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Huawei nova 5i Review: a ticket to the Young and fashionable nova Planet


This year”s Huawei nova 5 series is divided into nova 5i, nova 5 and nova 5 Pro,. There are some differences in configuration and price, so as to bring a better experience for Nova people. Huawei nova 5 Pro is the top flagship, and configurations such as Kirin 980 processor, 32 million portrait super night view, 48 million AI quad and 40W Huawei super fast charge support some Nova people’s further demand. Huawei nova 5 is the second flagship, the first Kirin 810 processor, 32 million portrait super night view, 48 million AI quad, 40W Huawei super fast charge and other configurations can meet the use of more Nova people. On the other hand, Huawei nova 5i further lowers the threshold for Nova stars to experience the super night view function of portraits and get a better selfie experience, so that the competitiveness of the products can reach more users.


Huawei nova 5i is equipped with a 6.4-inch pole comprehensive screen, which accounts for more than 84% of the screen, which can bring users a more powerful visual experience. Pole design may cause a lot of discomfort at the place where it was born, but after the precipitation of the market, more and more consumers begin to recognize the pole comprehensive screen. In particular, the pole comprehensive screen can make a good distinction in the sea of machines without affecting the user experience. In the crowd, Nova people are still the brightest stars!


Huawei has placed the front-facing camera of the nova 5i in the pole, so what about the equally important handset? Huawei nova 5i uses micro-slit handset and other technologies to cleverly increase the width and decrease the height of the handset, and design a slender micro-slit handset, thus making the frame of the phone narrower, while ensuring the volume and effect of the handset remain the same. When we raise our hands to answer the phone, the handset just fits our ears. In the design of the metal frame, the volume key and the boot key are designed on the right side of the Huawei nova 5i box, and the key position conforms to the ergonomic design. On the right side of the middle frame is a card slot, with a card needle gently top, you can take out the card slot to place the SIM card or SD, is very convenient.



On the back of the fuselage, the dazzling and smart design of Huawei nova 5i superimposes a layer of dazzling diaphragm on the ink coating of gradual color, and the transparent diaphragm can bloom dreamlike light pattern changes in the sun after many rounds of repeated and subtle carving. It can make it show a romantic and vibrant sense of dazzling beauty in the light. This is particularly prominent in the images taken by our photographers, and we can see the flow of light and shadow on the back of the calm fuselage. When the light shines on the nova 5i body from different angles, it can cleverly “pick up the trick”, by converting each beam of light into its own art cells in a soft and rigid form to form a unique light and shadow effect.


24 million full scene AI four camera

In the past, we used to be able to take pictures with smartphones, but now with the continuous breakthroughs in mobile phone hardware and algorithms, good shooting and more shots have become the standard for everyone to choose a mobile phone. Huawei nova 5i rear adopts 24 million HD + 8 million ultra wide angle + 2 million macro + 2 million depth of field pixel AI four-shot design, which can take four shots in one scene. Whether it is ultra-wide angle or super macro, Huawei nova 5i can make the daily scenery of the naked eye different.


Let’s take a look at a group of Huawei nova 5i samples:

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Judging from the actual sample of Huawei nova 5i, the color performance is excellent, whether for green plants, buildings or the sky. Moreover, due to the blessing of the 2 million pixel depth of field lens, the virtual effect of Huawei nova 5i is outstanding. From several green plant pictures in the sample, we can see that Huawei nova 5i shot an excellent effect on the edge of the object, and did not appear a virtual situation, but carried out a very fine virtual according to the subject.


Huawei nova 5i’s ultra-wide-angle lens has a span of up to 120 °, allowing us to capture the larger world. When we are faced with no matter how big the scenery or architecture, we can cope with it easily. And in view of the distortion of some mobile phones on the market around taking ultra-wide-angle photos, Huawei nova 5i will correct the distortion to ensure the overall beauty of the photos. Let’s take a look at a group of ultra-wide-angle sample sheets:

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i Ultra wide Angle sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i Ultra wide Angle sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i sample sheet

Huawei nova 5i Ultra wide Angle sample sheet

From the comparison of the above group of Huawei nova 5i normal mode samples and ultra-wide-angle samples, the ultra-wide-angle lens performs excellently. Through the ultra-wide-angle mode, we can directly see the scenery that can not be seen in the ordinary mode, such as “Beijing Qiaofu Fang Lawn” and the staircase leading to the fragrant grass. Through the ultra-wide angle, we can see another view.

Many years ago, we could not even think about the micro-distance of the mobile phone. Due to many restrictions, if we push the distance between the phone and the scene closer, it will basically be pasted together, and it is very difficult to get the details of the scene. Huawei nova 5i is equipped with a 2 million-pixel high-definition macro lens, which can be photographed at a 4cm distance, making it a sharp weapon to explore the micro world. Let’s enjoy a macro sample of Huawei nova 5i:

Huawei nova 5i Super Macro sample sheet

This photo shows the bark of an old tree, full of a sense of history. Maybe we don’t notice it when we go back and forth from work every day, but when we use a macro lens to enter the micro world that belongs to them, we will find that there is still such a scene.


For Nova people who like to take selfies, the selfie effect of Huawei nova 5i will make you love it. Huawei nova 5i is equipped with a 24 million-pixel fplash 2.0-aperture high-definition lens, through the dim pixel four-in-one technology, so that users can take clear photos in the case of dark light, combined with AI stereo beauty algorithm, bring a good selfie effect.

And Huawei nova 5i also features a super night selfie for the two pain points that users often face when taking selfies in daily life (dim background light and mobile selfies of the subject). Through the method of scene separation, in night scene mode, AI recognizes the dark environment and automatically enables the algorithm to deal with the background and the main body of the portrait respectively. Finally, through the algorithm synthesis, a super night scene selfie with beautiful scenery is generated. To the user, in fact, regardless of the complex algorithm behind the function, you can get a beautiful photo by pressing the shutter, which is also in line with the original intention of product service users. The following is a set of selfie samples:

Huawei nova 5i Portrait Super Night scene selfie

Huawei nova 5i Portrait Super Night scene selfie

Huawei nova 5i Portrait Super Night scene selfie

Judging from the sample photo of Huawei nova 5i, the super night scene selfie of the front 24 million pixel portrait gives full play to its photo tension. In the complex scene with light in the background, the actual photo effect also suppresses the glare, and it can also brighten and beautify the facial details of the subject, so as to get a photo that is popular with the little sister.

Nova’s “treasure in the palm”

Huawei nova 5i is equipped with Kirin 710 chip, combined with 6GB/8GB memory and 128GB’s large memory, which can bring Nova people a smoother gaming experience.


In addition to the Kirin 710, Huawei nova 5i has a new GPU Turbo, with a combination of software and hardware, which breaks through the processing bottleneck between EMUI and GPU and CPU, allowing hardware and software to work together to greatly improve the overall computing efficiency. With the blessing of this technology, the game performance of the mobile phone has been enhanced. The new GPU Turbo deeply optimizes the game experience, supporting more games, higher frame rate, lower power consumption, and stronger battery life, bringing a nearly full-frame running experience. At present, 85 new games are supported by, GPU Turbo (25 overseas and 60 domestic), which can meet the needs of most players, and, GPU Turbo will support more games as it evolves. Today we will take the very popular “Honor of Kings” as an example to test the frame rate performance of Huawei nova 5i.

“Honor of Kings” Gamebenchframe rate test

From the frame rate test of Gamebench, it is not difficult to see that after “Honor of Kings” turns on the high frame rate mode, the average frame rate of the game is 60 frames, and from the overall frame rate fluctuation, there is no obvious fluctuation during the game, and the frame rate performance is quite stable. The sharp drop in the frame rate at the end of the game is due to the withdrawal from the game at the end of the game. Overall, Huawei nova 5i is quite stable in terms of game performance, and if you are a gaming party who wants to buy this phone, it is no problem.

More humane EMUI 9.1

Huawei nova 5i is equipped with the brand-new EMUI 9.1 system, which makes the human-computer interaction more humane. The addition of the comprehensive screen gesture function brings users a new experience of using a comprehensive screen, and sliding back around the edge of the screen, sliding up the bottom to return to the main interface, sliding up and pausing to open multi-task interaction is simple and easy to use, which can minimize the learning cost of users. Through practical experience, swiping back from left to right is quite easy to use, whether you operate with your left hand or your right hand, you can quickly return to the previous page.

Huawei nova 5i main interface

And on EMUI 9.1, we can also experience screen time management. In this era when mobile phones are about to become the only one, we need a little space of our own, and we often pay attention to the time spent on our screens. It is also a kind of enjoyment of life to learn to put down our phones and look at the beautiful scenery around us.

Screen time management

EMUI 9.1 system also has a more intelligent vision Hi Vision, powerful recognition functions covering three meals a day, food, clothing, housing and transportation, through Hi Vision, we can get a more convenient, healthy and interesting life experience. For example, calorie recognition, we can directly see the calorie content of the food we want to eat through Huawei nova 5i. Friends who are ready to lose weight must know how to use this function.

Calorie recognition

The scan shopping function is very friendly to users who like online shopping. If you scan your favorite items directly through Hi Vision, you can pop up a purchase link, accurately showing the corresponding brand, price and purchase location.

Hi Vision Shopping


Huawei nova 5i is an entry-level product in Huawei nova 5 series, on which we can see the strong product power of nova series. With the blessing of the full scene AI four shots in 24 million, Huawei nova 5i allows us to make a mobile phone all over the world and say goodbye to cameras with multiple lenses in our backpack. The addition of the 24 million super portrait selfie has brought a better selfie experience for Nova stars. from then on, the selfie is not afraid of a complex background. as long as you want to take a selfie, it is the Maldives everywhere.

Overall, Huawei nova 5i gives Nova people enough surprises, whether it’s the photo experience or the design of the light and shadow flow. Especially while nova 5 and nova 5 Pro are opening up the high-end market, nova 5i slows down and gives more Nova people the last ticket.

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