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Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock review: a budget smart door lock that supports Homekit

Aqara, as the own brand of Shenzhen Aqara Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd., has launched products covering intelligent gateways, intelligent curtains, intelligent security, smart switches and sockets and sensor equipment, which can meet the needs of intelligent installation and use in the whole house. The most important point is that Aqara not only has its own hardware products, but also provides a service provider model to meet the needs of customized installation and use, which can easily achieve the purpose of intelligent life for users. 

Going back to the Aqara smart door lock N100, it provides a three-year warranty and free door-to-door installation service. Aqara smart door lock N100 has a built-in Mijia security chip, which adopts the traditional pressing handle design and needs to distinguish between left and right door opening methods. In addition to the basic live fingerprint unlock, emergency key unlock, password unlock, Aqara smart door lock N100 also supports NFC/ Bluetooth unlocking function, but the most noteworthy place is that it also supports Apple Homekit/MijiaApp linkage function, which is not available for most smart locks at the same price on the market, but from a personal point of view, this smart door lock is for Apple users.

In addition to supporting Homekit functionally, the Aqara smart door lock N100 is also different from the four smart locks you have used in hardware configuration. First, in the customized lock body, the main control chip is placed in the back panel, even if the front panel is destroyed, the lock body still cannot be opened, improving security; second, a lot of sensors are integrated to judge the state of the full lock tongue, eliminating the problem of unlocked and hidden.

Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock: design

Aqara smart door lock N100 in the material workmanship is more sophisticated, modeling design is relatively simple, color is also relatively stable and low-key inconspicuous. However, as a user, what I am most worried about is the security of the smart door lock, especially whether the fingerprint will be stolen, whether there is the risk of the cat”s eye opening the lock, and whether the lock core is a C-level lock core with high security level. 

On the lock core, Aqara smart door lock N100 uses C-level lock core, while for fingerprint unlocking, Aqara smart door lock N100 adopts integrated 3D semiconductor fingerprint identification design, which avoids the fingerprint identification problem caused by finger skin exfoliation and prevents 2D false fingerprint unlocking design. The unlocking area is treated by frosting technology to avoid the problem of leaving fingerprints. The Aqara smart door lock N100 adopts the algorithm from the Swedish fingerprint algorithm company PreCiSE, that is, the financial-level fingerprint detection algorithm through the feature point + image fusion algorithm to improve the unlocking performance.

The Aqara smart door lock N100 adopts the closed handle design of seamless assembly, which can achieve the effect of anti-violent disassembly and improve the safety performance of the door lock to a certain extent. In addition, the front panel is equipped with an anti-pry sensor, which will automatically alarm and push to the APP once the front panel is separated from the facade, making it convenient for users to deal with it in time.

The Aqara smart door lock N100 has a built-in doorbell function, which eliminates the trouble of installing additional doorbells. Aqara smart door lock N100 supports 20-bit virtual password function, effectively prevent peeping, long-term valid password is 6: 10 digits, in addition to supporting a one-time temporary password (can be created remotely), but also added a periodic valid temporary password function (requires a Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the door lock), this function is more practical, such as the cleaner or babysitter who comes to clean the house regularly.

 In NFC unlocking, only Xiaomi bracelet 4 NFC version and Xiaomi phones are supported, and third-party phones with NFC, such as vivo and OnePlus, are not supported.

As the most concerned small black box and cat’s eye anti-theft problem, Aqara smart door lock N100 internal through the improved electromagnetic protection design and multiple shielding layer structure to resist small black box cracking attacks, so as to improve security.

Although the door is also designed with a handle, the Aqara smart door lock N100 must be equipped with a button at the front of the handle to open the door, effectively resisting the problem of unlocking the cat’s eye.

The lid of the interior part of the Aqara smart door lock N100 is an integrated design and can be scratched off directly. The surface of Aqara smart door lock N100 is treated with IML process similar to piano paint, with scratch-resistant design, good feel and round feel, but easy to leave fingerprints and easy to clean. In terms of power supply, the Aqara smart door lock N100 is powered by dry batteries instead of lithium batteries. Four of the eight batteries are powered and four batteries are used for backup. If the battery is dead, it can be powered directly through its own Type-C interface with a mobile power supply.

It was mentioned earlier that the Aqara smart door lock N100 supports the QR code used by homekit, to bind is under the lid, and the two keys used to set it are also hidden under the lid. The bottom knob is used to reverse lock manually.

In addition, 2 physical keys are provided with the packaging, using the mainstream common strip styling design.

Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock: using experience

Let’s take a look at the actual experience. Aqara smart door lock N100 supports a variety of unlocking methods, the most commonly used is fingerprint unlocking. What needs to be noted here is that when opening the door, be sure to cover your finger on the fingerprint module area, otherwise it is easy to trigger unlocking failure. The following picture is a demonstration of unlocking failure. Normally, the speed of fingerprint recognition is very fast, from identification to unlocking only a few seconds, the whole process of opening the door is very smooth.

Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock: functions and performance

Since there are no Xiaomi phones and Xiaomi bracelets, there is no demonstration of NFC unlocking. At the same time, password unlocking and key unlocking functions are also basic functions, which are no longer displayed. However, the Aqara smart door lock N100 supports the use of mobile phone Bluetooth to unlock, which, to a certain extent, makes up for the lack of support for other mobile phones to unlock NFC, and also facilitates the need for users to quickly unlock. Before operation, you only need to ensure that the mobile phone and Bluetooth are within the effective communication distance.

The following focuses on the core functions of Aqara smart door lock N100, that is, temporary password, one-click defense, smart scenario, binding homekit and APP alarm push. 

Aqara smart door lock N100 allows users to set a 10-digit password with a length of 6mur. at the same time, it supports 20-bit virtual passwords to avoid password leakage, simply by entering any number before and after the real password, as long as the real password is continuous and complete. The one-time password function is suitable for other people who come to home temporarily, such as friends, parents, etc., while the periodic password function satisfies the people who enter home at a fixed time. The difference between the two modes is that the former can create a password remotely. The latter can only be set under the premise of Bluetooth connection smart door lock to ensure the security of use. In addition, the smart door lock has an unlocked alarm prompt function, except that there will be a prompt on the app side and a tone will appear at the same time. There are three scenarios to choose from by default. It is recommended that all alarm reminders be enabled. 

This is the Aqara smart door lock N100 in three prompt effects, can normally identify the unlocked, anti-locked and locked state, can intuitively and quickly let users know the current state.

One-click defense needs to be used with intelligent scenes. You can choose the scene mode that has been completed by default, or you can manually specify specific devices to reset, such as intelligent cameras, intelligent security, and so on. After all settings are completed, you only need to click the defense button on the Aqara smart door lock N100. In a sense, this is one of the two greatest practicalities of the Aqara smart door lock N100. 

As for the Aqara smart door lock N100 another biggest practical, of course, you can bind homekit, so that you can control through voice instructions, if you have enough Aqara smart devices, the more you can reflect the convenience of this linkage, to achieve a richer linkage scene, and then enhance the experience of intelligent life. 

Aqara smart door lock N100 has a variety of push types of messages, including scene execution results, alarms, etc., and will be pushed to the mobile phone synchronously. If you bind Mijia and homekit, at the same time, you will receive messages from two APP at the same time to ensure the effective delivery of messages. 

Bottom line

This is an experience of the Aqara smart door lock N100. As a thousand yuan smart door lock, 3D capacitive fingerprint identification module, C-level lock core, anti-cat eye and other hardware design with alarm push, door lock status notification, multi-device linkage and other functions, making Aqara smart door lock N100 in the same price smart door lock is a very cost-effective one, but also includes the mainstream common fingerprint, NFC, Bluetooth, password, key unlocking functions, and supporting Homekit is its biggest selling point. It provides a better choice for Apple users.

For the areas that can be improved, we can consider the design of rechargeable lithium battery, which is convenient for installation and can greatly improve the battery life performance.

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