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Don’t be afraid to use Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13 when you first enter the workplace

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13.

Face-to-face era, even notebooks are no exception!

First of all, what does a good notebook need? Of course it”s good looks! In today’s face-to-face era, even the appearance of the notebook can not be exempted from vulgarity. What many people do with Apple’s MacBook depends largely on the appearance of the MacBook. What circle of fans did Dafa rely on at that time? In addition to cool techs is also a good-looking ah! Thus it can be seen that the turning back rate of a good-looking product is high, which you have to accept. And Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13 is the face of Xiaoxin series.

The editor found that Starbucks has always been one of the important gathering places for the MacBook army. At that time, whenever I saw them using Macbook computers for office typing, Xiaobian’s old computer seemed like an ugly duckling among swans. And after using Lenovo’s new Air 13. The appearance of Xiao Xin Air 13 is not inferior among the MacBook. The editor is full of confidence in typing. The three sides of the A/C/D are made of all-metal and are colored by anodizing process. There are light gray, supreme black, lake blue and rose gold colors to choose from. So little sisters who love beauty no longer have to worry about whether to buy silver for straight men or dark gray for more straight men. You have other colors to choose from on Lenovo’s new Air 13.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13.

Since it is the responsibility of appearance, it is naturally both internal and external. The 6.25mm has a very narrow frame and an 80% screen share. Compare the editor with the old computer that has been used for four years. The frame that can run a horse is the one I used to talk about. What’s more, there is a 100%sRGB color gamut, well, I know that the computer I used before is a blind screen, and there is really no harm if there is no contrast on the screen.

This screen is a boon to computer users like us for a long time. Wide-angle IPS 1920 × 1080 FHD 13.3inch screen, the display effect does not need me to say more, the display is clear and delicate at the same time, no matter how tricky the angle can see clearly. 300 Nits brightness can be seen clearly in the sun even if you need to work in an outdoor environment. AGC high-hardness glass can also effectively ensure the quality of the screen, not easy to scratch.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13 screen.

The computer is no longer the “unbearable weight of life”.

Now that we have mentioned going out to work, we have to mention the matter of business trip. Business trip is also something that every newcomer in the workplace has to experience. Only when we really go out, can we really be on our own. But for people who travel on business. Many times computers are unbearable. A computer with a power adapter can easily pass eight jin! As a must-have for a business trip, we still have to bring it with us. But if you bring the new Air 13, you don’t have to bear the unbearable weight of life at all. Because the weight of the new Air 13 is as light as 1.25kg, the thickest part is only 14.8mm. Worthy of the name of Air. For an excursion or office trip within a day, putting Xiaoxin directly into a handbag can easily be taken away and get rid of annoying power adapters, making it so easy to lighten the burden.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13 thickness.

At this time, someone is bound to ask, why did Xiao Xin Air 13 dare to throw away the charger? Naturally, Xiao Xin has his own exclusive magic weapon. The new Air 13 is equipped with 45Whr high-density lithium battery, which can provide users with up to 8 hours of battery life. And support fast charging function, can achieve charging 15 hours, use two hours. If you don’t want to charge quickly, you can also switch the charging mode on the computer, and you can choose a variety of charging methods.

Lenovo’s new Air 13 charging mode.

Another situation you will encounter during the journey is that you will inevitably encounter some ups and downs. And computers are inevitable. Although the development of mechanical hard disk has been stable enough so far, it is still afraid of falling and shaking because of its own structure. The hard drive used by the computer before the editor was accidentally broken when he was traveling. But using solid state drives won’t cause this kind of trouble. As the solid-state hard disk uses integrated circuit storage structure, there is no mechanical structure, so there is no big problem with it, and there is no risk of mechanical hard disk failure.

The hearts of the people of “Dahuai”

In addition to being anti-fall, solid-state drives are also known for their fast reading and writing speed. If the speed of a mechanical hard drive is compared to that of a bicycle, then the solid state drive is the speed of a car. Of course, there are good and bad cars, some of which accelerate in more than ten seconds, while others can run within three seconds. An ordinary SATA SSD is the car that runs for more than ten seconds. The NVMe PCIe used in Lenovo is the Ferrari in solid-state drives. And this Ferrari is an extended convertible version. Up to 512GB large memory can be supported on Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13. This is unique among the same price. Starting with Lenovo’s new Air 13, it ushered in a new era of 512GB SSD at this price. So do you want a 128BG solid state + 1T mechanical hard drive or a single 512GB NVMe PCIe solid state? I think more people will choose the latter.

AS SSD read and write speed.

Another advantage of solid state is fast, fast to boot, quick to open software, and fast to process files. When others are still on, you have already opened the file, when others open the file, you are almost finished, when others are done with this matter, you are already engaged in the next job. This is also the most intuitive embodiment of solid-state drives on computers. And computers that use solid-state drives load games faster. Although Lenovo’s new Air 13 is light and thin, it does not disappoint users in terms of performance.

Apart from being frivolous, what else can Xiao Xin Air 13 do?

This year Intel finally stopped squeezing toothpaste on the eighth-generation CPU. For the first time in the i5/i7 low-voltage series, a quad-core and eight-thread specification design has been added on the basis of 15W power consumption. In terms of performance, the seven-generation i5/i7 CPU has improved significantly. However, the first batch of users who used the eighth generation i58250U did not enjoy the benefits of performance improvement. The reason is that although the performance has been improved, the fever has become more serious. Laptops using the previous seven generations of old molds simply cannot withstand the heat dissipation of the i58250U, resulting in frequent frequency reduction. And when i5 8265U and i7 8565U with WhiskeyLake architecture appear now, are the manufacturers really ready?

The test version is i5 8265U.

I think at least Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13 has done this. The heat dissipation optimization for i58265U is specially carried out on Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13. Upgrade the original Fn+Q function. It is now in three modes: quiet / equilibrium / Beast. When the ambient sound is 42.7 decibels, the fan sound is 44.8 decibels in silent mode and 50.3 decibels in beast mode.


Lenovo new Air 13 test decibels.

During the game test, the C-plane temperature of the computer was 34.4 degrees before the game and 44.9 degrees after five minutes of the game. The temperature is 46.9 degrees after ten minutes of the game. Therefore, the improvement of heat dissipation on Xiaoxin Air 13 is very obvious, and it can also ensure that it is quiet and does not disturb the people. In addition to daily office work, Harman audio is used on Xiao Xin Air 13 to further enhance the audio and video entertainment of Xiao Xin Air 13. Now the editor uses Xiao Xin Air 13 to watch movies every day instead of wearing headphones.

Lenovo new Air 13 test temperature.

Intimate companion in the workplace, Xiao Xin Air 13 is well-deserved.

In Lenovo Xiaoxin, whether it is 512G NVMe SSD or i58265U with outstanding performance, the ultimate goal is to better serve users. In addition to these, there are other features that enhance the quality and use of the new Air 13. As a text worker, codeword is a common occurrence, but the keyboard feel of many notebook computers is not entirely satisfactory. But I would like to give Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 13 a big compliment on its keyboard feel. The keyboard adopts 19.05mm international standard key spacing design. The first feeling of getting started is that it is more in line with the typing habits of normal people, and you won’t feel different when you use it. In addition, due to the use of the 1.3mm key, there is a little resistance when pressing down, and the springback is neat, which is a rare good feel in the lightweight keyboard. Coupled with the second-order backlight brightness, this makes the editor can feel at ease in the dark environment.

Lenovo’s new Air 13 keyboard.

In addition to the keyboard, fingerprint recognition is also a function that people attach great importance to. Computers are used as office supplies, many of which are classified. With fingerprint identification, it adds a strong layer of protection to the file security of the computer. It’s hard to turn on this computer without your fingerprints.

Lenovo’s new Air 13 keyboard fingerprint recognition.

With a good solid state hard drive without a high-speed interface, it is necessary to match it with a full set. There is no shortage on Lenovo’s new Air 13. Two USB 3.0 interfaces, one HDMI interface and one TYPE-C interface supporting video output are enough to meet my daily needs. During the meeting, you have connected the projector to your computer, and your colleagues using Apple computer will have to take out the docking station they carry with you from their bag, which can be seen from this point. Here, I would also like to tell you a little secret, that is, one of the USB 3.0 of Xiaoxin Air 13 supports external devices to turn off and charge, so bringing Xiaoxin Air 13 is equivalent to carrying a “super-large portable battery”. This saves portable battery’s weight again.

Lenovo new Air 13 interface.

Since using Xiao Xin Air 13, the editor’s daily life has become so easy. Without the heavy computer, without the Catton system, saying goodbye to the noise of the computer fan, and even saying goodbye to portable battery. As a newcomer to the workplace, the editor got a sense of satisfaction on Xiaoxin Air 13. I think this should be an excellent frivolous quality.

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