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For these reasons, I finally installed a smart camera at home

Although the photo effect of the camera at that time was not satisfactory, with the progress of technology and more and more intelligent functions, surveillance cameras have also entered thousands of homes from the security products used in public places to protect the safety of families, and there are many intelligent camera products in the “AI” plan, which shows the prosperity of this market.

The most important thing is the security function

No matter who doesn”t like to live under surveillance, why should there be a smart camera in the room, more for security reasons? this is especially true for users who live in the old campus with a large number of floating population.

Although there are more and more closed residential areas, the overall living environment of those old residential areas has become worse due to lack of infrastructure and inaction of property, which virtually increases the risk of home theft. The same is true in places with a large floating population, the mixed flow of people and the environment lead to a sharp increase in management costs, which also makes home safety a point to consider.

So no matter which smart camera is on the market, the security function is one of the most basic and biggest selling points. In addition to the traditional shooting function, what else can a smarter camera do in terms of security? The secretary of the house thinks it is the following points.

The first point is that you can take out your phone and see what’s going on at home anytime, anywhere. If you want to see the pictures captured by traditional cameras, you can’t do without the computer and its corresponding software. With the popularity of smartphones and 4G networks, it is possible to check your home at any time on your mobile phone.

The secretary of the house once remembered that a few years ago, Lin Zhiying said in the program that he mentioned that because he often had to go to work in other places, he would miss his children very much, so he specially installed a webcam at the bedside, so that he could talk to and take pictures with the children at any time. At that time, many people may have been surprised by this feature, but now everyone is no stranger to it.

The second point is that the camera can be controlled by the mobile phone. Compared with the low-end smart cameras a few years ago, the current entry-level smart cameras are equipped with head, and many of these products are equipped with vertical and horizontal cloud heads. compared with cameras that are fixed in one place and cannot adjust the visual angle, you can now see different angles at home by adjusting the head. At the same time, the phone can also control the rotation of the head remotely for easy viewing.

With the addition of the cloud console, the intelligent camera also has a built-in automatic cruise mode, which can easily record every corner of the home and escort the family safety. at the same time, it can also customize the cruise points on the mobile phone, and cycle to cover the pre-set key areas.

The third point is that it has mobile tracking technology. After some products turn on the tracking and viewing function, they can capture moving objects and automatically track the movement of objects. At the same time, alarm prompts or alarm videos are pushed to the mobile phone App, together with abnormal noise / abnormal movement monitoring, which can detect abnormalities in time and ensure the safety of the home.

Smart makes the camera more humane.

If the traditional camera is a cold shooting machine, then the smart camera is more humane. As in the case of Lin Zhiying mentioned above, you can interact with your family through the camera when you are away from home. Strange as it sounds, this feature is very useful for the elderly, infants and young children who can’t use smartphones.

At present, the smart cameras on the market are already equipped with two-way voice and one-way video call functions, and may be able to achieve two-way video calls after the camera is equipped with a small screen in the future. But when you think about it in this way, it seems that there is a slight overlap with the function of the screen speaker, which only represents the personal guess of the house secretary.

But at least for now, you can put a smart camera in your nursery so that crying detection can keep track of your child’s status and see if there are cases of child abuse by a black-hearted sister-in-law. It can also monitor the status of the pet at home and stop drinking in time in the event of a demolition. At the same time, the 1080p ultra-clear picture quality can also clearly record the details of the changes in the monitoring area and keep abreast of the dynamics of the home at any time.


Once the secretary of the house also rejected the camera very much, thinking that it was unreasonable to install a camera in the home, but he didn’t find it until he actually used it. It smells good! No, it really works, and it can keep the family safe at all times. When you get home, turn the camera directly down to achieve the effect of physical shielding, and you don’t have to worry about revealing your privacy.

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