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Hisense A6L dual screen reading phone review: ushering in a new era of reading


Ink screen – make reading a habit

As the biggest selling point of Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L, the 5.84in HD+ professional eye protection luminous ink screen brings an extremely comfortable in-depth reading experience. At the moment of lighting the screen, the texture of the paper book came into view, as if it were not a cold product, but a “masterpiece” with humanistic feelings. .

Why does the ink screen have a texture close to that of a paper book? The reason is very simple, the ink display technology based on electrophoresis technology, using total reflection, that is, the display effect will be different with the change of ambient light. The better the external light source, the better the display effect. So using an ink screen to read an e-book on a sunny outdoor screen is almost the same as reading a paper book.

In practical use, the words on the screen can be seen clearly even in the outdoor with strong sun, and the visual effect of the ink screen is better than that of the ordinary screen.

Compared with the traditional smartphone screen, Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L built-in intelligent soft light reading lamp brightness intelligent adjustment, automatically form a soft photosensitive mode, create a comfortable reading environment, not direct, not dazzling. It really achieves no Blu-ray in day reading and 95% reduction in Blu-ray at night, and realizes true eye protection from the hardware level.

With such an excellent reading screen, the richness of e-book content has also attracted a lot of attention. Hisense dual screen Reader Mobile phone A6L cooperates deeply with six high-quality content platforms, including gearbest Reader, Palm Reader, QQ Book, Migu Reader, Reader and people”s Reader, to optimize the reading experience, unlock multi-level and multi-dimensional reading scenes, and read whatever you want, basically free from the trouble that you can’t find the books you want.

In order to bring users a more immersive reading experience, Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L follows a concise and capable interaction and visual design style, removing all redundant elements that interfere with users, and retaining only the functions and content that users need most. In the first screen, there will be weather, news and other information, and you can also select WiFi, ringtone / vibration, Bluetooth, data. 

The second screen is a bookshelf with a reading, palm reading, reading and Migu reading platform, and you can click on the books you read last time to continue reading; the third screen is more social, setting options such as Wechat, moments, Subscription account, collection and so on, so as to meet the needs of different users.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to make the ink screen more user-friendly, Hisense double-screen reading phone A6L also specially set up the ink screen customization function, users can set up the ink screen according to their own preferences, and can customize the application cover, weather cover, etc., and it can be realized that time, information and other resident. 

Thanks to the special advantages of the ink screen, this function does not cause excessive power loss, and the real-time display also allows users to pick up the phone and watch the time, greatly reducing the possibility of being distracted by too many messages. 

In addition to the excellent reading experience, Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L also has a screenshot note function. If you buy a movie ticket online, but the phone is about to run out of power, you can first open the QR code for this movie ticket. Click the “Screenshot Note” shortcut key in the lower right corner of the screen, and the interface that displays the QR code is pushed to the ink screen and is in a long state, even if the phone is out of power. You can also go directly to the counter machine to scan the code to pick up the ticket, isn’t it very convenient?

AI Ink key  -the Wisdom of Reading

Users who know about Hisense reading mobile phones are no stranger to AI Mo Zhi key and continue this design on A6L. A short press of the ink intelligence key can light up / turn off the ink screen, a long press of the ink intelligence key can use a voice assistant, and a long press of the ink intelligence key can switch between the front and rear cameras in the camera photo and video recording interface.

You think Mo Zhi key is only used for these purposes? Then you are so naive.

When using the color screen, in the article interface of Wechat, Sina News, Sohu News and other applications, a short press of the ink smart key will collect the article, and you can start a second reading in the “read later” of the intelligent assistant, which is very convenient. When you are reading, suddenly there are other things to deal with, later reading will appear to be very human. 

In addition, double-click ink smart keys can also apply screenshots, start common contacts, turn on / off eye protection mode, game screencap, turn on / off split screens, and so on.

In the case of the mobile phone’s breath screen, double-clicking the ink smart key can display the screenshot note on the ink screen, and it can also switch the note by double-clicking the screen, which is convenient and practical. In addition, when we listen to music, short press the ink intelligence key can also pause / play music. 

Having said so much, many people will ask, what about the reading experience? I can tell you in charge, it’s good. Many people like to read books with Kindle, but after all, it is just a reader, but you call Wechat, but also have to take out your mobile phone, and Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L perfectly solves this problem, not only reading experience Kindle is even better, but also more convenient to use.

It is worth mentioning that the Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L has its own water and ink screen power-saving characteristics and with a large 3800mAh battery, reading life without any pressure; when turning off the WiFi, reading light brightness to the minimum or maximum, the A6L phone can read continuously for 62 to 89 hours, which is a necessary artifact for home, travel and free reading. .

When reading, many people also like to listen to music. Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L improves the dynamic range of music output through hundreds of tuning, showing higher volume, thicker bass and better lossless sound quality. Make the music more pleasant, make reading more comfortable, and create a pleasant reading experience.

It’s not just a “reader”

In the highly competitive mobile phone market, focusing on differentiation is a good starting point, but we should also pay attention to the experience of ordinary users. Happily, Hisense weighed the two aspects well. In addition to having an excellent reading experience, it can also meet the daily needs of users in other aspects.

As a dual-screen mobile phone, of course, it is necessary to have a “double-sided life”. If when you ink screen game hang up or video buffer, color screen Wechat chat, dual-task synchronous operation, will not miss any information. In addition, Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L also uses the front and rear double handset design, you can choose color screen or ink screen to answer, make phone calls, play with your heart and turn to double screens.

In addition, Hisense double-screen reading phone A6L also designed an independent side fingerprint key to record different fingerprints, unlock the corresponding screen, easy to unlock and open quickly. With fingerprint recognition, how can there be no facial recognition? A6L also supports double-sided unlocking, facial unlocking, one-time input, double-sided unlocking, with hand-lifting and bright screen function, instant unlocking, both fast and safe.

Nowadays, security and privacy has become an issue that many people pay attention to. Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L provides a private and completely encrypted space in order to solve the user’s pain point. users can move private contacts, call records, information, pictures, audio, video, documents, applications and other content into the private space. In addition to setting a regular password, the private space also needs to set password protection questions for the first time to prevent users from forgetting their passwords.

It is worth mentioning that the Hisense dual-screen reading phone A6L can freely choose dual-mode objects, and can effectively remind users of the Internet status by restricting application installation, Internet access time and network access mode, and setting sleep time. At the same time, you can choose to disable the color screen to slow down the habit of over-reliance on mobile phones.


Hisense dual-screen reading mobile phone A6L subverts the traditional user’s habit of using mobile phone to a certain extent. Double-screen display and random switching make the mobile phone truly realize the integration of interaction and entertainment. The reading experience brought about by the dual screen can indeed become a big selling point of its own, which is inexplicably attractive to consumers who like to read and pursue differentiation.

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