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How awesome is the 16Xs of Meizu? 4000mAh helps you say goodbye to “electricity phobia”

Meizu 16Xs

Our life has long been inseparable from mobile phones, whether study or work, mobile phones have long penetrated into all aspects of our lives. However, after so many years of development, the battery life performance of mobile phones has not been significantly improved. in order to create the ultimate design, some manufacturers have abandoned the factor of “long range” to enhance the user experience, but they do not realize that once there is no power supply, no matter how strong the mobile phone is, it is no different from the brick.

So when I choose to buy a mobile phone, I take the lead in ranking the performance of battery life in the first place. But when I look at the whole circle of mobile phones, I find that the appearance design of phones with large batteries is often not satisfactory, either “as thick as a brick” or “as heavy as a dumbbell”, which is really uninteresting.

Meizu 16Xs

Fortunately, after careful selection, I finally found it-Meizu 16Xs. This phone uses the high-looking style of the Meizu 16 series, and the design of the round back shell brings an excellent feel. Equipped with a large 4000mAh battery, it fully meets my requirements. So, let me show you its strength and see if it can meet our daily needs.

Why choose Meizu 16Xs?

Why did I choose Meizu 16Xs? First of all, “4000mAh battery” is a bright spot that moves me. And Meizu has always attached great importance to the “feel” of the phone, the round back cover is very close to the palm of the hand, plus the weight of 165g makes a good balance between the large battery and the feel, and there is no heavy feeling to hold it in the hand.

Meizu 16Xs

Software is also the advantage of Meizu mobile phone. Flyme has been continuously optimized in recent years, and it has also been improving our experience. Meizu 16Xs also has a OneMind 3.0 smart engine, which can also help Meizu 16Xs achieve a more lasting battery life through a number of technology enhancements.

Just talk without practice or fake, let”s take a look at the performance of Meizu 16Xs through a few daily scenes.

What are the measured results?

In order to test the battery performance of Meizu 16Xs, I specially chose a weekend and tried to “drain” the power of Meizu 16Xs through a number of entertainment scenes. As a matter of fact, many young people play mobile games or chase popular variety shows on weekends to relax, while playing games and watching videos are a great test for the battery life performance of mobile phones, which can be said to be very suitable for testing battery life.

First of all, I used Honor of Kings, a popular mobile game, to test the battery life of Meizu 16Xs. In order to experience the ultimate visual effects, I turned on high frame rate mode and multithreaded mode, and adjusted the picture quality to the highest. In the past, phones with the same price rarely reached full 60fps frames in this session, but Meizu 16Xs equipped with Snapdragon 675 did not disappoint me. The frame rate of the whole game basically fluctuated around 60fps, and there was no obvious frame drop even in a group battle. And after playing “Honor of Kings” for an hour, Meizu 16Xs has no obvious fever, and the temperature control of the whole phone is still quite good.

Use Meizu 16Xs to play “Honor of Kings”

After an hour of playing, the power of Meizu 16Xs is 17%. It can be seen that according to the current scenario, it is certainly no big problem to play games for 5 hours in a row. However, for the sake of our eyesight, even if Meizu 16Xs has hardware-level Blu-ray filter eye protection, which can filter 33% of Blu-ray, the editor still advises you not to play games for a long time.

After the game, we might as well go out and feel the beauty of the world. When I go out, I have been using Meizu 16Xs to play online songs. Although Meizu 16Xs is still equipped with 3.5mm headset interface, Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more common now. It should be a time for many young people to put on Bluetooth headphones and immerse themselves in their own music world.

Take Meizu 16Xs to enjoy life

In the process of listening to music, I also intermittently browsed on Weibo and WeChat for a while. In the process of daily use, the bangs-free screen of Meizu 16Xs brings me a more complete screen look and feel. This no-defect visual effect greatly satisfies my obsessive-compulsive disorder. It can be said that I can’t forget it after using it.

Meizu 16Xs screen does not have bangs

In the first few hours of going out for a walk, Meizu 16Xs consumed about 8 per cent of its electricity. To tell you the truth, I was a little shocked when I saw this data, because in the past, when I used other mobile phones, the kung fu phone would lose more than 10% of its power, and the power consumption of Meizu 16Xs was even in the single digits, so I have to say that the 4000mAh battery has indeed played its due level.

Meizu 16Xs

Back home, I continued to use Meizu 16Xs to watch popular variety shows for a while. With the rapid development of smart phones, people have higher requirements for the quality of video. I adjusted the picture quality to HD and played it for an hour, and the Meizu 16Xs consumed only 7% power. If you are a drama hunter, watching videos all day on weekends will not worry about the lack of electricity in Meizu 16Xs. What is there to be dissatisfied with such a performance?

Use Meizu 16Xs to watch the popular variety

After a whole day of testing, Meizu 16Xs still has about half of the power left, which really surprised me. Because some phones with smaller battery capacity have to be recharged at night, and the remaining power of Meizu 16Xs is enough for me to use for another day.

After one night, I am going to continue to use Meizu 16Xs to complete this test, and in order to make the test less boring, I decided to use my favorite test method-browsing Douyin. In fact, browsing Douyin is also a good battery test scenario, because time flies when browsing Douyin, and App will constantly download data when browsing Douyin, so the power consumption is larger than the scene of watching HD videos, so we must have a big battery to help us brush better.

Use Meizu 16Xs to browse tictok

Watching all kinds of funny videos on Douyin, I want to follow them. However, considering that we are doing a range test, let’s just look at the results. After testing, using Meizu 16Xs to browse Douyin for an hour consumes 10% power, which should be satisfactory.

After seeing that there is still some electricity left on the phone, let’s spend some of this last time with games. The editor played “Game for Peace” for half an hour, and in the end, Meizu 16Xs consumed 7% of its power. I have to say that with the blessing of Snapdragon 675, even if we go out with Meizu 16Xs, or forget to recharge at night, we don’t have to worry.


Now that mobile phones have gone deep into all aspects of our lives, the battery life of smartphones is facing a new test. Then when the battery development is facing a bottleneck, only choosing a mobile phone with a large battery can bring us a better experience. Meizu 16Xs built-in 4000mAh battery, the price is as low as 1499 yuan, such a battery level and price, I believe that every user who uses it will bid farewell to the “power phobia.”

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