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Amazfit GTS Titanium Version review: it would be better to give more “hints” to life

French thinker Voltaire once said: life lies in sports. As the name implies, the emergence, existence and development of life all lie in movement. It can be said that movement is the prerequisite for the birth of life, the basis of life existence, and the power source of life development. Nowadays, the rising “fitness tide” is the best proof of it. Fitness exercise will not only bring us a good figure, but also make our metabolism more regular, physical and mental more relaxed and enjoyable, and physical strength strengthened. in order to achieve good health.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version

With this trend of life, a variety of sports aids began to appear on the market, the most common of which is smartwatch. With smartwatches, we can monitor our basic health areas in real time. At the same time, the device can also record and analyze our movements and give us the most pertinent exercise advice. So, let”s take Amazfit GTS titanium launched by Huami Technology as an example to explore sports health more deeply.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version

“Aesthetic Art” on the wrist

The Amazfit GTS titanium key design includes three aspects, namely, a custom square screen, a titanium watch body and a fluoro rubber strap. In the overall design, Amazfit GTS titanium mainly focuses on the light and thin fashion line, showing its exquisite and elegant temperament all the time. At the same time, Amazfit GTS titanium is suitable for a variety of scenes, so you can stop worrying about matching problems. Let’s give a detailed description of the key appearance of Amazfit GTS titanium.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version

1. Custom square screen.

According to officials, Amazfit GTS titanium is equipped with a carefully customized 1.65in HD AMOLED display with a fineness beyond the “retina” level and a pixel density of up to 341ppi. At the same time, the screen uses a rare RGB arrangement, which makes the equivalent PPI higher and closer to the visual limit, resulting in ultra-clear display. The ultra-high color saturation of the Amazfit GTS titanium display makes the display more realistic and vivid, and its 2.5D curved glass also makes the main interface of the watch look more transparent. And this AMOLED display also incorporates all-weather display function for easy viewing, and its display area also makes information browsing more efficient. It is said that it can display Wechat messages with up to 110 words.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version

2. Titanium watch body.

Titanium is a kind of transition metal with strong corrosion resistance, strong plasticity and high gloss. Amazfit GTS titanium fuselage uses this material to make the equipment both lightweight and fuselage strength. at the same time, it is also more friendly to the skin of the body. It is understood that titanium has excellent bioaffinity and will not cause allergic reactions, which breaks the use restrictions for allergic users. In addition, due to the complex processing process of titanium, it is rarely used in the market, which shows the uniqueness of Amazfit GTS titanium. Such a cherished fuselage with 2.5D curved glass can create a comfortable and smooth feel.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version

3. Fluorine rubber watch strap.

Fluororubber is a polymer elastomer with excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. compared with ordinary silicone straps, the watch strap made of this material has higher density, can be bent at will, and has excellent comfort to wear. very suitable for wrist sensitive people. Take me as an example, I do not like to wear accessories on my wrist. First, I am afraid of losing it. Second, I always feel uncomfortable and painful. But Amazfit GTS titanium gives me a different feeling. The strap of this watch is soft, comfortable, moderately sized, easy to take care of and not easy to get dirty.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version

Combined with the above three points, Amazfit GTS titanium is very “new” in design, which always makes people feel bright in front of their eyes, and this smartwatch is excellent in terms of beauty, high-definition display and comfort.

Customize a unique Amazfit GTS titanium for yourself

In the eyes of most people, “custom settings” have a different meaning, because it is very fulfilling to dress up electronic products as they like. For example, sticking film on mobile phone, buying mobile phone shell, changing wallpaper and so on. So what is the way to dress up a smartwatch? Nothing more than setting the dial. Generally speaking, most smartwatches have relatively few dial themes, but Amazfit GTS titanium has made an innovation on this point. According to my statistics, the device has 103 online dials and 3 custom mode dials, including pointer dials and electronic dials, as well as Ali, Pig Xiaofart, Luo Xiaohei and other IP custom dials, a variety of styles, you can always find the one you want.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version dial setting

Say goodbye to “frequently recharged”

After talking about the appearance of the product, let’s talk about the battery life of Amazfit GTS titanium. It can be said that “battery life” has always been a hot focus of electronic products. Even people often use “battery life” to decide whether the product is good or bad. Indeed, it is a headache that the product is easy to use and the battery is not good. On the contrary, I can’t think of anything more annoying than a power outage in an emergency. Through the combination of software and hardware, Amazfit GTS titanium has deeply optimized the system and brought us a lasting life of up to 14 days, so that we can basically say goodbye to frequent charging. But I would like to remind you to keep a close eye on the power of your watch through Amazfit APP so that you don’t have to turn off the device automatically all the time.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version

It should be noted that the device contains two working modes: daily use and basic watch, and the battery life varies in different modes. Daily use mode refers to heart rate and sleep monitoring, which can be used continuously for up to 14 days, while basic watch mode refers to turning off Bluetooth, heart rate monitoring and other functions for up to 46 days. In addition, when GPS was turned on to record the movement track and monitor the heart rate, the continuous working time of GPS was 25 hours.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version mobile phone control interface

In my own use, the first charge of, Amazfit GTS titanium filled up in a very short time, and then when the function was fully on, I turned on the tracking function, which consumed about 9% of the electricity in two days. On the whole, it is not groundless for, Amazfit GTS titanium to have a strong life span.

Amazfit GTS titanium can be waterproof!

Just last night, my Amazfit GTS titanium accidentally took a bath. I thought it was going to “get into the water” and died, but officials told me it was waterproof! As far as I know, Amazfit GTS titanium has the same 50-meter waterproof performance as a high-end watch, and it’s okay to swim in it. It can even be the best companion when we swim., Amazfit GTS titanium can automatically recognize the stroke, record SWOLF, pace, calorie consumption and other data, and will conduct accurate analysis after the statistics are completed to make our exercise more efficient. The waterproof range of Amazfit GTS titanium is limited to splashing, swimming, rain and snow weather, snorkeling and normal temperature rain, and can not be used for scuba diving, high-speed water movement and diving and other activities. Wipe in time after soaking in water to ensure that the watch is dry enough.

 Amazfit GTS Titanium Version Motion track recording

Waterproof performance is important, high-precision GPS positioning system is also indispensable. Amazfit GTS titanium has a built-in “GPS+GLONASS” double-star positioning system, which can continuously optimize the positioning system during use, thus making the positioning data more accurate, so that we can have an accurate understanding of our own motion path.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version sports mode

People often say that life lies in exercise, that is to say, exercise can make the body full of vitality. Today, most of the products on the market more or less contain a “health model”, so if you want to succeed, you must innovate. From the first moment I successfully connected and used Amazfit GTS titanium, I felt that this watch was “not” suitable for me because I didn’t like sports! But due to work reasons, I have to wear it, so after sitting for a long time, it will start to “shock” me crazily, sedentary reminder = evil function. But you can’t be like me, just like good medicine tastes bitter, good things make people “suffer”.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version Sleep monitoring

Amazfit GTS titanium provides a total of 12 sports modes for users, which are outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor running, indoor cycling, open water swimming, swimming pool swimming, elliptical machines, mountaineering, cross-country running, skiing and exercise. As long as you turn on the corresponding mode before exercise, you can monitor your exercise status in real time. As far as I know, the movement mode of, Amazfit GTS titanium is very comprehensive. It is no exaggeration to say that almost every function revolves around exercise health., Amazfit GTS titanium is very competent as a guardian of health.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version Heart monitoring

In addition, the, Amazfit GTS titanium self-developed BioTracker PPG biometric tracking optical sensor can monitor the wearer’s heart rate with high precision 24 hours a day, support automatic AI screening of arrhythmias (including atrial fibrillation), and have an in-depth understanding of heart health, which can predict potential heart problems to a great extent. At the same time, the device also provides sedentary reminders, calorie consumption, sleep analysis and other monitoring functions, so that our understanding of the physical situation can be more targeted.

AAmazfit GTS Titanium Version

Amazfit GTS titanium is introduced into the professional huami–PAI health assessment system, through which we can understand the state of the body more intuitively. Studies have shown that if the huami–PAI is maintained above 100 for a long time, the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes is lower.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version NFC function

Everyone should be familiar with the “NFC function”. This is a short-range wireless communication technology, which is often used to take buses and subways. Anyway, I think NFC is the light of life. It’s so convenient that you don’t need to unlock it. Just touch it. Like most electronic products on the market, Amazfit GTS titanium is also equipped with NFC function, which can be used for offline payment after binding to Alipay account.


Amazfit GTS Titanium Version NFC function

According to statistics, Amazfit GTS titanium currently supports 17 bus cards, covering 256 cities, including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Interconnection Card, Lingnan Tong (Transportation Union), Shenzhen pass, Hefei Tong, Wuhan Tong, Jiangsu Traffic Card Suzhou, Changan Tong, Green City pass, Qindao Tong, Taizhou Public Transport Card, Jilin Tong, Guangxi Traffic one Card, Jiangsu Traffic one Card Nantong, Shijiazhuang one Card, More other cities will be opened one after another. Users can activate via Amazfit APP. In addition, the device also supports analog access card function, but the scope of availability is still limited.

Amazfit GTS Titanium Version Call reminder function

Operation method:

1. Press the button on the right side of the fuselage to start the machine.

2. Downloading Amazfit APP (using the QR code on the scan manual of the mobile phone needs to be upgraded to the latest version).

3. Open Amazfit APP, to register and log in.

4. Select the device in the device list and complete the pairing connection according to the prompts.

5. Bind successfully to ensure that the time is displayed correctly, and other functions are set according to the requirements.


After using it for a long time, I gradually felt the impact of Amazfit GTS titanium on my life. For example, if you wake up early in the morning and take a look at sleep analysis, you will subconsciously control your bedtime and make your life more regular. The role of this product is to give us psychological cues in our lives, so as to change our living habits imperceptibly. Generally speaking, Amazfit GTS titanium pays more attention to sports health, and other aspects are also very life-oriented. I believe that in the company of this intimate assistant, we will have a healthier body and lifestyle.

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