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Huawei FreeLace headphones Midsummer Violet experience review

This situation let me extremely distressed, where there are pairs of colors for me to choose ah, I am so picky, God will not see it! Fortunately, Huawei solved my distress before God could not watch it. The recent launch of Huawei nova 5 Pro starlight limited gift box and Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones Emerald and Midsummer Purple two new colors, especially the latter two colors, recently fascinated me, and finally, between the two, I chose the Midsummer Purple color with the new “nova” logo printed on the cavity. The unified color matching of Huawei nova 5 Pro and Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones also meet my requirements for beauty.

Huawei FreeLace Outlook 

Mentioned above, my first criterion for a product is whether it looks good or not. If it doesn”t look good, it will directly pass, so many very useful products that don’t look good are blocked by me directly. But no matter what kind of color matching Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones are, it won’t touch my nerve of selective disregard. & nbsp;


Before I considered buying a black Huawei FreeLace wireless headset, but because the phone in my hand was turquoise and it was not a Huawei-branded phone, I shelved the idea. Now change the Huawei nova 5 Pro midsummer purple color match and quickly reschedule it and equip yourself with Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones with the same midsummer purple color.

Our colleagues describe the midsummer purple color matching of Huawei nova 5 Pro as “it seems to bring us into that romantic ‘midsummer night dream'”. As for the midsummer purple color matching of Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones, this purple beauty is purer and more natural. This is because the color of the phone and the headset are the same, but the coloring process is different.


Huawei FreeLace wireless headset Features

Uses 3D precision carving texture technology on mobile phones to create a dreamy light and shadow effect. But such a process used in headphones of silicone and metal materials is obviously unrealistic, so how to adjust similar colors to test Huawei’s research and development skills, from the actual effect, it can be called perfect. The purple on the silica gel is deep and pure, while the aluminum alloy cavity after anodizing is not easy to corrode, while the metal color is vaguely revealed in the purple color matching, and the new logo, of “nova” on it allows people to tell at a glance that it is a Huawei product.

Except for color matching, this headset is not much different from other color matching in other aspects. The symmetrical cavity design is adopted, and the battery and wire control are respectively located on both sides of the headphone. while maintaining the balance of the center of gravity, the symmetrical design also makes the whole headset appear simple and generous.


Under the purple liquid silicone coat, it is a neck cable made of Ni-Ti alloy memory metal, which has the three advantages of extremely lightweight, excellent elasticity and easy folding and storage. Wearing it can not only effectively reduce the pressure on the neck, but also because of its neck-fitting design, Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones can always stay close to the neck, making it more comfortable to wear.

If I were asked to pick a favorite feature, then I would blow up the function of HUAWEI HiPair flash and fast charge. It can not only reduce the pairing time with Huawei phone, but also charge the headset directly through the phone’s Type-C interface when there is no power. 

Huawei FreeLace wireless headset connects to Huawei mobile phone

When pairing for the first time, you only need to pull the right ear of the headset out of the cavity, then plug the Type-C interface of the cavity directly into the Huawei phone, and the phone will actively pop up the Bluetooth connection within three seconds, and the initial Bluetooth pairing can be completed in one step, which greatly reduces the pairing steps and time between the headset and the phone. When the phone is out of power, you only need to plug the headset into the phone that supports reverse charging to charge the headset. When there is no power outdoors, you can charge your headphones anytime and anywhere.

, However. It is also difficult to make Huawei’s FreeLace wireless headphones run out of power, because Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones have a built-in 120mAh 3C high-efficiency lithium battery that can play 18 hours of music when fully charged. At the same time, the battery charges three times as fast as ordinary lithium batteries and can listen to music for four hours in five minutes.


In addition to high-performance batteries, the chip also contributes to the control of power consumption. Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones use 28nm technology low-power Bluetooth chip, compared with the middle and low-end 40nm chip on the market, can save 60% of the power in the music playback state.

Whether a headset is easy to use, but also consider the comfort of wearing, I am impeccable in terms of neck collar. In terms of the headphone cavity, the headphone catheter is designed with a 28 °oblique angle into the ear, which is in line with the ergonomic design, which is close to the ear canal without bloating and pain, and there is no pressure to wear it for a long time.


In the process of wearing for a long time, in addition to listening to music, occasionally encounter the use of Bluetooth headset calls. At this time, Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones on the dual-channel anti-wind noise structure design is of great use. Compared with the single-channel closed design, the open design will lead to the situation that the closed structure can not discharge the strong wind and the air vortex will be formed inside. This design will make the excessive strong wind discharge out of the cavity from another channel and greatly reduce the wind noise without producing the air vortex at the same time. Combined with Bluetooth call noise reduction algorithm, it can greatly reduce the ambient noise during the call, make the radio clear, so that both sides of the call can hear the call clearly. At the same time, thanks to its excellent battery life, Huawei’s FreeLace wireless headphones can make voice calls for 13 hours, and the phone they call may be dead. Huawei FreeLace wireless headphones also have the power of World War I.


As the title says, Huawei FreeLace wireless headset Midsummer Violet has what I want in terms of appearance, color matching, function and battery life. For me, with Huawei nova 5 Pro Midsummer Purple, it can be said to be both good-looking and easy to use!

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