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Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth Headset Review


Sports preferred trend essential Glory xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset Evaluation

Stylish appearance comfortable sports wearing experience

Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset creatively introduced the popular gradient design in mobile phone design into the design of Bluetooth headset, I got the nebula purple version, the neck part of the headset is gray, and the rest of the headset is purple. Gradual color design has become very popular on mobile phones, while on wireless headphones, it is a very trendy design. It avoids the monotony of a single color and gives the product more youthful vitality. In particular, the nebula purple version in my hand is the same color matching worn by the “current boyfriend” before, and it can become a dazzling item worn by the trend. The overall design of


Headset is very simple, at the same time, the comfort of wearing is also very good. First of all, in the neck wear part, the use of Ni-Ti alloy memory metal material, can be bent, easy to receive, at the same time not easy to winding, but also has a memory effect, can better meet your wearing needs. The second is the left and right symmetrical design of the main part of the headphone. The same size, gradual design, extremely lightweight. The keystroke is designed to be very large, three-stage keystrokes, which can be operated blindly.


The wire part of the headset is textile thread, and there are many benefits of using textile thread. For example, it can also avoid entanglement and effectively reduce the interference to sound quality caused by friction during movement. Of course, the textile thread itself is also very textured, very high-grade, will not be wrinkled because of bending, but also can make the service life of headphones longer.


Is finally the cavity part of the headset, the unique anti-wind noise design, so that you can exercise, also have a good sound quality guarantee. The most characteristic is that the surface of the cavity is treated with CD lines, which makes the headphones very textured as a whole. At the same time, 6 kinds of ear braces are included at random, which can adapt to different ear types. Ear dilation can give you very good stability when you exercise.


Neck wearing Bluetooth headset is made for sports, while Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset is specifically designed for sports scenes. Not only does it look stylish enough, but the sports experience is also very good. The author also experienced this headset when running in the morning. At normal speed, the neck part does not shake at all, the skin-friendly material is also very comfortable, and the stability of the earplugs exceeds my expectations. Even if it can be swung, it will not fall off. In addition, it must be mentioned that this headset will not produce stethoscope effect at all, and the magnetic design will not wobble around even when it is not in use. Such a headset really gives people the idea of running.

Type-C interface flash charge

On demandIn terms of creativity, the gradient design is only a dessert for Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset, and the real big meal is the flash charging technology. The wire control part on the right side of the headset adopts pluggable design. Pull it out and you can see a Type-C interface, which is the key to the flash connection technology. Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset has a built-in high-efficiency battery that supports fast charging, and this interface can be plugged directly into the phone to allow the phone to charge the headset in reverse, which will greatly improve the ease of charging of the headset. And do not pick a mobile phone at all, as long as it is a mobile phone that supports OTG, it can be charged in reverse directly.


In addition, when the headset wants to connect to the phone, it can also be plugged directly into the interface of the corresponding phone, and the phone will automatically pop up the connected pop-up window page, which can be connected directly with one click. Compared with the general Bluetooth search method, this flash experience is obviously much more convenient. Of course, Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headsets also support general Bluetooth connections.


More than two experiences, both come from HUAWEI HiPair flash charging technology. Flash-charge connection technology has a subversive significance for neck-worn mobile Bluetooth headphones. on the one hand, it improves the connection experience and makes the connection of Bluetooth headsets faster and more convenient. This is very friendly for first-time users. At the same time, it changes the charging mode of the Bluetooth headset, turning everyone”s mobile phone into a charging chamber of the Bluetooth headset, which completely changes the embarrassment of forgetting to charge the headset.

Ultra-long range, fully powered

How long can a Bluetooth sports headset have? The answer given by Glory is 18 hours of music playing and 12 hours of voice calls. 

Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset can have such a long life experience, because it has a large battery of 120mAh, and the use of low-power chip also plays an important role. In addition, 

Honor  has creatively introduced a fast charging scheme, which can continuously listen to music for 4 hours as long as it is recharged for 5 minutes. The addition of fast charging can greatly reduce your anxiety about charging.


For daily use, you can use it for an afternoon after charging five minutes before you go out. And a full charge, you can not charge for a week, coupled with the phone can quickly charge the headset anytime, anywhere. For any user who is used to it, Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset can be done so that you can use it whenever you want.

Any wireless Bluetooth headset, battery life is the biggest pain point. The battery life of the Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset can be said to have completely dispelled users’ concerns about battery life, so that users can use it as they please. This is the most basic guarantee of a wireless Bluetooth headset and the basis of all other functions. For many users who have experienced battery life anxiety, choosing headphones based on battery life also seems to be a way.

Easy-to-use experience

As mentioned earlier, the 

Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset uses a highly designed CD texture processing, but this processing is not only to make the headset look better, but also for a very easy-to-use magnetic function. Neck-wearing headphones are hung around the neck by ordinary users every day. The magnetic structure can prevent the headphones from swinging around. In addition, the magnetic function supports the function of automatic disconnection of adsorption and automatic connection of separation. On the one hand, it can save electricity, on the other hand, with the use of, the overall experience is basically senseless, very convenient and easy to use.



Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset uses three-segment button control, the specific function of the three-segment button can be seen in the manual. Because the button is very large, and the feedback of the button is very good, the button is also very textured, and it is very convenient to use.

Perfect sound quality and ultra-low delay

Of course, when it comes to headphones, you can’t do without sound quality. After a week of experience, Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headphones are mainly inclined to medium and low frequency sounds, especially the bass is very expressive. Of course, this is a choice to please young users very much.


Surging and powerful bass performance, so that you can instantly be caught by its voice, immersed in it. For example, in some popular and electronic music, strong bass performance is very attractive. And in some middle and high notes, there is also a transparent texture, such as in the performance of some voices, it is also very contagious.


For a Bluetooth headset, the sound quality performance of the Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset is very impressive. But many people may be worried about the delay. Generally speaking, Bluetooth headsets are more convenient when playing games, but the delay of Bluetooth headsets is fatal for games that count against time. The

Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset is the first time in the Honor headset to support audio Bluetooth low-delay transmission technology, which can greatly improve the problem of out-of-sync of sound and picture during the game. Take “Game for Peace” as an example, the low delay of the Honor xSport PRO sports Bluetooth headset is basically senseless, and the game’s follow-up experience is very good.




Honor xSport PRO Sports Bluetooth headset in a week of experience time, give people a great surprise. First of all, the design of gradual change makes people bright in front of their eyes. The experience of flash charging and flashing has greatly improved the convenience of Bluetooth headsets. The ultra-long range of up to 18 hours allows it to be on standby in daily use. Finally, the good sound quality performance, as well as the low latency of the game, there is a feeling of icing on the cake.

For the vast majority of users, it has been a major trend for Bluetooth headsets to replace wire headsets. So, how to choose a good quality and easy to use Bluetooth headset has become the key. Glory xSport PRO sports Bluetooth headset is good-looking and easy to use, and the price of 399 yuan is very close to the people, interested friends can give it a try. In addition, to draw another key point, you can also enjoy a tasting price of 369 yuan to participate in the full pre-sale before the first sale on the 25th.

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