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Honor band 5i Review: USB with High Cost-effective Sports Health Partner

Comfortable and convenient USB charging

When I first got the bracelet, I was confused that there were no other accessories in the package except the bracelet. After some research, it was found that the original two watch straps could be disassembled directly. After the strap is removed, a metal contact is found on the side of the main part of the bracelet. Plug directly into the USB interface, such as the computer USB interface, portable battery and so on, you can charge the bracelet. USB interface is very common in our daily life, such as in hotels, such as cars, and even some restaurants. Therefore, for users who use the Honor band 5i, there is no need to worry about charging at all, as long as the bracelet is removed directly where there is a USB interface, it can be plugged and recharged.



In fact, this design of USB appeared on the bracelet product a few years ago, but the Honor band 5i does much better in three places. First of all, the Honor band 5i emphasizes a senseless wearing experience, which does not affect the wearing experience because it is a detachable design. The comfort of the wear is really good, and the edges of the screen are rounded. Secondly, although it is the design of the detachable strap, after the combination, there is no trace of the removable strap. Finally, whether it is taken apart or assembled are very labor-saving, do not need too much effort, but also a little magnetic feeling. If you have a hard time stitching, you must be going in the wrong direction.



In my hand this is a meteorite black version, black watch band, not too much design. The main body of the bracelet is also pure black, and the effect of the screen is very good. There is a single button on the front of the screen, and the screen itself, of course, supports full touch screen. The design of a single button can greatly improve the efficiency of control. For the bracelet, there is a great improvement in experience.

Second, the price reduction is not easy to match the color screen.

As a product with high performance-to-price ratio, the glory bracelet 5i is still equipped with a big color screen. Many people may think that the color screen is of little significance to the bracelet, but it is not. The improvement of color screen for experience is mainly reflected in two points: one is that the display effect is better and the colorful screen is more pleasing to the eye, both the icon and the content.


Another is to match the personalized dial to become a personalized decoration. The smart bracelet still has accessory properties, but the small bracelet uses a variety of fancy designs, a bit like dancing on a football. And the colorful personality of the dial, in fact, the effect is also good.


Honor band 5i system comes with only two dials, but the dial in the phone can be updated through the official APP. In the official APP, currently supports more than 50 colorful dial, should be able to meet the preferences of the vast majority of users.

Third. Health Guardian gives you the full sense of security

Honor band 5i also supports a full range of health care, including blood oxygen, heart rate and sleep monitoring. Among them, the detection of blood oxygen saturation has appeared on Glory bracelet 5 before, and it is estimated that it will become the standard function of Glory bracelet in the future. With the addition of this function, the bracelet is no longer limited to heart rate monitoring, and began to have the appearance of professional health equipment.


In fact, the detection of blood oxygen saturation has a good guiding significance for all kinds of people, such as office workers, long hours of work, poor sleep, it is easy to cause health problems. Before the problem, blood oxygen saturation is a very important indicator of health, at any time prevention is greater than treatment, the significance of the bracelet lies in this. By the same token, for many mountaineering enthusiasts, real-time blood oxygen saturation allows them to know their physical condition at any time, so that they can make a judgment before a crisis, and it can really save lives at a critical time.

In the process of blood oxygen testing, the editor”s blood oxygen saturation reached 100%. As a person who pays more attention to exercise and health, the editor is very pleased to see the value of blood oxygen saturation. As a reminder, people who often stay up late to work overtime or do activities at high altitudes may have low values and need to pay attention to their blood oxygen saturation to keep abreast of their physical condition.


Heart rate, Honor band 5i can achieve 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring, in addition, the source Huawei self-developed chips and algorithms, the accuracy of heart rate monitoring is very reliable, and the power consumption is very low, 24-hour real-time work can also have a very good endurance performance.

To understand the real-time heart rate, there are two main scenarios for ordinary people. The first is the sports scene, generally speaking, the heart rate corresponding to fat loss and muscle gain is different. According to the real-time heart rate to adjust their own exercise rhythm, this is the most scientific and effective way of training. So for every friend who likes sports, a sports bracelet is a necessary equipment. The second is the scene of daily life, 24-hour heart rate map, you can know more about your health. Honor bracelet 5i supports the heart health research program of 301 Hospital. The accurate heart rate monitoring function of the bracelet and the heart health research App, can obtain the detection results of arrhythmias through professional algorithm and technical analysis.

Finally is sleep monitoring, sleep is a very important thing, a good sleep is the beginning of a good day, so we should pay more attention to the quality of our sleep. Glory bracelet 5i can identify six typical sleep problems based on users’ sleep throughout the night, namely: difficulty in falling asleep / light sleep / easy to wake up at night / early awakening / dreamy / irregular schedule. For all kinds of sleep problems, users can improve their sleep habits and sleep quality according to the sleep advice, sleep music and relief services on APP.

In this monitoring, the sleep score of the editor is not too high, and the overall score of 81 can be improved. In the picture above, we can see that the score of deep sleep continuity is low and the proportion of light sleep is high, which is normal in the proportion of deep sleep and rapid eye movement. Sleep monitoring will not only give sleep quality scores, but also provide sleep improvement services on Huawei’s sports health App. Like Xiaobian, if the sleep quality is poor, App will give some suggestions for users to make relevant adjustments, and this service is also being updated constantly.

Fourth, sports and life has its easier

Previous bracelet products, because the screen is small, the display content is relatively less, and a lot of data can not be displayed in real time, and it also needs to be viewed through the mobile App, which is actually very inconvenient. Honor band 5i uses a 0.96-inch full-touch color screen, a single screen displays as many as 30 Chinese characters, the first screen display content is already very rich.



In addition, Honor band 5i also supports outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, indoor walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine 9 sports modes. Take outdoor cycling, for example, the sports mode page, you can directly control the bracelet without the help of a mobile phone, and can understand your sports status in real time, which is not much different from the professional sports watch experience. If you want to see a more detailed data chart, you can view it on the App on the mobile side.

Through Huawei Sports Health App, you can see detailed exercise data records, including exercise trajectory, speed meter per kilometer, heart rate curve / distribution, detailed data sheet, etc., to help you analyze and understand the key data of the whole exercise process, help users find weaknesses and adjust the exercise process. The editor has had an outdoor cycling experience. after riding 3 kilometers, he sees the data recording the mileage and heart rate of the ride. these data can be seen in real time, so that users can grasp their own exercise situation at any time and achieve better exercise results.


Of course, the Honor band 5i also supports 50 meters of waterproofing, and its waterproof grade allows users to make it more casual for daily use. For example, there is no problem with washing hands and spraying water, so as to avoid the trouble of taking off the bracelet every time.


Bracelet began to function for sports, but with the development of technology, it began to integrate a variety of functions. Honor band 5i supports Alipay code scanning payment, which is a very common scene in daily life. If it is built into the bracelet, it can avoid the trouble of constantly unlocking the phone. Honor band 5ialso supports remote control photos, in the group photo, the bracelet is the remote control, this function feels really easy to use. In addition, sedentary reminders and daily message reminders are also available.


Summed up:

Overall, the Honor band 5i is very comprehensive in the core functions, there should be all. Omni-directional health monitoring and rich exercise modes constitute the core product strength of this product. The beautiful color screen, coupled with the easy-to-use USB interface design, is bright in front of people’s eyes, which can definitely be regarded as a big surprise of the experience.

For those who like sports and want to have a device to guide their sports professionally, but do not like to bring all kinds of chargers, Honor band 5i is very suitable. In terms of the final price, the lowest price of the glory bracelet 5i is 159 yuan, which can be said to be quite affordable. At present, the bracelet has been pre-sold until 24:00 on October 31, and can be booked at Huawei Mall VMALL, gearbest, Tmall, SUNING, Honor self-selection and other platforms. now you can enjoy a 10 yuan discount if you participate in the deposit pre-sale.

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