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16-inch MacBook Pro: salutes the hard work behind you.


MacBook Pro.

Last month, Apple quietly updated its MacBook Pro product line, and the 16-inch MacBook Pro officially replaced the 15-inch version as the new performance king of the Apple laptop line. This is the second time Apple has updated the product line in 2019, bringing a successful end to the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

In Apple”s official website, the 16-inch MacBook Pro slogan is a “high-energy, summoning master”, indicating that officials have characterized the laptop as a “powerful productivity tool.” In my opinion, behind the powerful tools, there must be a professional. The productivity tools of entrepreneurship can give full play to their full strength only when they are in the hands of professionals. To this end, I asked several colleagues in different jobs to see what they thought of the new MacBook Pro 16-inch model and to explore the story behind them.


Thanks to the good appearance design, Mac has always been a right-hand man for designers. It is said that designers have some perfectionism, the elegant appearance of Mac products and UI design can be said to be a perfect fit between productivity tools and works of art.

Xiaoqing is a designer, and in her view, using Mac to work has become a “habit”.

“First of all, the advantages of Mac are unique. For example, I’m using MacBook Pro, right now. The screen quality is so good that there is basically no obvious chromatic aberration. In daily use, I usually put pictures on MacBook Pro to check, because the color displayed on MacBook Pro is basically the same as that of other phones and tablets, and the simplicity and ease of use of macOS makes me more and more inseparable from it. By the way, I still use Sketch to draw UI, which is an exclusive App, for the macOS platform, so I’ve been using MacBook Pro all the time. “

Xiaoqing had been using the 2015 MacBook Pro, but with the new design and the larger screen, the 16-inch MacBook Pro began to become her favorite. A few days after getting started, Xiaoqing spoke highly of the screen.

“This screen is worthy of the title of Pro.”

It is still an accurate color and a familiar high resolution. Although only the screen size has changed, the pleasure brought by the big screen is unforgettable for everyone.


16-inch MacBook Pro (left) has a narrower border.

“Personally, I don’t think there seems to be a significant difference between a 16-inch screen and a 15-inch screen. But as a believer in a narrow frame, Apple has a 16-inch screen in its 15-inch body, which is certainly praiseworthy, “Xiaoqing said. “the most important thing is that I found that there is not much difference in the overall size between 16 inches and 15 inches, and the accessories I used before can continue to be used by the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which is a saving of money. Of course, I’d like to know when the iMac can be upgraded to a narrow frame, and I’m sure I’ll buy a new iMac as soon as possible.

Video producer:

With the rapid development of science and technology, the form of information dissemination is changing, and video has begun to become the mainstream. As we all know, Apple released a professional video non-linear editing software-Final Cut Pro, as early as 1999, so Mac has become a must for many video producers.

As a regular user of Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, Aojie also has a lot of opinions about this brand new 16-inch version of MacBook Pro.

“It was something like this in my previous job. First use Mac Pro to edit the video, and then use my 13-inch MacBook Pro to color and subtitle. I have to say, when I got the 16-inch version of MacBook Pro, I realized that the big screen was so cool to use! Coupled with a higher screen resolution, some details that could not be seen before can be clearly displayed on this 16-inch screen. And it also supports the P3 color gamut, what I see is this color, and what you see is the same color. “


16 inch MacBook Pro.

In addition to the screen, many MacBook Pro users are also concerned about the performance of the laptop. Aojie uses a high-end version of MacBook Pro, which is equipped with an 8-core Core i9 processor, 16GB memory and 1T of SSD storage. Most importantly, it is also equipped with a AMD Radeon Pro 5500m graphics card.


16-inch MacBook Pro with 8-core Core i9 processor.

But Aojie is obviously not very concerned about performance, she just said that it seems to be faster to use this computer to render videos. In the past, when you went to the toilet, the video might only be half rendered. Now, after using 16-inch MacBook Pro, the rendering speed increases rapidly, and you basically finish the rendering directly every time you go out and come back, so you don’t have to wait any longer.

Sister ao also shared some of her views on the heat dissipation performance of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. She believes that it is normal for the MacBook Pro temperature to rise during the rendering of the video, but the noise of the fan is somewhat obvious. And the noise seems to be louder than the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

In addition to performance, the 16-inch MacBook Pro sound system is also noteworthy. This year’s iPhone 11 Pro calls the rear camera a “video system”, and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, upgrades speakers to a high-fidelity six-speaker sound system for the first time. In fact, Apple will only call it a “system” if its performance is strong enough, so the 16-inch MacBook Pro has a significant improvement in acoustics.


16-inch MacBook Pro with six-speaker sound system.

Although because of her work, Aojie is not usually able to use loudspeakers to play videos and music. But when she works overtime, she enjoys the new experience brought by loudspeakers. In her personal words, the sound from the 16-inch MacBook Pro seems to exist in a “hanging” way, with the audio not coming from the MacBook Pro’s speakers, but above the MacBook Pro, which can also lead to a more immersive sense of hearing.


In addition to the users who have been in the Mac ecology, there are many users who have transferred from the Win camp to the Mac camp, including our developer, Hui GE.

When I asked why I chose the 16-inch version of MacBook Pro, I was a little surprised by Brother Hui’s answer.

“Apple finally switched back to the scissors foot keyboard.”

As a Android developer, Huige is familiar with both Mac and Win computers, and he has used a number of Mac and Win computers. But in 2016, the butterfly keyboard became standard for MacBook Pro, and the feel of tapping on a steel plate disappointed him, which led directly to his laptop, which has been using Win in recent years.

So when he heard that MacBook Pro was using scissors foot keyboard again, Hui kept watching the news about MacBook Pro, and immediately after the product release, he got the high-end version of MacBook Pro, and returned to Apple’s arms.


Stand-alone ESC button.

After several days of use, what Hui GE is most satisfied with is the new MacBook Pro keyboard. In his words, “that familiar feeling is back, it’s all back.” It can be seen that the brand new scissors foot keyboard is indeed the driving force that drives him to use the 16-inch MacBook Pro. In addition, Brother Hui also believes that Apple has not only solved the problem of too short keyboard key range, but also solved the occasional loosening of the scissors foot keyboard. And the design that makes Touch ID and ESC keys more independent not only improves the accuracy of blind operations, but also is of great benefit to users who use VIM.


Stand-alone Touch ID button.

“Of course, the keyboard is just one of the reasons that drives me to switch back to MacBook Pro. I also found that this year’s 16-inch MacBook Pro has a remarkable range. This time the MacBook Pro comes standard with 100Wh batteries, which is currently the maximum battery capacity that can be carried on a plane without reporting. You know, the last time I saw such a big battery was on the 2015 MacBook Pro (the 2015 MacBook Pro 15-inch version comes standard with the 99Wh battery). I now occasionally need to work outside at any time, the strong range also makes me more confident, even if there is no socket around me, I can also quickly get to work.

In addition to the keyboard, Hui GE also praised the performance of MacBook Pro: “I bought a high-end version of MacBook Pro, with i9 processor, as well as 16GB memory and 1TB’s large hard drive.” It’s a pity that I didn’t customize more memory, but this configuration is enough to support me for three or four years.

Text editing:

After talking about the above “experts” in different industries, I would like to talk about my own industry-text editing. In fact, many of my colleagues have started using Mac, because of both curiosity and work needs. However, these people have given a “really fragrant” evaluation after using Mac for a period of time, which shows that Mac does have its unique charm.

Xingchen is a text editor and a loyal user of Mac. This year, the stars were replaced with the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro for the first time. In his view, the larger screen and the feel of the keyboard are enough to drive him to upgrade to the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro.

At present, there are many products in the notebook field, but only the MacBook Pro screen can provide me with the best experience. The delicate look and feel brought by the Retina screen, coupled with the well-designed icon, in macOS, also put me in a good mood in the process of codeword. And the, MacBook Pro is keeping up with the current trend, with a narrower frame and a better visual effect than my 15-inch MacBook Pro. “

A larger screen is the primary factor in promoting the renewal of the stars. But there are changes in the size and weight of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Will this affect the daily experience?

In response, Star believes that the size and weight of the 16-inch MacBook Pro does have some impact on daily use. But these effects are not worth mentioning in the face of larger screens and stronger performance. “the 16-inch MacBook Pro has the top performance of the current MacBook Pro product line, the largest battery capacity and the largest screen size, so adding a little more weight won’t make a big difference. And even if you add some weight, compared with other professional Win laptops, MacBook Pro still has some advantages in terms of weight, which is enough to show the strength of Apple’s industrial design. “


The scissors foot keyboard (left) has a longer key range.

In addition to the appearance, the stars are also full of praise for the brand new scissors foot keyboard. “the butterfly keyboard does make the MacBook Pro lighter and better-looking, but the design of the ultra-short key range still makes me feel a little uncomfortable. And the butterfly keyboard in terms of durability performance is not particularly good, my 2018 MacBook Pro appeared the keyboard “double-click” phenomenon, so had to buy an extra control keyboard. The 16-inch MacBook Pro switched back to the scissors-foot keyboard, which brought me back to the comfortable tapping feel I had in those days. “

Salute the mighty you with the powerful 16-inch MacBook Pro.

From AirPods Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, to iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, Apple is using a product called “Pro” to prove its strength to us. The new 16-inch MacBook Pro, also pushes professionals to new heights through its powerful performance. I think such a product is enough to become a new choice for professional users and worthy of the word “Pro”.

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