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Huawei Band 4e Basketball Version Review: Professional Basketball & Running Smart Bracelet

This smart bracelet creatively adds the basketball mode function and professional running posture monitoring of the rare bracelet on the market, which can not only count your sports data, but also provide professional sports advice. On the voyage that everyone is very concerned about, Huawei band 4e basketball elves can last up to 14 days and can be worn around the clock.

Is not just a function, but this bracelet is also different in the way it is worn. In addition to the traditional wrist wear, it is also possible to wear running shoes. Then the question came, “Why should I buckle my bracelet on my shoelace?” “what happens if you buckle it on your shoe?” And this is precisely one of the highlights of this bracelet.

Portable, lightweight and colorful

As a smart device that needs to be worn frequently on the wrist, the importance of the portability of the smart bracelet is self-evident. Huawei band 4e basketball elf body weight is 6g, even with the watch strap, the overall weight is only 13g, to be honest, if the watch strap is not tied to the wrist touch, may not be aware of the existence of the bracelet, coupled with the special material of the bracelet, even if you wear it for a long time, you will not encounter the stickiness caused by sweating.


Is different from the general smart bracelet. Huawei band 4e basketball genie strap uses environmentally friendly woven material, which is not only more breathable than the traditional bracelet strap, but also due to the cancellation of the buckle design similar to the watch strap. the size control of the watch strap is more flexible and fits the wrist better.


And in terms of color matching, this bracelet currently has two colors to choose from: coconut ash and cherry coral, and in the later stage, seaweed green, Ceylon yellow, vitality red and cobalt purple gold will be added one after another. compared with the traditional monochromatic design, it has more visual vitality and can better match with clothes, yes, this is a smart sports bracelet that can go out on the street.


This HUAWEI bracelet dial uses a 0.5 inch PMOLED display, which can be switched by the touch button at the bottom of the screen, including time, steps, calories, sleep time, etc., of course, it can also be set to “flip the wrist and cut the screen” in Huawei Sports Health App, that is, flip the bracelet to switch the display.

Basketball Mode Challenge height

Let”s go back to the question I mentioned at the beginning, “Why should I buckle my bracelet on my shoelace?” “what happens if you buckle it on your shoe?” Wait for questions. The basketball mode jointly developed by the Chinese basketball teaching and research team of Beijing Sports University can be directly triggered by the 4e basketball elves of Huawei bracelet fastened to the shoelace. It should be noted that after starting the basketball mode, you need to press the touch button for a long time, wait for it to vibrate before starting data collection, and press long to vibrate again to close this data collection.


In basketball mode, the bracelet will accurately collect sports data such as the number of vertical jumps, vertical jump height, flight time, movement speed, movement distance, calories and so on. This bracelet will collate these sports data and comprehensively evaluate your basketball ability. You can check the performance score on the “exercise record” on Huawei Sports Health App home page.


Basketball Model Comprehensive Evaluation

This is my comprehensive assessment of basketball data, and for people like me who have been writing at my desk for a long time and lack of exercise, a score of 43 seems reasonable. As can be seen from the picture above, Huawei band 4e basketball wizard relies on Huawei Sports Health App, to visually display comprehensive scores and other parameters to help users understand their basketball performance from a data point of view.


In addition, the bracelet can also provide professional training advice, such as the “average vertical jump height” column below, which not only popularizes the ability and height of vertical jump, but also provides four kinds of training suggestions, such as squat jump and lunge jump in situ. Special to improve their sports ability, so that training is no longer blind, which is extremely friendly to sports enthusiasts who like to train alone.


More ball players to build, you can share basketball comprehensive results to moments and other social platforms, with your friends online PK, to build sports groups.

Running posture monitoring more stable running

Bracelets buckled behind shoelaces can not only activate basketball mode, but also switch to professional running posture monitoring. Huawei band 4e basketball elves are equipped with six-axis motion sensors to support professional running posture guidance supported by the Institute of Sports Science of the State Administration of Sports.


In this mode, the bracelet will collect seven items of data, such as landing mode, landing time, landing impact, valgus amplitude, vibration angle, stride, stride frequency, etc., as well as a real-time map of how far you have run.



It is worth noting that the six-axis motion sensor built into the bracelet, combined with a high-precision attitude fusion algorithm, can accurately measure the user’s steps and stride, thus accurately calculating our running distance. Even without the help of GPS, the average running distance of the bracelet can be calculated with an accuracy of 97%. Users can start data collection by pressing the touch button of the bracelet for a long time, or they can start testing directly in the exercise Health App- exercise-running.


In addition, like basketball mode, you can check the comprehensive performance assessment in the exercise Health App after the whole run, pointing out errors in running posture and providing specific suggestions for improvement. Take me as an example, I hit the bottom for a long time on average, and the heel of the landing method is relatively large. After clicking on the project, you can get professional training advice, which is simple and fast.

Two-week voyage all-day standby

Because the smart bracelet needs to be worn for a long time, the motion detection function is turned on in real time, which puts forward high requirements for the range of the opponent ring. Huawei bracelet 4e basketball wizard can last up to 14 days under normal use conditions, avoiding the embarrassment of frequent charging.



Is also equipped with a USB charging base, which can be recharged as long as it has a USB port. And this charging base adopts wireless design, so there is no trouble that the charging wires are entangled with each other.

Written in the last

Huawei band 4e basketball wizard not only adds a new basketball mode and professional running posture monitoring, but also relies on Huawei Sports Health App, to present users’ movement data in a more intuitive way. It will have a “fatal” attraction to sports enthusiasts, with 129RMB get for a “sports trend” and a “sports coach”.

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