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HTC VIVE Focus Plus review: Multi-Mode feature makes HTC VIVE Focus Plus more possible


Most people may have only come into contact with VR glasses that need to put their phone in before they can be used. these products are called “mobile display devices”. Although they have the advantages of simple structure and low price, they do not work well in practice. People who have often used this kind of products one-sidedly define VR as a “chicken rib” product.

There are also a small number of people who have come into contact with the more high-end VR head display, through merchants in shopping malls or VR experience store external head display devices, they can experience the fun of VR for only a few dozen yuan. The popular VR audio game “Beat Saber” on Douyin is one of them. After merchants connect the VR head display to the Steam platform, users play games in their stores by wearing the VR head display to experience the immersive experience brought by VR.

The biggest disadvantage of this kind of product is “expensive”! With the addition of supporting facilities and a computer that can drive VR games, the cost of VR has soared to 20, 000 yuan, which is undoubtedly a heavy burden for ordinary families. In order to solve this problem, the integrated head display, a device between the two, is born. This kind of product, also known as VR, can feel the visual impact of 3D stereo feeling in the virtual world without any input and output devices. As a leader in the VR industry, HTC has previously launched HTC VIVE Focus,CNMO and has carried out related review,. Interested friends can click on the link to view it. (HTC VIVE Focus experience: is the number one player still far away? ).


Now HTC has brought users an upgraded version of HTC VIVE Focus HTC VIVE Focus Plus,. Although the price of 5699 yuan is not cheap, it is acceptable for users who want to have their own VR device. And after you get the HTC VIVE Focus Plus, it may bring you a bigger surprise.


What can you do with HTC VIVE Focus Plus when running independently?

Compared with the external head display device, the integrated head display is equipped with a high-performance processor, which can get rid of the shackles of the wire harness and operate independently. As HTC VIVE Focus”s upgraded, HTC VIVE Focus Plus body uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile platform, its strong performance can smoothly run the store’s VR games, in addition, HTC VIVE Focus Plus is also equipped with a resolution of 2880mm 1600, refresh rate of 75 Hz, field of view angle of 110 degrees of 3K AMOLED screen, bring a good visual perception, after a long time of use, the eyes will not have a strong sense of discomfort.


Compared with the previous generation, the biggest upgrade of HTC VIVE Focus Plus apart from the processor is that it is equipped with World- scale six-degree-of-freedom large space tracking technology, high-precision nine-axis sensor and distance sensor. Get rid of the embarrassing situation that the HTC VIVE Focus needs to rotate around on the swivel chair before it can be used, and the belt is ready for use. With the VIVE Focus Plus 6DOF handle which integrates the tracking technology of Chirp ultrasonic and inertial measurement unit, the VIVE Focus Plus 6DOF handle really realizes mobile recognition in wireless state without additional positioning equipment on HTC VIVE Focus Plus, and optimizes the user experience to a great extent.


So what can we do with HTC VIVE Focus Plus? VR games are naturally essential. At the VIVE Ecological Conference and new product conference, many VR games appeared, including “Paintball”, “Fantasy Ski”, “chopping the three Kingdoms”, “Qiaoqiao’s Iron fist”, “Dancing Elf”, “VR PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS” and many other VR games. The house secretary tried out the two games “Jojo’s Iron fist” and “Dancing Elf” in HTC VIVE Focus Plus. The 6DOF head shows that with the 6DOF handle, I become freer and can move up and down, left and right at will, and the handle trigger adds a strength sensing function. Please climb another tall building to use the experience. VR products that use 3DOF headers and 3DoF handles will bind you in one place, and if you move too much, it will greatly reduce the experience.


In addition, we can also watch VR videos on HTC VIVE Focus Plus, and you can choose to download VR videos locally or watch VR video content online through a third-party App. Watching a movie with a VR head display can really give people a cinema-like experience, and it’s worth it to spend 5699 yuan to build a private cinema.

More people may also be concerned about the capacity in VR. First of all, the App, in its content store is sufficient for users’ daily use. HTC is also sweet to launch VIVEPORT service for users, which is also the first unlimited membership service for users in the VR field. Users only need to pay 58 yuan a month or 480 yuan a year to enjoy the wonderful applications provided in the content store.


Now it has launched a six-month free infinity for Focus Plus users. HTC also said that the convertible content of the welfare code in the shipping equipment is only related to the exchange time, not because of the shipment batch. Now users can get unlimited membership service for six months after using the welfare code for exchange.

Previously, Focus will enjoy 4 games / 6 games, but now it has become an unlimited membership service for 6 months (38 yuan per month). Focus Plus changed from 2-month unlimited membership service (58 yuan / month) to 6-month unlimited membership service (58 yuan / month).

The Multi-Mode feature makes HTC VIVE Focus Plus more possible

HTC VIVE Focus Plus has the function of “one machine with multiple uses”, and Wang Congqing, president of HTC China, defines it as “multi-mode VR all-in-one”. HTC VIVE Focus Plus supports PCVR streaming mode, PC giant screen projection mode, mobile cinema mode, game console giant screen projection mode, set-top box viewing mode, 360 °panoramic camera live viewing mode and 5G cloud VR mode. If the all-in-one mode is just one person getting high, then Multi-Mode multi-mode function is to break through the barriers between the various platforms to achieve a real exchange of needed goods.


Because the configuration of Multi-Mode multi-mode function is difficult to get started, this part of the article will teach you how to play Multi-Mode multi-mode function. The first is the game console, set-top box, and PC giant screen mode. The necessary preparation work is to download and install StreamLink in the VIVEPORT app mall, open StreamLink App, and grant Focus audio and video storage permissions and camera access rights. Then the two ends of the HDMI line are connected to the image output device and the HDMI video capture card respectively, and the other end of the HDMI video capture card is connected to the Type C socket at the top of the Focus Plus through the Type-C plug.


When you wear the Focus Plus, and use the handle to open the StreamLink App, you will see the peripheral access prompt, and choose to allow it to be enabled by default. At this time, a complete giant screen projection screen appears at the top of the interface, and the interface corresponding to the connecting device is displayed on the projection screen. There is also a See-Through window below, through which we can see the real situation around us. House secretary used HTC VIVE Focus Plus to connect Switch to try Mario Odyssey, the overall effect is very smooth, without the slightest delay, have to sigh, HTC technology is really strong!

What is even more amazing is the content of PC-VR, which can realize the interconnection between PC and HTC VIVE Focus Plus without any connection. Of course, this also requires the help of App, first of all, you need to install the RIFTCAT client and Steam’s SteamVR on your computer and register an account, and install Vridge on HTC VIVE Focus Plus. Then connect PC and HTC VIVE Focus Plus on the same 5GHz WiFi network, run the Riftcat client on PC, and run Vridge, on Focus Plus according to the steps on the Riftcat client to connect Focus Plus, automatically. After the connection is successful, you can run the downloaded games in SteamVR. Of course, if you are an unlimited member, you can also run the games above through VIVEPORT.



We can also enter the giant screen mode through the system setting, throw the content of the external device played by the Miracast to the HTC VIVE Focus Plus, and project the content of the VIVE Focus Plus picture to the external device. If you don’t know whether your computer supports Miracast, you can press and hold the win+ r key and enter dxdiag, to select the pop-up interface to save all the information and save it in txt format, and find Miracast, if prompted later that not, does not support it, and vice versa. VIVE Focus Plus also has a 5G cloud VR model, which needs to be achieved in a 5G network scenario. Zai Xiaomi used it once at a 5G event of China Mobile and had the same experience as a wireless screen.



In the process of using HTC VIVE Focus Plus, if you are worried about missing the information on your phone, you can download VIVE Mobile partner on your phone, and then select Mobile Notification in the VIVE Focus Plus settings to make VIVE Focus Plus paired. Remove the VIVE Focus Plus and open the mobile phone VIVE application, turn on Bluetooth and search VIVE Focus Plus and connect successfully, you can receive incoming calls, text messages and chat applications and other messages on the VIVE Focus Plus.


The feeling that VIVE Focus brings to the house secretary is amazing but slightly flawed, so VIVE Focus Plus has become more perfect in terms of functionality, even more than expected. At present, VR all-in-one computer has become a major trend in the development of the industry. With the addition of 5G network and cloud computing, HTC, which has obtained the admission ticket first, will usher in a big explosion.

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