch logo will automatically brighten, but it will not be displayed anyway, which is very convenient.

 The connection process between Huawei Sound X and mobile devices

Personal using experience

According to my personal needs, what Huawei Sound X can offer me is simply divine treatment. Whenever I play music, it seems that I am the center of the world. Its ability to drive the atmosphere is amazing. When you are in a bad mood, let it let go and listen to the cheerful songs. And Huawei Sound X supports Huawei HiLink smart home control, which for me, who is lazy out of the circle, is simply a blessing of life.

Huawei Sound X mobile control interface


At the end of the article, what impresses me most is the surging bass of Huawei Sound X, which fully reflects the value of deep cooperation between Huawei and Devialet. Of course, it’s not that Huawei Sound X is not doing well in other aspects, it’s just that I’ve been “wow” all the time in the process of turning on its new skills, how do you want me to choose? So, I’m sure it mainly depends on its sound quality. Huawei Sound X is very good in terms of sound quality, appearance design and smart configuration. I hope my feeling of use can also let you find a guardian who can heal your heart and get rid of fatigue.

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