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Apple Watch buying guide

From the earliest fashion trends, to the later sports watches, to the, Apple Watch, a good helper who can change the way we live, has been evolving, bringing us more possibilities.


I bought the original Apple Watch, in the summer of 2015 and the Apple Watch has become a product I update every year. Not only because its entry barrier is low, but also because it surprises me every time it is updated. Whether it”s the new cellular version of Apple Watch Series 3 or the first new design of Apple Watch Series 4, its changes have made it impossible for me to leave this gadget on my wrist.

Said that Singles Day is a “buying” season, many users are also prepared to take advantage of this holiday to buy some favorite products. If you are a user who is using iPhone, I think Apple Watch can also be your new partner, and your life will be changed by wearing Apple Watch.

Why should you have a Apple Watch?

I will answer it in two dimensions.

Apple Watch has been fashionable since its birth. Watches have become a must-have accessory, and Apple Watch is recognized by the fashion world because of its outstanding design. A square watch shows great personality in a large number of round watches, coupled with different watch straps, it has become the best way for people to show themselves.

Apple Watch is also the heart of many sports enthusiasts. The sensor on its back can monitor the heart rate in real time, and such as exercise time, calorie consumption, etc., can be accurately recorded by this Apple Watch. If you wear it during exercise, you can accurately understand calorie consumption.

It can be said that, Apple Watch is not only a beautiful ornament, but also the best sports housekeeper around us. 

Which Apple Watch is more worth buying?

Combined with the current situation, we can now buy third-to fifth-generation Apple Watch, on the market, but since September this year, Apple has officially suspended the sale of the Apple Watch Series 4, leaving only inventory machines left in the channel. So if you don’t know enough about electronic products, I personally recommend that you buy Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 5 through Apple’s official channels or self-owned stores on major e-commerce platforms. Of course, if you are a veteran electronics driver, you can also buy your favorite products through your own channels.

Which Apple Watch is more suitable for you, but also combined with your own budget. If your budget is not high, Apple Watch Series 3 must be your best choice. Because it already contains all the functions of Apple Watch, and even supports cellular networks, it is sufficient for daily use. And Apple Watch Series 3 supports the latest watchOS 6 system, including noise recognition, menstruation tracking, independent AppStore, etc., which is also available on this watch, which can be said to be a stepping stone to the Apple Watch ecosystem.

Apple Watch Series 3

If your budget is not capped, the more extreme and more powerful Apple Series 5 should be your only choice. A higher screen ratio screen, a new electrode heart rate sensor, a second-generation optical heart rate sensor and a digital crown with tactile feedback are all available on the Apple Watch Series 5, and these new sensors can also give you a more accurate health tracking and a better experience.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple has also added a number of new features to Apple Watch Series 5 this year. First of all, the, Apple Watch Series 5 is the first watch to support the bright screen, thanks to the addition of the LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) screen, the, Apple Watch Series 5 can maintain a full day of battery life when the screen is always bright, without having to worry about power shortages. And a number of updates in watchOS 6 are also available on Apple Watch Series 5, a new watch with excellent software and hardware, which is worth taking a look at.

Which watch cases should you choose?

At present, the Apple Watch product line perfectly covers different price segments, so consumers with different budgets can buy corresponding products according to their actual needs. In terms of subdivision, the, Apple Watch Series 5 series has an aluminum alloy case and a stainless steel case. The, Apple Watch Edition series has a titanium version and a ceramic version. In addition, Apple has jointly launched Apple Watch Nike and Apple Watch Herm è s with Nike and Herm è s.

Apple Watch Family Photo

It should be noted that the performance of Apple Watch with different watch cases is exactly the same, so when we choose Apple Watch, it is best to combine it with the actual use scenario.

If you only use Apple Watch as an exercise assistant to help you record your heart rate, pace, running distance, etc., the most basic aluminum alloy version should be your best choice. Aluminum alloy is lighter and will not add too much burden when exercising, and Apple officially equips the aluminum alloy case with a silicone strap or nylon strap, which can be said to be very appropriate to wear during sports.

Apple Watch Nike

Is worth mentioning that Apple also launched the Apple Watch Nike, in conjunction with Nike, which is basically the same in appearance as the aluminum alloy case version of the Apple Watch. However, the Apple Watch Nike standard strap has a hole design and is more breathable. And it also has a Nike and Apple customized NIKE dial, which means you can enjoy different straps and more dials for the same price.

The way to replace the dial on the Apple Watch is very simple. Just press the screen again and select the style you want to change, and you can choose a dial that suits your own style.

Press the screen to replace the dial

But I prefer to change the dial style in Watch App on iPhone rather than change the dial style on Apple Watch. Because Apple has designed a different style for each dial, and even each module can be customized, it is more efficient to change on the phone.

Of course, if your use scene is not only sports, but also some more business scenes, then the stainless steel version with more eye-catching design should be your best choice.

Apple Watch Series 5 (stainless steel version)

Stainless steel can cause nickel allergy in some users, but you don’t have to worry about it if you use Apple Watch,. Because Apple has a special design to restrict the contact of metallic nickel with the skin, and Apple also uses artificial sweat to test the stainless steel version of Apple Watch for nickel leaching, the nickel content is much lower than the strict limit set by European REACH regulations. This safer material makes it easier for users to wear Apple Watch. Compared with the aluminum alloy case version, the stainless steel version of the

Apple Watch Series 5 (stainless steel version)

Looks obviously more exquisite. The brightly colored stainless steel watch case can reflect the unique metal texture in the light. At the same time, the glass cover on the front of the watch has also been upgraded from the Ion-X reinforced glass mirror used in the aluminum alloy version to the sapphire glass mirror, resulting in better scratch resistance.

By the way, Herm è s has also launched the more stylish Apple Watch Herm è s with Apple Watch. If you are a fashionista, this version may become your type. The Herm è s version takes the stainless steel version of Apple Watch as the base, and adds a number of leather straps made by Herm è s to create a new style.

Apple Watch Herm è s

Needs to note that the Herm è s version of Apple Watch also has a dial jointly created by Herm è s and Apple, with the eternal bright screen of Apple Watch Series 5, which makes people feel full of elegance all the time.

When the original Apple Watch was released, Apple launched an extravagant Apple Watch Edition. On Apple Watch Series 5, officials not only retain the classic white ceramic version, but also combine classics with innovation through a brand new titanium.

Apple Watch Edition (Titanium)

In fact, titanium is very common in the watch industry. Compared with stainless steel, titanium is lighter and stronger, and the wearing experience is more outstanding than the stainless steel version, so you won’t feel tired if you wear it for a long time. In addition, the surface of the deep space black titanium case also has a “drill-like carbon coating” design to make the fuselage stronger.

Apple Watch Edition (Ceramic)

But by contrast, I prefer the pure white ceramic case because it takes the “pure” to the extreme. The watch case is molded, sintered and polished by diamond grinding fluid to create a pure white look and feel. Coupled with the official preparation of the pure white silicone strap, you can see the streamer on the ceramic surface with the change of angle, which is unbearable to take off. However, the

Apple Watch Edition (Ceramic)

Costs a certain amount of money to own it, because the process of the ceramic case is too complex, which leads to its price as high as five figures, so you still need your wallet to talk about whether you can get it. You can choose

Many watch straps for your choice

Why can Apple Watch become a brand new fashion item in the eyes of many people? I don’t think it can be separated from its many watch straps. According to the material, Apple has launched a sports strap (silicone strap), a circular sports strap (nylon strap), a leather strap, a stainless steel strap and so on. Different materials and colors can not only meet the needs of different scenes, but also show different temperament.

Sports strap (silicone strap)

Loop sports strap (nylon strap)

When exercising, the sports strap (silicone strap) and the loop strap (nylon strap) are obviously your best choices. The nylon material is so breathable that it can be discharged quickly even if you sweat. By the way, the, Apple Watch Nike sports strap also has a hole design, which also greatly improves the air permeability.

Apple launches different color straps according to the season every year. Among these colors, my favorite is the rainbow color strap. Because compared with the ordinary monochrome strap, the iridescent nylon strap looks more eye-catching, it symbolizes diversity and is the proud color of the LGBT community. Most importantly, the rainbow strap is limited in supply, and if you miss it, you can only look for it on the second-hand trading platform.

These are three watch straps I collected.

There are also some consumers who need to wear a watch to attend some formal occasions, or want to add some fashion attributes to the watch, so the leather strap close to the nature will become a new choice for you. At present, Apple offers us a modern wind button leather strap and a circular leather strap, which are paired with 40mm and 44mm watches.  

Circular leather strap

It is important to note that leather straps made by Herm è s can also be purchased separately, and Apple launches different designs of straps in conjunction with Herm è s every year. If you happen to have deep pockets and think it’s worth buying a handmade Herm è s leather strap made of calfskin for two or three thousand yuan, do it. What are you waiting for?

The expensive Herm è s strap

Finally let’s take a look at the stainless steel strap. If you are using a stainless steel version of Apple Watch, I think it should be a good decision to match it with a stainless steel watch strap. After all, the two materials of the same kind can bring a sense of harmony.

Apple currently offers us two kinds of stainless steel straps, Milanis and chain. If I had to choose between these two straps, I would certainly buy Milanis. Because this stainless steel strap woven by professional equipment can be gently wound between the wrists, and because the clasp is magnetic and can be freely adjusted to ensure that the strap fits perfectly on the wrist.

Stainless steel Apple Watch with Milanis strap

In order to match watches in different colors, Apple has also created Milanis straps in different colors for us. The silver, gold and black straps go well with the stainless steel Apple Watch in silver, gold and black.

But before, many friends have reflected to me that the Milanis watch strap will be “hairy”, which shows that the material is not very friendly to some users with more hair.

Welcome to the “Apple Watch Custom Workshop”

As an accessory that needs to be worn on the wrist, Apple Watch can sometimes show our attitude. But Apple’s official pairings tend to be fixed, and most people can only personalize them by buying extra straps. Is there a more elegant solution? The answer is obvious, that is “Apple Watch customization workshop”.

Apple Watch customization workshop

Apple launched customized services again this year, and now we are free to customize watches in the Apple Watch customization workshop. Including the size of the watch case, the material of the watch case, the watch band and so on, all can be matched freely. You can match your aluminum case with a Milanis strap, or you can match your stainless steel case with a rainbow strap, everything is free to match and choose.

What you need to pay attention to when customizing your own Apple Watch

Is that, Apple Watch Herm è s and Apple Watch Nike are special editions, they can only be matched with the same series of straps, and if you want to match other straps, you must buy extra.

Bottom line

If you are a user of an Apple device, many features of, Apple Watch are enough to change you imperceptibly. Perhaps with Apple Watch, you will begin to pay attention to your clothes, pay attention to the details of your life, stay away from noisy streets, or begin to pay attention to your health and fill the exercise circle with obsessive-compulsive disorder, or take the initiative to stand up and have a rest during your busy work. Isn’t such a good way of life exactly what we are pursuing? With the advent of double National Day holiday in

, Apple has also lowered our buying threshold through a variety of means. The government has offered 24 interest-free installments to bring Apple Watch Series 5 home for at least more than 100 yuan a month. The major e-commerce platforms are also closely followed, through the unique concessions of various platforms, fully show their sincerity, so that more people can easily get access to the brand-new Apple Watch.

Take this opportunity to change to a new way of life! Maybe Apple Watch, is your best choice. Let AppleWatch change your lifestyle with the arrival of

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