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360 smart visual doorbell review: guard the safety outside the door for you



House Secret first saw the intelligent visual doorbell. At that time, looking at the small doorbell, I didn”t think its box would be so big! And, open the box, the first feeling of the secret house, the things in this box can not be finished.

All the “treasures” in the box

First of all, when we open the box, we can see a doorbell body, an installation base, a positioning sticker, a signal base station, a USB power cord, a mounting screw package and a removal pin similar to a mobile phone pin. It looks like a lot of things, but according to the instructions, after sorting it out one by one, what we can find is that it is not as tedious as it seems. 

Camera part of the 360 smart visual doorbell

360 smart visual doorbell first take a look at the main body of the doorbell, a simple oval cylinder shape, and a large doorbell button on the front panel that almost occupies the jaw position of the doorbell. Above is a camera used to provide “vision”.

Below the doorbell button, surrounded by a blue breathing light

The top of the doorbell body is the removal hole, its function will be described in detail below. At the bottom is the loudspeaker, which not only emits the ordinary doorbell, but also is mainly used for the outlet through which the user communicates with the visitor in front of the door through the doorbell. 

The back is simpler, with 6 on-hook holes, corresponding to the buckle on the installation base, which is mainly used for the installation of doorbells. In addition, there is a switch button and Micro USB charging interface.

There are six plug holes on the back of the doorbell body

Compared with the doorbell body, other accessories are more clear at a glance. The white signal base station, when the two antennas are erected, looks like a bunny with a strong sense of technology. Similarly, it is equipped with speakers that sound synchronously with the doorbell, and the side is equipped with a card with a memory expansion card. this memory card will be mainly used for the storage of doorbell recording video. 

Signal base station for 360 smart visual doorbell

360 smart visual doorbell. In addition, the positioning sticker is used to assist the installation of the doorbell mounting base, which is fixed with 3M glue. At the same time, you can also consider punching holes in the wall and installing through four screws.

Signal base station is also indoor doorbell

Installation: easy installation experience

After seeing what is in the box, the next step is the installation of the doorbell. Before the installation, the secret of the house told you with his own blood and tears that you must follow the steps in the instructions, otherwise. You will be as tragic as the little secretary.

360 smart visual doorbell corresponds to 360camera APP

. First of all, like many current smart home products, we need to download an application called “360camera” on the mobile phone. At this point, the house secretary’s mobile phone has successfully installed “360 AI speakers”, “360 home firewall”, “360 camera” three kinds of APP, as to how can this be so? It’s a long story. I’ll tell it to you later.

Back to “360camera” APP, if you have a drip camera in your home, you will be familiar with this APP. If you do not have a APP, account, you need a simple registration process. If you already have a 360 account, you can log in directly.

Each doorbell setting has an intimate image prompt

After logging in, there is a “+” in the upper right corner of the APP main page (the icon on the instruction manual is obvious, the house secret hand likes), click “+” to add the device. Follow the instructions on the APP to operate step by step, and it is very simple to realize the connection between the doorbell body and the base station. However, it should be noted here that the doorbell, the base station and the router need to be as close as possible to avoid networking failure caused by too far away. In addition, it should be noted that during installation, make sure that the doorbell is installed on the surface of the non-metallic material, such as the wall, etc., so as to avoid the signal shielding caused by the metal material.

If you choose a simple installation method, in your experience, you only need to clean the wall that you want to fit the doorbell with toilet paper, then tear off the red 3M sticker on the installation base, stick and press to the established position. Done. However, the I should still give a friendly hint: it is recommended that 24 hours after the installation base is pasted, the doorbell will be placed on the base for use.

The installation of the doorbell base is very simple.

You can also choose to install the doorbell by fixing the doorbell on the wall with screws. However, compared with the adhesive type, the screw fixing method is slightly more troublesome, and some external tools are needed. Mainly used for driving expansion bolts into the mounting surface. Then just fix it with a screw.

Signal base station had better be arranged on a socket near the door

As a whole, adhesive installation is more convenient and easy to use. Moreover, after installation, the house secretary also tested it, even if the use of adhesive installation, as long as the installation surface is strong enough, it is difficult to pull it down violently.

Actual effect of doorbell suspension

After the base is installed, the main engine of the doorbell can be fully charged and hung directly on the base through six buckles. In fact, before the real use, the house secretary is also very worried that the doorbell hanging outside the door will not be easily taken away. As a result, I tried it himself the first time after installation. 

First of all, it is impossible to remove the doorbell from the base without removing the needle. Second, even if you forcibly remove the main body of the doorbell with a disassembly needle, the doorbell will make a shrill sound, even if you press the shutdown button for a long time. At the same time, the mobile phone will also receive the recorded video. The tragedy mentioned by the I is that the secretary personally tried to remove the doorbell directly, causing the doorbell to warn loudly and let the secret put the doorbell back. Caused a sensation in the office.

Experience: finally can be generous “peep” in front of the door

On the mobile phone, you can check the situation in front of the door anytime and anywhere. Especially when you are sitting in the house and suddenly hear a strange noise outside the door. No longer do you have to get up and move gently and cautiously to the “cat’s eye” and secretly check out the situation outside the door.

Of course, even if you are not at home, the visual doorbell can intelligently help you take care of the house. The built-in human body sensor (PIR), can detect the movement in front of your door in real time. As long as someone stays within 3 meters of your home (more than 15s), the doorbell will immediately push the video shot to the mobile phone to prevent the occurrence of malignant events. Of course, in addition to pushing to the phone, the 360 visual doorbell also supports real-time transmission of recorded video to the cloud for storage, or you can choose to save it on the TF card located on the signal base station mentioned above. 

The TF card slot 360 on the Signal base station

The 360 visual doorbell can also identify the person who comes to ring the doorbell. Based on the AI face recognition technology developed by the Institute of artificial Intelligence, after hundreds of millions of face data training, the visual doorbell can quickly and accurately identify family, friends and strangers who have added notes in the software. In the process of measurement, the effect of recognition is satisfactory.  

Software side can make notes for the recorded faces to identify

As a smart product, 360 visual doorbell can also provide you with more convenient experience. For example, office workers will encounter this experience, that is, things bought online arrive home in advance, although the time of delivery is chosen in advance, the items that can be bought will always be delivered to your door when you are not at home, which is often very embarrassing. The 360 visual doorbell provides a video call function between the phone and the doorbell. When a visitor rings the doorbell, you can choose to make a video call with the visitor. This experience is just like the video call between mobile phones, as long as the network is in good condition. The video call is still very smooth.

The real-time picture of the mobile phone under the normal working state of the doorbell

360 smart visual doorbell also uses a high-power infrared night vision light, even in the case of complete dim light, you can see everything outside the door. Moreover, the switch from day mode to night mode is completely automatic, which is achieved through the built-in IR-CUT to guard the security outside the door 24 hours a day.

The video in the dark state can also be seen very clearly

In terms of battery life, because of the time, the secretary has been tested for about 2 weeks, and the power consumption is not obvious. At the same time, you can view the battery charge of the smart doorbell body in real time in APP. According to the official data, in the laboratory test environment, the trigger frequency is 15 times a day, and each recording time is 10 Mel 25s, which can be used for 6 months. However, officials also pointed out that the actual duration of use will be related to the ambient temperature and frequency of use.

Signal base station is also the indoor doorbell. When the doorbell is rung, the indoor signal base station will also prompt “someone is ringing the doorbell!” At the same time, the mobile phone will also receive a push message asking whether to answer for voice intercom, of course, you can also choose a quick reply from voice.

The prompts on the mobile phone after the doorbell rings and the review of the video

Bottom line

To sum up that the 360 smart visual doorbell has the following advantages: 1. It is easy to install and provides two optional installation modes. two。. The utility model is easy to use and can be used skillfully without too much learning cost. 3. The video is clear, and the video captured by the 360 smart visual doorbell is clear and has a wide field of vision. 4. Supports cloud storage of video, as well as local storage of TF card, making it easy to access. 5. Face recognition function, common acquaintances after comments will not cause false positives, false positives, all-round protection of the security in front of the door. 6. It takes a long time to fly, and there is no trouble of charging frequently. 7. The doorbell has a built-in demolition alarm so you don’t have to worry too much about loss, and 360 has provided a one-year doorbell theft compensation service.

From a subjective point of view, the house secretary still likes this product very much. It has really used technology to change the traditional “cat’s eye” experience. If you really have to say that there is anything wrong, it is that the external installation still makes the I not at ease. After all, in the case of housing in China, if it is an old residential area, without good management of the property, the doorbell hanging outside, regardless of being stolen, is likely to be “maliciously” damaged by “bear children”. However, this is also the best solution without changing the door or installing large-scale tools. Give maximum protection to the safety of the family as much as possible, but also solve the safety problems when there are only the elderly and children at home, and make office workers who are away from home feel at ease.

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