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Huawei nova 5i Pro review: excellent perfromance and stylish look

What is the actual performance of Huawei nova 5i Pro, which has strong performance and excellent user experience? Today, let”s talk about this comprehensive strength machine.


What is “I”? I means me, and I also means inspiration inspiration. The I series has been quite individual and innovative since its birth. In addition, Pro, interprets its youthful, entertaining and trendy characteristics, expressing strong self-awareness while not forgetting the ideal of professionalism.

Since Huawei nova 5i Pro is targeting young hipsters who are both maverick and professional, there must be something special about its design. Using 6.26-inch “pole comprehensive screen”, the screen ratio is as high as 83.58%, which not only brings a strong visual impact to the user, but also ensures the comfort of the grip.

Once upon a time, the pole comprehensive screen was criticized by many people, but with the development of science and technology and the precipitation of technology, this design is gradually accepted by people. Looking at the mobile phone market, Huawei has perfected this technology. Few manufacturers can compare with it. In the serious homogenization of the mobile phone industry, the pole comprehensive screen undoubtedly has a very high degree of identification, but also the extremely beautiful point of industrial design, the pole of technological innovation, the pole of manufacturing process.

Huawei nova 5i Pro installs the front lens on the lower layer of the LCD screen, overcoming multiple difficulties such as reliability, light transmittance and reducing the front lens, not only ensuring the integrity of the LCD screen, but also making the lens more visually hidden, giving the whole screen a natural feeling. In addition, Huawei nova 5i Pro uses micro-slit handset technology to cleverly increase the width and decrease the height of the handset, and design a slender micro-slit handset, thus making the frame of the phone narrower, while ensuring that the volume and effect of the handset remain the same.

Huawei nova series has always been committed to making mobile phone color matching into a fashionable traffic symbol for young users, and the release of each Huawei nova series mobile phone has been well received by many young users. What we got this time is Phantom Night Black, which is different from ordinary black, low-key mystery is its synonym, with hyperbolic 3D glass, rich and full flow of light and shadow makes people indulge in it.

AI quad-camera: unbounded field of vision

When it comes to photography, the Huawei nova I series has always been well received. The nova 5i Pro rear features 48 million pixel HD, fram 1.8 aperture + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle + 2 million pixel macro + 2 million pixel depth of field lens, and supports handheld super night view.

All right, don’t say much, let’s just put on the sample sheet and talk while watching.

This time, Huawei nova 5i Pro main photo uses a 48 million pixel sensor, supports 4-in-1 light fusion mode, and can produce 6000 × 8000 pixel high-resolution photos, even if the photo is enlarged, there is no blur, and the edge of the object is still clearly visible.

In outdoor scenes, Huawei nova 5i Pro performs well in color restoration, WYSIWYG. Whether it is the sky or architectural details, can be accurately expressed. As it is cloudy in Beijing these two days, the overall sample is not bright, but it can not hide the excellent performance of the nova 5i Pro in the photo shoot.

Huawei nova 5i Pro still performs well indoors and under complex light sources. In the details and color reduction degree is also very accurate, in the complex light source, can also control the accuracy of white balance, the overall picture is very pure.

The ultra-wide angle

Turn on ultra-wide angle

Have you ever faced this embarrassment, facing a magnificent scene, but you can’t do anything about it when you want to put it all in your phone? In order to solve this kind of pain point, Huawei nova 5i Pro uses a 8 million-pixel 120 °ultra-wide-angle lens, which allows users to shoot easily in the face of no matter how big the scenery and buildings are.

In the past few years, in the field of mobile phones, limited to the quality of the lens, it is difficult to shoot a real macro. With the continuous development of technology, many mobile phones have added macro shooting function, Huawei nova 5i Pro will not be absent. It is equipped with a 4cm macro shot, making it a sharp weapon for users to explore the micro world. From the sample sheet, the virtual effect of the background is very good, and the color and contrast are also very good performance, the key scenery is prominent, very hierarchical, at the same time, the grasp of the details of the scene is also very in place.

Did not open the super night view

Open the super night view

The font of the light box board is not overexposed, the dark details are handled well, the font edge glare control is ideal, the font is clearly visible and the edge is clear and sharp.

Did not open the super night view

Open the super night view

From the sample sheet, the overall brightness of the picture is good, the original color of the scene can be accurately restored, the darkness noise is properly controlled, and the details are clearly visible. The degree of light and shade is balanced, the color is eye-catching, and the picture is bright and clean, bringing an excellent visual perception.

In terms of portrait shooting, in the case of sufficient light, Huawei nova 5i Pro can create an obvious depth of field effect, with rich colors and complete details. while restoring the character’s skin color, the facial skin also looks very delicate, the details of the shoulder hair are also very good, and the picture is also very pure.

Nowadays, selfies have become a way of life for many people. In this self-revealing era, a good selfie phone is particularly important for many people. Huawei nova I series has been working hard to take selfies, only to bring users a better experience.

This time Huawei nova 5i Pro still maintains its “fine tradition” and has made a new breakthrough in selfie performance. The front 32 million-pixel lens, relying on the new AI micro-plastic beauty scheme blessed by NPU, refuses to be stereotyped and one-size-fits-all.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei nova 5i Pro can identify and classify users’ faces, gender and age through AI recognition. Through 2D to 3D technology, carry out “three-dimensional beauty”, but also according to the user’s gender and age to match the corresponding beauty adjustment, for users to customize a more beautiful face. Then switch back to a more beautiful selfie through 3D-to-2D technology.

In addition, Huawei nova 5i Pro can automatically identify backlight scenes through brightness and local contrast changes, and improve face brightness, image quality and clarity through algorithms.

In the indoor dim light environment, Huawei nova5 Pro can enhance the main body of the portrait, enhance the details in the dark, and make the subject look clearer, more three-dimensional and more beautiful.

Generally speaking, Huawei nova 5i Pro is competent in the whole scene. The imaging picture is transparent, the color reduction is high, and the overall picture is relatively clean. The color of the image is not very bright, the sample is very real, the photo is clear, and the white balance is good. The dark light sample has a good noise control. & nbsp;

Strong performance experience

The fact that Huawei nova 5i Pro has such a strong ability to take pictures is due not only to the camera, but also to the Kirin 810. Take depth of field for example, the ISP of Kirin 810 integrates DMAP module, which greatly improves the virtual effect of large aperture and better supports wide-angle distortion correction and WARP technology.

Kirin 810 is Huawei’s latest research and development, equipped with Huawei’s self-developed Da Vinci architecture NPU, to achieve excellent AI energy efficiency. CPU adopts new intelligent FM scheduling technology to achieve excellent performance. In terms of GPU, the performance of Mali-G52, in Kirin 810 is 162% higher than that of the previous generation of Kirin 710, which can bring gamers a more real-world gaming experience.

Now that we are talking about games, we have conducted simple tests with “Honor of Kings” and “Game for Peace”. Both games can run basically full frames in high-definition quality. In addition, in the new generation of GPU Turbo technology, deeply optimize the game experience, support more games, higher frame rate, lower power consumption. It is reported that 85 games have been added to the technology to meet the needs of most players.

In addition to the tough hardware configuration, the combination of software and hardware can better bring users a smooth experience. Huawei nova 5i Pro carries the latest EMUI 9.1.1 system, which continues the concept of “quality of life”. The redesigned themes and icons are more concise, vivid and colorful, and are greatly improved in terms of visualization and practicality.

The highly acclaimed Hi Vision voice assistant has been updated to remember the common location of the user, call a taxi by voice, and simply issue instructions according to the user’s habits. In addition, EMUI 9.1.1 also has a powerful identification function, which covers three meals a day, clothing, food, housing and transportation, flowers and trees, and provides information to help us through the identification content. Through Hi Vision, we can get a more convenient, healthy and interesting life experience.


As a mobile phone for young and trendy consumers, Huawei nova 5i Pro has fulfilled its mission very well. On the premise of inheriting the advantages of previous generations, deep ploughing the night scene selfie and other functions to solve users’ pain points and give users a better user experience, and the blessing of Kirin 810 makes it even more powerful. In this era of showing personality, Huawei nova 5i Pro is undoubtedly a good choice.

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