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Honor Play 8 Review: EMUI 9.0 deep customization

To some extent, it is not an easy task to build a 100-yuan machine with excellent practicability. Due to the limited cost, it is a test at this time whether the major mobile phone manufacturers can maximize their practical functions within a limited framework, and at the same time do not make up for the number, so that consumers can feel the sincerity of the manufacturers.

Honor Play is a sincere and practical hundred yuan machine, which has a series of bright spots, such as pearl full screen, deeply customized EMUI 9.0, 2×1 independent three-card slot, and the price of 599 yuan, which makes this phone very competitive in hundred yuan products. So how does the hero of this hundred yuan machine conquer its radiant user base?

Pearl large screen lightweight fuselage

In the traditional perception, the appearance design of Baiyuan machine is often full of perfunctory, but there is always one that is special. When I first got the Honor play 8, my first impression was that it was light, small and easy to use. Without the pressure feel of today”s mainstream models, I didn’t feel tired even if I held the handle in my hand for a whole day.


Honor Play 8 is equipped with a 5.71-inch large water drop comprehensive screen on the front. At the moment of lighting the screen, the Radian of the “water drop” complements the four corners of the round screen, and the positive visual effect is more extreme than that of the previous generation. It will more or less make people wonder whether this is really a 599 yuan mobile phone. At the same time, thanks to the 19:9 screen ratio, it not only allows the screen to display more content, but also makes the phone more convenient to hold with one hand, combined with a 3D Radian body and a lightweight weight of 146g for a more comfortable grip.


In fact, you will find that the 3D Radian fuselage of 

Honor Play fits the palm of your hand very well, and the actual holding feeling is no less than that of the middle and high-end mobile phones on the market.


Compared with the large droplet full screen on the front, the back of the phone is even more amazing. The back of Honor 8 uses the same double-texture splicing design as Honor 8X, with skin-like texture on one side, anti-skid and anti-perspiration on one side, and bright design on the other side, making the back of the whole fuselage feel more layered. It is worth noting that the camera and flash are on the same level as Honor logo, with a longitudinal double-texture splicing design, and the overall design is simple, generous and not messy, with the artistic temperament rarely seen in mobile phones at this price.


In addition, functional designs such as 3.5mm headphone Jack and independent three-card slot design are retained on Glory play 8. The independent three-card slot design allows the machine to insert two SIM cards for surfing the Internet and making phone calls at the same time, while supporting Netcom dual cards and dual 4G, without picking operators, which is undoubtedly very friendly to frequent phone users. In addition, you can insert another Micro-SD card to store photos and materials, up to support 512GB micro- SD card expansion, small mobile phones can also install the big world, to meet the actual needs of users such as saving photos, videos and downloading large files.

It is worth noting that if you look closely, you will find that the middle frame of the phone is slightly higher than the screen. The advantage of this design is that you can use the phone’s own design to protect the screen and save the trouble of sticking film.

To sum up, 

Honor Play has made the screen, appearance, feel, practical design and other aspects of the phone shine before people’s eyes within the price of 599 yuan, and we can see that even if it is a hundred yuan machine, Glory is really doing it with our heart.

Custom EMUI oversized font

From the pricing of Glory play 8, we can see that this is a mobile phone for the elderly, children and people who buy spare phones, so the system of this phone must be simple and easy to use, and can not bring unnecessary trouble and learning costs to users. The machine pre-installed depth customized version of EMUI 9.0, in the font, security and other aspects of the corresponding optimization.

EMUI 9.0 built-in custom large font mode, users can customize the font size according to their own needs, the system global display font can be adjusted to “super large”. The “extra large” font is currently only available for phone, address book and SMS functions. So how big can the font be? Let’s feel it.

When the font is adjusted from “standard” to “super-large”, the fonts of desktop applications, settings and other interfaces will also change accordingly, which shows that Glory has been fully optimized in this aspect.

Right: after zooming in, left: before zooming in

When the font is adjusted to “extra large”, it can only be used for the three core functions of phone, address book and SMS, but the font is prominent, but it does not appear messy and is very friendly to users with poor eyesight.

Open the application interface of extra large font

In addition to regular font changes, EMUI 9.1 also has a built-in simple mode that not only increases the font size of the desktop display by another level, but also makes the desktop layout simpler and the application icon larger.

Simple mode

In order to facilitate users to use, not only the font, but also optimized in terms of security. Glory play 8 is sold for only 599 yuan, but it is also a mobile phone that supports face recognition.


Face recognition

After the actual measurement, the face recognition speed is fast and the accuracy is high, which not only allows users to quickly unlock the mobile phone, but also avoids the trouble of elderly users remembering passwords.

Overall, whether it’s deeply customized oversized fonts, simple patterns, face recognition, or daily operations, EMUI 9.0 on Glory play 8 has a stable experience, smooth and simple operation, and can be easily used by older users with little learning cost.

Take a picture with a clear dim light 

Although Glory play 8 is a 100-yuan machine, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a good picture. On the hardware level, the machine has a rear 13 million-pixel camera with a large F1.8 aperture, which can get more light input in a low-light environment, laying a solid hardware foundation for night scene photography; on the software level, the machine supports the HDR function to take photos, even if the light is complex. Therefore, whether it is shooting people and taking pictures, this phone can handle it. Don’t say too much, just put on the sample sheet.


Honor play 8 sheets

In the scene with complex light, the performance of Honor play 8 did exceed my expectations, the color was restored to place, and the brightness of the sample was satisfactory, especially in the last sample, the color changes in the sky and the clouds were well preserved. The only slightly regrettable thing is that there is still a slight overexposure in the highlight scene, but considering that I took all the samples at random, the overall photo effect is acceptable.

HDR mode

Normal mode

When HDR mode is turned on, the photo shows more tension. Take this group of night scene samples as an example, the brightness of the sample taken in the normal mode is lower, and there is a certain degree of noise in the sky; after turning on the HDR mode, the overall bright spot of the night scene sample is significantly improved, and it is worth noting that the noise in the sky is significantly reduced, which greatly improves the viewing ability of the photo.

Generally speaking, 

Honor Play 8  performs well in a well-lit scene, no matter in color or brightness. Although there is a certain degree of overexposure, it does not significantly affect the overall look and feel; in low-light scenes, although limited by the hardware cost, the night scene sample has varying degrees of noise, but the HDR function makes up for this. So in my personal opinion, the overall photo level of Honor Play 8 does exceed the price frame of 599 yuan.

Written at the end

As I said at the beginning, whether it is the inherent impression or the actual experience, the hundred-dollar machine is not always very satisfactory and can only barely make people say the word “average”, but there are always exceptions. Glory gives its own answer on how to build affordable and practical smartphones for the vast majority of consumers-Honor fun 8.

In China’s smartphone market, there are still many users who do not care so much about the performance or workmanship of the phone, only hope that the phone can play a good role as a communication tool, and on this basis a full range of functions, to this point, Honor fun 8 has been done.

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