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Huawei Nova 5 Pro using experience: a trendy selfie King for young people

Fantasy color, extreme field of vision

Looking at today”s market, the problem of “homogenization” still exists, and the convergence of appearance is inevitable. In such a market environment, only manufacturers with technological precipitation can break through obstacles and bring new vitality to the industry, and Huawei is one of them. Huawei nova series, as a youth fashion brand specially built for young people, has always been well received in the design, and this nova5 Pro elevates the design to another height, bringing “beauty” to a new level.


The first feeling of getting Huawei nova 5 Pro, is light and thin. The beautiful water drip screen of 6.39in, the slim body of 7.33mm and the perfect combination of dexterity and lightness of 171g will interpret the “light and thin” to a new height. Unlike many mobile phones, Huawei nova5 Pro does not pursue an absolutely round feel, with an angular waistline on both sides of the metal frame and a touch of sharpness in the overall round grip. And without the slightest sense of sting, this kind of workmanship and quality control may only be achieved by a first-class factory.

This time, Huawei nova5 Pro uses a water drip screen design, which has a higher screen share and stronger visual impact than bangs. It is reported that the machine also supports the Hollywood digital cinema (standard DCI-P3) standard, color gamut (DCI-P3) 108% (typical value), the color is more transparent and gorgeous, the image is clear and moving.

The black of the front panel frame is adjusted to the same black as the zero chromatic aberration on the screen, and its integrated effect is extremely clear under the modification of the glass. Metal frame + front and rear glass panel, round and less cold metal at the same time. Integration is a kind of look and feel, and it is often the most difficult weakness for products to modify, but Huawei nova5 Pro has done a good job on this point.

After looking at the front, let’s talk about the back. In the past, the homogenization of the mobile phone industry has been criticized, serious aesthetic fatigue so that users are not fresh, Huawei nova5 Pro in order to let users regain interest in the phone, it can be said to be well-intentioned in the details of the back cover. On the basis of the combination of gradualism and dazzlement of the previous generation, it adds a dreamy sense of space.


What we got this time is the color matching of “Wonderland Forest”, which is a deep and clear green, which is not so monotonous. Under the flow of light and shadow, it shows a sense of hierarchy, extension and three-dimensional in a limited plane.

Huawei nova5 series has launched four colors of Wonderland Forest, Midsummer Purple, Coral Orange and bright black. Inspired by the natural flow of light and shadow, designers extract four colors from forests, rocks, flowers and lakes from Riyue Mountain. The dreamy light and shadow effect is combined with the four newly designed colors to make it more fashionable and fashionable.

There is no doubt that Huawei nova5 Pro is a high-quality product that can strike a balance between large screen, weight and thickness. Holding it in your hand is not like a mobile phone, but more like a work of art.

Huawei Nova 5 Pro: selfie performance

Nowadays, selfie has become a way for people to express themselves, and previous generations of nova phones have attracted the attention of young users with their powerful selfie performance. This time, Nova 5 Pro still maintains a “fine tradition” and has made a new breakthrough in selfie performance. In terms of data, the 32 million-pixel front lens not only has ultra-high definition, AI HDR+, new beauty algorithm, but also has a unique “portrait super night scene selfie” function.

Night selfie has always been a pain point for users, in order to bring users a better experience, Huawei Nova 5 Pro carries a unique “portrait super night scene selfie” function, in the night scene mode, through the 4-in-1 light fusion mode and powerful AI algorithm ability to process the image, brighten the portrait subject and make the subject look clearer. For the scene of the light background, the synthesis algorithm is used to reduce the brightness, and finally a super night scene selfie is generated by synthesizing a portrait with both beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery.

Judging from the sample sheet, Huawei Nova 5 Pro can brighten the overall ambient light and enhance the details in the dark at night; for portraits, it can also brighten and whiten the face and perform well under harsh conditions, which is a real selfie artifact.

When it comes to selfies, beauty features are essential, and Huawei Nova 5 Pro can provide customized beauty effects that vary from person to person. It is reported that Nova 5 Pro through AI learning database of millions of top beauty pictures, so that the phone has a master aesthetic, and in the Kirin chip NPU blessing, can provide one-to-one customized beauty program, according to the 8 mainstream face gold parameters, create three-dimensional beauty, apple muscle, lips, lying silkworms, corners and other exclusive features for optimization, and retain the skin after skinning, improve selfie efficiency and texture.

From the sample sheet, Huawei Nova 5 Pro selfie mode can achieve accurate virtual transition, its depth of field effect is very natural, the details of the edge of the main body is free from matting defects. The three-dimensional sense of the characters is very strong, and the beauty effect is natural.

In addition, Huawei Nova 5 Pro’s front camera also supports real-time video beauty, video anti-shake and other functions. Moreover, thanks to the blessing of AI HDR+, it ensures that a clear picture can be taken in the backlight.

Huawei Nova 5 Pro: camera performance

In addition to having a strong selfie experience, Huawei Nova 5 Pro’s rear photo performance is also noteworthy. The full-scene AI four-shot configuration of “HD + wide angle + macro + depth of field” is adopted, which is 48 million HD pixel lens, 16 million ultra wide angle lens, 2 million macro lens and 2 million depth of field virtual lens. With the blessing of AI, Nova 5 Pro can show brighter colors regardless of whether it is shooting food, beauty, creation and night scenery.

From the daytime sample sheet, Huawei Nova 5 Pro is very outstanding in color performance, can restore visible to the naked eye, outdoor environment, sample picture transparent and color pleasing eyeball, whether the sky or architectural details, can accurately show, even if the photo is enlarged, there is no blur, and the edge of the object is still clearly visible.

Nova 5 series of macro lenses, which can achieve a focus distance of 4cm, are also excellent in close-up performance, complete preservation of the outline of the object, excellent depth of field effect, and there is no smear mark on the edge of the object, with a clear distinction between primary and secondary.

Night scene, many mobile phone manufacturers have been tackling the difficult problem, but for Huawei Nova 5 Pro, it does not seem to be a problem. The most important test of the night scene is the control of noise and the purity of the picture. In these two aspects, the performance of the machine is remarkable.

Generally speaking, the imaging picture is transparent, the color restoration is high, and the overall picture is relatively clean. Huawei Nova 5 Pro does not adjust the imaging color to be very gorgeous, the sample is very real, can restore what is seen with the naked eye. The photos are hierarchical and the white balance is good. Dark light sample noise control is good, the picture is very clean.

Huawei nova 5 Pro: Kirin 980 performance

Huawei Nova 5 Pro has a flagship standard in both appearance and photography, and its experience fits this point very well. In terms of hardware, Huawei Nova 5 Pro is equipped with a mature Kirin 980 processor, the first commercial 7nm technology mobile phone SoC chip in the world, and the first dual NPU in the industry. The new CPU+GPU lineup makes Kirin 980 known as the new generation of excellent artificial intelligence phone chips.

As the performance of mobile phones becomes more and more powerful, playing mobile games has become a way of life for many young people. In order to bring a better gaming experience to these users, Huawei Nova 5 Pro has further upgraded the GPU Turbo graphics acceleration function, so that more games can play “full frame” fun experience. And deeply optimize the game experience, support more games, higher frame rate, lower power consumption.
In the actual experience, the overall performance of the machine is quite powerful, whether it is “Honor of Kings” or “Game for Peace”, it can basically run in full frame under high picture quality, which is absolutely in line with the positioning of its main young group. In addition, Huawei Nova 5 Pro built-in game assistant function, in addition to the common message do not disturb settings, but also covers more practical functions, such as screenshot, screenshot, WeChat / QQ levitation multitasking, network acceleration and so on.
In addition to the tough hardware configuration, the combination of software and hardware can better bring a smooth experience to users. Huawei Nova 5 Pro carries the latest EMUI 9.1.1 system, which continues the concept of “quality of life”. The redesigned themes and icons are more concise, vivid and colorful, and are greatly improved in vision and practicality at the same time.

In other respects, Huawei Nova 5 Pro is equipped with a new generation of 40W super fast charging, with a charging power of up to 40W and a leading charging speed of 85 per cent in 30 minutes.


Huawei Nova 5 Pro has accomplished its mission well for a selfie machine targeting young people. Keep improving on the basis of the original series, seize the preferences and needs of young users, while their own hard strength is enough to surpass the products at the same price, it can also bring users the photo function of “Portrait Super Night scene selfie”, which is enough to shake the high-end flagship. Whether selfie or post-photo straight out, its overall expressive force is far higher than expected.


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