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360 Smart camera Pan-Tilt version review


360 visual doorbell

360 visual doorbell is divided into two parts: the internal machine and an external machine. In fact, the internal machine is a white signal base station, built-in independent WiFi antenna and network card, can be used as WiFi relay, with TF card slot can store surveillance video, work is to be plugged into the socket. The voice at work is very loud, and the volume and ringtone can be adjusted at will. The

External machine uses a black simple design, the top is a high-definition camera, supports a wide viewing angle, and has built-in high-power infrared night vision lights, which can also be clearly displayed in dim light environment, and supports IR-CUT function, which can automatically switch to night vision mode according to the change of surrounding light.


360 visible doorbell

Is the doorbell button with a blue LED light effect, which looks good when used. If the phone is not connected, it can be used as an ordinary doorbell alone. Press the doorbell button, the signal base station will make a “Ding Dong” sound and voice prompt someone to ring the doorbell.

360 visual doorbell built-in 5000mAh super-capacity lithium battery, the official standby time of more than half a year, and will automatically push reminders when the power is low. The installation of the doorbell is very simple. In general, you can just tear off the 3M adhesive on the back and stick it on the door, but unfortunately the machine is not waterproof and should be installed in the open air during installation.

Similarly, if we want to play the full function of this doorbell, we need to download the APP of “360camera”. The power and signal strength of the doorbell will be displayed in the main interface of the APP, which makes it convenient for us to charge the doorbell in time. After a simple pairing, we can set the doorbell for picture, sound, self-protection, call, detection and so on.

When in use, the doorbell will always monitor the situation in front of the door and sense the movement in front of the door in real time through the built-in human body sensor. if someone stays in front of the door for more than 15 seconds, the video will be automatically stored and pushed to the bound mobile phone. we can watch real-time pictures and make calls. The playback function is a bit like a driving recorder. After plugging in the TF card, the video is stored in a loop, and the official 48-hour permanent cloud service is given away for free, making it easy for us to view it online anytime, anywhere.

360 visual doorbell also has AI face recognition technology developed by 360. by commenting on the people who appear in front of the doorbell, you can avoid abnormal alarm reminders, this function is quite creative, and the accuracy of the actual experience is also good, avoiding the tedious repeated push of the mobile phone. For our friends who suddenly visit while we are out, after they ring the doorbell, the 360 visual doorbell can also make a one-button video call, not only the picture is clear, but also the sound quality is excellent.

In addition, the official provides anti-demolition protection service for the visual doorbell. If the doorbell is forcibly dismantled without the permission of the bound user, the doorbell will immediately sound an alarm and push the video to the bound user”s phone, deterring the bad guys while retaining the evidence. And the doorbell can receive a free theft compensation service within 30 days of activation (valid for one year after collection). If it is stolen during the service period, the official will pay for a new machine free of charge, which is quite in place. The

360 visual doorbell helps us to control the situation in front of the door in time, actively push reminders for abnormal situations, facilitate us to check them in time, mark people who appear in the surveillance, and filter reminders more efficiently; when there is no one at home, it can also help us make video calls with people outside the door. In particular, the official anti-dismantling protection service and theft compensation service, let us once again feel the intimate service of large companies. If the 360 smart camera cloud version is the “little security guard” in the smart home, then the 360 visual doorbell is a well-deserved “little doorbell”.

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