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Honor Band 5 Experience: Color screen smart bracelet health function breakthrough

Gradient UI and personality dial, so that the style is no longer monotonous

Honor Band 5 screen is 0.95 inch, resolution is 240mm 120, compared with last year”s Honor bracelet 4, the color screen of Glory bracelet 5 will appear more clear and delicate, especially the gradual UI design gives full play to the rich color and hierarchical characteristics of this magic color screen. Glory bracelet 5 has a variety of creative dials built into it, which can be used in a variety of daily situations, and at the press conference on July 23, Glory announced a number of IP dial cooperation with PP Pig, Brala, Mr. Otter and Don’t bother Rabbit, which are more suitable for young people.


Honor Band 5

High-resolution color screen display is more clear and delicate, then many people may be worried about the battery life. The official figure is that a fully charged battery can last up to two weeks. Over the past few days, I have experienced that I do not consume much electricity. When power-consuming functions such as real-time heart rate monitoring are turned on, the power is estimated to last for a week or so.


In addition to the delicate display on the screen, the design of the whole bracelet has many details to pay attention to: first of all, the contact between the screen and the watch band is very close, basically can not see any gap, good workmanship. Second, because to achieve real-time heart rate measurement, the heart rate sensor on the wearable product will bulge so that it can be in close contact with the surface of the skin when worn, but the result is indentation. Honor bracelet 5 sensor edge transition processing is more round, when wearing basically will not feel the existence of bulge, will not produce imprints, air permeability is relatively good.


New blood oxygen test, health function upgrade

Honor Band 5 the biggest upgrade in the health function is to increase the blood oxygen detection function, to be honest, the author did not know much about blood oxygen before. After I got this bracelet, I checked some information, and then I got a basic understanding.

Blood oxygen is an important indicator of physical health, and pulse, respiration, blood pressure and body temperature are called the five major signs of life. According to Honor official, Honor Band 5 measures blood oxygen saturation by optimizing hardware light paths and algorithms and multi-light source fusion technology. The author often measures the blood oxygen value in the past few days, and each measurement only takes a very short time to get the result. My value is relatively normal, but if I have a friend whose blood oxygen is less than 90%, I should pay more attention to my physical condition. it is easy to cause fatigue, lack of energy, memory loss and other symptoms.

In the fast-paced urban life, most people are easy to fall into a state of sub-health, so it is necessary to know their blood oxygen from time to time. This function also gives us a better understanding of our physical condition.


24 hour real-time heart rate monitoring, always know the state of health

In addition to blood oxygen saturation detection, routine heart rate monitoring is also important to us, most of the current smart bracelets support heart rate monitoring, but the smart bracelets on the market are either less accurate or cannot be monitored in real time. The

Honor bracelet 5 uses Huawei TruSeen 3.5 heart rate technology independently developed by Huawei. & nbsp; supports intelligent dynamic 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring. The results can be obtained at any time during the days I use, and the monitored data form daily and weekly reports, allowing users to know their heart health in real time. Officials say the heart rate monitoring accuracy of Honor bracelet 5 is comparable to that of professional heart rate belts. It also supports the 301 Hospital Heart Health Research Program, and the accuracy of atrial fibrillation screening can reach 97.8%.


Heart rate monitoring is not only about preventing diseases, but also particularly important in exercise. Due to the different purpose and intensity of exercise, the required physical condition is also different. It is an efficient way to adjust your exercise state according to the real-time heart rate during exercise, which is another benefit of 24-hour real-time monitoring of heart rate.

Professional sleep monitoring, not only monitoring but also intimate suggestions for improvement.

Sleep is actually a clich é problem, and everyone has different sleep problems. Staying up late does not want to sleep, want to sleep can not sleep, fall asleep but can not sleep well and so on may be the current sleep situation of many young people. I have also carried out sleep monitoring in the past few days, and the following is my sleep situation. Sleep data chart


Although I have only slept for 6 hours, the comprehensive sleep score is OK. The HUAWEI TruSleep

Scientific sleep monitoring of Glory bracelet 5 records my sleep all night, in addition to deep sleep, light sleep, wakefulness, and eye movement monitoring. The system will not only score according to our sleep status, but also give corresponding sleep improvement suggestions according to the score. Let users know their sleep in the data and improve it through suggestions. There are more than

Exercise modes, and the effect of scientific exercise is doubled

Scientific fitness can not only avoid sports injuries, but also make our exercise more efficient. Whether it is reducing fat or increasing muscle, or in order to exercise a certain sports skill, we all need to know the state and effect of our exercise all the time, so as to exercise scientifically. Glory bracelet 5 can provide a number of data during exercise, take the most common running examples, fat loss and muscle gain in the exercise state is not the same, you can use the data information on the bracelet to adjust the state in time to achieve the desired exercise effect, App will also according to the user’s current ability level and expectations to develop a scientific running plan, professional and considerate. More than


Intelligent life is opened by it

As the functions of the smart bracelet become more and more abundant, the door to intelligent life on the wrist is also opened. For example, message reminders, WeChat, QQ, SMS CAPTCHA and other messages can be read directly on Glory bracelet 5; there is also an alarm clock function, which changes from weak to strong vibration on the bracelet, slowly awakening you from your dream without disturbing others.

Is followed by a more convenient payment function, built-in Alipay scan code, every time do not use a mobile phone to open Alipay. The NFC version supports bus and subway payments in nearly 260 cities. You can clock in with a drop of your hand, and the whole operation is easy and natural. And in November, the NFC version will simulate the access card function online, so you don’t have to take all kinds of cards when you go out, and you can solve all your troubles with a bracelet.


Support Alipay

Last Glory bracelet 5 also has an interesting small function-remote control photo, group photo taken with tripod, or long exposure photo, glory bracelet 5 is connected with Bluetooth to take remote control photos, which is very practical. There used to be this kind of separate small hardware, but now it’s built into the bracelet.



Honor Band 5 has been upgraded in many aspects, such as newly added oxygen saturation test, professional heart rate and sleep monitoring, multiple exercise modes, AMOLED color screen, NFC mobile payment, comfortable wearing experience, etc. These are the results of Excelsior. If you are willing to try something trendy and pay attention to your health, then Glory bracelet 5 is obviously a good choice. The standard edition and NFC version of Glory bracelet 5 have been re-opened for appointment at 18:10 on July 24th, and will be sold again at 10:08 together with the first sale of NFC version on July 29th. You can go to Huawei Mall, gearbest and other online platforms to make an appointment.

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