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Give you more possible game Ben Raytheon 911GTS experience


Thor 911GTS.

This time, the one who came to the CNMO computer channel room is Raytheon”s latest high-performance, large-screen and narrow-frame game book, Raytheon 911GTS, which can be seen by its name, which is a game book with explosive performance. The naming of 911GTS immediately reminds people of Porsche 911GTS, a luxury car built according to the concept of the highest standard sports car, which can crush other models in terms of performance and appearance. Similarly, Raytheon 911GTS also has a run-over lead like a 911GTS supercar. How does it perform? Let the editor take you into this new era of game-based experience upgrading!


All the items after unpacking.

Appearance: cold appearance.

A game book, the appearance must be beautiful! Raytheon 911GTS’s appearance is a good continuation of the original dark tone of the 911 series. When I first saw it, I could not help thinking of the classic line, “because I am also cold, I am not afraid of this cold world”! This kind of cool energy is fully demonstrated.


Simple design is not simple.

In terms of material, the A side uses a whole metal drawing panel to improve the texture of the whole machine. Friends who are familiar with the Raytheon notebook may find that the Raytheon 911GTS directly above the Raytheon LOGO is very different from before, this is Raytheon’s latest design of LOGO, overall color matching has also changed from black-red to blue, more eye-catching, clear at a glance, more highlight the brand temperament.



In addition, on both sides of the LOGO, the lamp belt design using CNC punching technology further enhances the cool sense of the notebook, which is very popular with gamers!


Lamp belt with CNC punching process.

The B side is designed with a narrow frame and a black edge of only 6.5mm, which makes the overall screen ratio as high as 85%. It can be described as a game laptop with a “full screen” design. The C side embeds a full-size keyboard with a colorful backlight to further meet the lighting needs of game users.


The built-in CONTEOL CENTER 2.0 can adjust the color, brightness and mode of the keyboard backlight.


Red keyboard backlight.

Users can also use built-in software to adjust the lighting effect and color of the backlight according to their own needs. It is understood that there are 16 kinds of monochrome backlight for users to choose from, and there is always one for you! You can also consider switching a color every day and rotating every half a month to make your game feel fresh at this moment.


A full-size keyboard is very convenient.


Backlight effect.

The touch of the keyboard is also a highlight of Raytheon 911GTS. The isolated island keystroke design brings an excellent rebound feel. Although most players rarely consider playing games directly with the keyboard that comes with their laptops, if you are too lazy to carry a keyboard one day, Raytheon 911GTS’s own keyboard will not let you down.


The keyboard springback feels very good.

Screen: a new experience brought about by a narrow frame and a large screen.


The design of “comprehensive screen” with super large field of vision.

Now that you’ve chosen the game book category, no one will say they don’t care about portability. after all, if you don’t want to run with it, why not choose a desktop? According to the editor’s personal experience, 13-inch and 14-inch games tend to feel that the screen is too small to play games, while 17-inch games are too bulky to carry, and 15-inch games feel good to carry. Is there a possibility of having a wide field of vision with a 15-inch portability and a 17-inch display at the same time? The answer is yes, because the Raytheon 911GTS that the editor got this time can meet this kind of demand.


The distance between the borders is already very small.

Under the trend of “full screen” design, Raytheon 911GTS successfully placed a 17.3inch IPS screen under the 15.6inch body size with its unique narrow frame design. In this way, it not only meets the needs of the 15.6-inch shape that most users like to choose, but also provides a shocking visual experience far beyond the 15.6-inch screen. after all, for players, vision is the most intuitive source of shock for the game. None.


The camera set at the top of the screen.

In addition to the shocking visual experience, the 72%NTSC color gamut also brings a very good color display effect, such as the grass and blue sky in “PUBG” and the snow-capped snow of the new map, which has been restored to a great extent on this display screen. What’s even more surprising is that when hostile players wear clothes of similar color to their surroundings (including Geely clothes in some cases), you can see subtle differences at first glance and find enemies, which may also be counted as physical plug-ins.

Interface: good compatibility, easy to expand application scenarios.

Players of commonly used laptops know that for a laptop, the number of interfaces directly determines the scalability of the laptop, and richer interfaces will make the laptop have a richer application scene. Raytheon 911GTS is not inferior in this respect, it has two USB3.1 Gen2 interfaces of Type A, while the Type C interface also supports USB3.1 Gen2, so that you can easily connect peripherals.

In addition, Raytheon 911GTS also has a HDMI1.4 and DP1.3 video output interface, with notebook screen support for three screens, giving you more possibilities to play different kinds of games.

Configuration: DIY is more hands-on and playable due to the different feelings brought by desktop-level processors.


Intel angle mark of C plane.

In terms of configuration, although Xiaobian got a low-end version of Raytheon 911GTS, it is worth noting that unlike traditional game books, Raytheon 911GTS is equipped with desktop processors (the same processors as desktops), not the usual laptop processors. It is well known that the performance of PC processors is much better than that of notebook processors under the same i3 i5 i7 series.





The endorsement is still necessary. The low-end version of Raytheon 911GTS, which participated in the test, shipped with a built-in Pentium G5400 CPU, supplemented with NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 (4GB memory) independent graphics card, while in terms of storage, it adopted a mixed combination of 128GB NVMe SSD+ATB HDD mechanical hard drives.


Read and write speed test of hard disk.

After reading the endorsement, let’s talk about these configurations one by one. First of all, take a look at the processor, the desktop processor must be the bright spot, and the existence of the minimum Pentium G5400 is more meaningful to have the ultra-fast experience of the Intel 9 core processor at a lower cost. As we all know, on the laptop side, the launch of the 9th generation processor is bound to be later than the desktop, so for enthusiastic players who want to have a more top gaming experience with a high performance-to-price ratio, if you buy a 9th-generation desktop-level CPU, alone, you can easily experience the refreshing feeling of the 9th-generation smart processor. This is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice.


CINEBENCH R15 score.

But then again, is the Pentium G5400 really that useless without replacing the CPU? With such doubts, the author also started a series of bold game experiments with the minimum configuration of Raytheon 911GTS.

 ”PUBG”: stabilize the frame rate of about 60 frames under medium special effects.


Screenshot of the game “PUBG”

Players of “PUBG” must know that sometimes adjusting the special effects of the game too high may not necessarily provide some help to the game process, so the editor adopted the current mainstream video effect adjustment method in the test. that is, except for the visual distance and ultra-high texture, the other options are very low. Under such conditions, with the excellent performance of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 graphics card, the game has been stable at about 60 frames, and there is basically no obvious stutter in the overall game process.


The running result of “PUBG”

The temperature is well controlled, and the CPU is only 64 degrees during operation.

  ”CS:GO”: stable operation under default image quality.


Screenshot of “CS:GO” game screen.

Then, the editor went to play a game of “CS:GO”. Because the computer in the training mode was too simple, the time test was relatively short. However, we can see that the number of frames running by the computer is stable at about 70 frames, the temperature of the CPU is 61 degrees, and the temperature of the graphics card is 9 degrees.


“CS:GO” running results.

Vanguard of Watch: almost the same as the other two FPS games.

Then there is “Watch Vanguard”. Taken together, the above three games are popular styles that cover the three more popular FPS games at present. From the running point of view, when playing a game, the number of frames on the computer is stable at 63 frames and the CPU temperature is 66 degrees.


Screenshot of the game “Watch Vanguard”

People who have played “Watchman Vanguard” all know that often the “big move” in the game always loses its effect because of instant stutters, but in the process of using Raytheon 911GTS to play the game, it does not encounter a similar situation, and there is no sense of frame dropping or frame skipping.


The running results of “Watch Vanguard”

  ”League of Legends”: less pressure.


Screenshot of the game “League of Legends”

Of course, after trying the FPS game, how can we get the classic MOBA game “League of Legends”? after a game of man-machine test, Raytheon 911GTS runs at about 85 frames, the CPU temperature is 61 degrees, and the graphics card temperature is 1 degrees.


The running result of “League of Legends”

After the experience of four mainstream games, the performance of Raytheon 911GTS (low-configuration version) really surprised the editor. I didn’t expect how good the Pentium G5400 processor could be, but the result is that the mainstream competitive games can basically take all, and the overall running effect can be described in two words, that is, smooth. At present, it has not yet replaced the advanced configuration to have such an excellent performance. I believe that if the 9th generation Intel processor is replaced, it will be even more powerful. You can fly!

Since then, the editor has played several popular Mini Game, such as “late Night back”, “Canadian Road of death”, which are popular on the live broadcast platform this year, and their overall performance has exceeded expectations, and the editor has had a bit of fun.

Heat dissipation: the effect of double fans is amazing and the replacement configuration remains to be tested.

Finally, let’s talk about the issue of heat dissipation. As Raytheon 911GTS uses desktop-level processors, it is slightly higher than traditional laptop chips in terms of power consumption and heat, so, in order to bring a user’s extreme user experience, the performance of heat dissipation has become a key factor in the success of Raytheon 911GTS.

In fact, through the above practical scenario test, we can see that Raytheon 911GTS does a good job in temperature control. This is entirely due to its unique four-way heat dissipation group, where the copper tubes are disconnected and overlapped up and down at the graphics card, and the setting of double fans and three air outlets ensures adequate air intake and air outflow, even if the rear cover is not opened. it can also be seen at a glance through the bottom heat sink.

Users can also manually control the fan, in the actual use process, the daily use of Raytheon 911GTS (not running large games), the fan will not be fully turned on, only when the user actively manually open or run large games, the fan will accelerate to the maximum speed, this design can not only ensure the life of the heat dissipation system, but also bring reasonable use of energy consumption.

Since what I got this time is a low-configuration version of Raytheon 911GTS, the editor will not specially operate the “grill” here. After all, the heat dissipation of the Pentium G5400 cannot be compared with the processor that players are recommended to replace with their own DIY. So, especially after users have replaced 9-generation Intel processors, the effect of heat dissipation needs to be further explored, but there is a previous actual use experience as a reference. The editor believes that Raytheon 911GTS’s heat dissipation can still perform very well even after changing the configuration.

Write at the end.

After a period of use, the editor really loves this Raytheon 911GTS a little bit. During this period, when he is on a business trip, the notebook will not leave him. After finishing the work, he can play two games for fun, which is what the original MacBook cannot do.

In terms of weight, the overall feeling is indeed a little heavier than that of a light business, but in fact, I completely feel this change in weight when I put it in my suitcase. On the whole, traveling and going out will not cause unbearable trouble. After all, these are nothing compared to the happiness that games bring.

The latest news, Raytheon 911GTS series notebooks will be officially released on December 26, when knowing the price of the moment, the editor is really afraid that he will cry out, and cut his hands to snap up one. I believe that Raytheon 911GTS series notebooks, will become Raytheon in 2018 brought another surprise, with full sincerity to give back to the vast number of gamers!

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