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Huawei band 4 review: building a healthy sports lifestyle for young people

Now there are a variety of smart bracelets on the market, and the quality is uneven, so it is particularly important to choose one that suits you, not only to improve sports functions, but also to be more comprehensive in health monitoring. The latest Huawei band 4 is a good choice. Huawei 

band   4 is a daily smart bracelet that focuses on healthy sports and lifestyle. While inheriting Huawei”s sports health functions, Huawei has made breakthroughs in many aspects, and its unique USB charging interface design abandons the trouble of frontline charging and makes charging life carefree.


Exquisite and elegant design

Young people are the main users of Huawei sports bracelet, they are full of vitality, love life, like sports, have high requirements for sports performance, love life, and advocate a healthy lifestyle. Since it is a product for young consumers, the design of Huawei band 4 should not fall into the stereotype. Huawei band 4 has three colors of obsidian black, cherry pink and red tea and orange, which is very suitable for young people who have certain requirements for the quality of life and are full of vitality.


As a smart device that needs to be worn frequently on the wrist, the importance of portability of the smart bracelet is self-evident. The overall weight of Huawei band 4 is about 24g, so it can be said that the weight control is very ideal. If the wristband is not tied to the wrist, the bracelet may not be aware of the existence of the bracelet, coupled with the special silicone material of the bracelet. Even if you wear it for a long time, you will not encounter the discomfort caused by sweating.


0.96 inch dazzling screen, founder’s design is very visual impact, and looking at the bracelet on the market today, few can surpass Huawei bracelet 4 in display effect, even in the sun can also be clearly visible. Full arc surface 2.5D glass, wear-proof and scratch-resistant. The new UI uses a lively style, both icons and text show delicate and natural transition.


In addition, Huawei band 4 supports the dial market function, and there are many kinds of trendy dial to choose from. Users can choose according to their own preferences and trendy personality. The dial market continues to expand, and more trendy new designs are waiting for you to explore.

What is most worth mentioning is that nowadays, most bracelets on the market use charging wires. In order to break the routine and get rid of the shackles, Huawei bracelet 4 adopts the method of “USB plug charging”, which perfectly hides the charging head in the bracelet wristband, removes the wristband by pressing the removal button, and inserts the charging head into any USB interface to charge, whether it is the computer USB interface, portable battery or mobile phone charger. The bracelet can be perfectly continued with a gentle insertion.

Better HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 Scientific Sleep Monitoring

Today’s young people, living in reinforced concrete cities, are busy with their daily lives, and overtime work has become the norm, which has led to many people suffering from sleep problems. In order to help people better understand and improve their sleep habits, the sleep monitoring function of Huawei band 4 can fully detect the sleep structure with the blessing of authority certification.

In addition, Huawei band 4 can determine the time and proportion of each sleep stage, thus accurately depicting the sleep structure. Including sleep / awakening time, light sleep, deep sleep, REM (sleep time) and awake, can prompt the user whether there is a sleep problem. Identify sleep problems and give 200 suggestions. For all kinds of sleep problems, users can improve their sleep habits and sleep quality according to the sleep advice, sleep music and soothing and decompression services on APP.

From the author’s sleep records, deep sleep 1 hour 12 minutes, light sleep 2 hours 48 minutes, a comprehensive score of 72 points, poor sleep quality, at the same time, Huawei band 4 will give advice on the golden sleep time from 10:00 to 6 a.m. It can be said that it is very humane to ensure adequate sleep in order to have full energy.

Faster and more accurate HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5 Intelligent Heart rate Monitoring

Complementary to sleep monitoring is the intelligent heart rate monitoring function. Huawei bracelet 4, based on its original foundation, has deepened the needs of users, greatly improved its accuracy and professionalism, and cooperated with the National Grade 3A Hospital to really pay attention to the management of users’ heart health. Through years of technology accumulation, the intelligent heart rate monitoring function of Huawei bracelet is deeply tuned through multi-sensor fusion + neural network and AI technology to cover a wider range of people and more scenes.

Since it is intelligent heart rate monitoring, there will be something different. For example, when the user is not exercising, it can intelligently adjust the heart rate monitoring frequency according to the exercise state, and it can record the resting heart rate. As long as the bracelet is continuously worn, a reminder will be issued when the continuous heart rate in the resting state is too high. Compared with many bracelets, Huawei bracelet 4 has better heart rate monitoring accuracy and faster numerical value, and supports arrhythmia detection, adding a guarantee to users’ health. 

Blood oxygen saturation measurement

Mention blood oxygen saturation, people will think that this is a special function of people living at high altitude, in fact, in daily life, fatigue, listlessness, dizziness and so on may be closely related to low blood oxygen saturation. In order to give users a better understanding of their physical condition, Huawei band 4 has added a blood oxygen saturation monitoring function, which can monitor blood oxygen concentration anytime, anywhere.

For those sports enthusiasts and high-intensity mental workers who love extreme sports and high-altitude sports, they should wear blood oxygen testing equipment at all times to prevent accidents. 

9 major sports mode, sports group to create an exclusive sports circle

In other words, the essence of the bracelet is to record exercise health, which is the foundation. And Huawei has put a lot of thought into this seemingly ordinary function. Huawei bracelet 4 subdivides sports into nine categories, namely outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, elliptical machine, rowing machine, and free training. During exercise, the real-time information of different forms of exercise can be displayed in more detail, such as time, distance, speed, calories and so on. There is a detailed exercise effect after exercise, and more accurate calorie consumption evaluation and exercise intensity evaluation data can be obtained.

Compared with other products, Huawei band 4 is more in line with the current fitness style, so detailed that each can more accurately measure the effect of users’ exercise. In addition, Huawei Sports Health APP, provides training courses such as running, fat reduction, plasticity, warm-up, stretching, heart and lung, gadgets and girls, to make exercise more scientific and effective.

Huawei bracelet 4 also has many functions, find the phone, in the Bluetooth connection state, the touch screen click the bracelet to find the phone, the phone will ring; remote control photo, bracelet and mobile phone interconnection, through the bracelet remote control phone to take pictures. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Huawei bracelet 4 also has Alipay offline payment function, which makes it easier to raise your hand to pay. Summary of the full text of


Nowadays, many bracelets are just tools to see how many steps you walk and how long you sleep every day, and more characters are just “ornaments” worn on your wrist. The real health sports bracelet is not only to look at these numbers, but also to help users monitor and improve their physical condition in real time, urge users to exercise, and fully assist users in their healthy exercise lifestyle.

Huawei band 4 is a product that allows users to really feel the benefits. In addition to routine data recording, the heart rate monitoring function allows users to pay attention to their physical condition at all times; sleep monitoring can better help users improve their sleep quality. Built-in USB charging interface, that is, plug and plug and charge, avoid the trouble of charging wire. Currently, Huawei bracelet 4 has been pre-sold and will go on sale on November 1 for 199 yuan. For friends who are concerned about their own health and like sports, Huawei bracelet 4 is definitely a good choice.

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